FDP will eine „European Digital University“

Wie lässt sich die Idee einer nationalen Weiterbildungs-Plattform („MILLA“) toppen? Vielleicht durch den Ruf nach einer „European Digital University“? Das Projekt, so lese ich, soll bei der Europäischen Kommission bereits auf dem Tisch liegen. Deutschland zögert. Die FDP drängt. Was die Plattform leisten soll, ist wohl noch unklar: Eine zentrale Anlaufstelle für Online-Lernangebote bieten? Einen grenzüberschreitenden Austausch von Studierendendaten ermöglichen? Nur die (naheliegenden) Stichworte „Big Data“ und „Künstliche Intelligenz“ fallen nicht. Noch nicht. Ich bin geneigt, die Nachricht unter „Vermischtes“ abzulegen.
Tilmann Warnecke, Der Tagesspiegel, 21. Mai 2019

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Non-Conscious Aspects Of Learning And Performance

In a former life, I worked as a health educator. I still love building this type of instruction. But here’s the thing. Changing people’s health behavior is very difficult, which shouldn’t be a surprise to people who develop workplace instruction. Work behavior is hard to change, just like health behavior. This article will explain an important reason why changing thinking and behavior is so difficult. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Conversion from Flash Based Technologies with the DOD

The ADL Initiative bridges across Defense and other Federal agencies to encourage collaboration, facilitate interoperability, and promote best practices for using distributed learning to provide the highest-quality education, training, informal learning, and just-in-time support; tailored to individual needs and delivered cost-effectively, anytime and anywhere, to increase readiness, save resources, and facilitate interorganizational collaboration. If you are updating older courses for the DOD you should read and bookmark this article.


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Keep getting actionscript keywords message

I have tricked every “trick” or workaround that I have come across, but when I try to use Web Object to embed a YouTube video, I keep receiving the message (when I preview) “Swf compilation failed.  Please verify if any of the actionscript keywords is used as user variable name.”

I have also tried the YouTube widget and checked HTML5 Tracker.

Do not know what to do here…I do not yet know enough about variables to know how to even approach the problem.

Thank you,


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How Google Is About To Disrupt Education

Google has just announced it will add Augmented Reality to its search results. By the end of the year, most people will be familiar with AR and able to create their own content for free. This is a big opportunity for education to start turning the EdTech hype into reality. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.