What Is A Respectful Workplace And How To Create One

Respect is a requisite for a healthy work environment. It shows employees that they are valued for both their skills and as people. It’s also a sign of a high-functioning organization, as respect has been linked to increased employee engagement, job satisfaction, and performance.

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How We Pivoted To Virtual Design Thinking: Lessons Learned For Virtual Workshop Design

As an entirely virtual company for 10 years, SweetRush was perfectly positioned to steer clients through digital transformations. They put their expertise to the test, transformed one of their own workshops, and made some discoveries along the way. Here are some of the lessons learned.

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ATD TechKnowledge 2021

ATD TechKnowledge is a 4-day virtual event where you will get the best of learning technology through sessions, Q&A, hands-on learning, networking, and access to additional sessions and content all year long.

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Driving Employee Engagement using Digital Learning Methods

Employee engagement is essential for the overall development of an organization. Given the times we live in, digital learning has become more relevant than before in driving employee learning and engagement.

The Pandemic has taught every organization to be more agile and adaptive in its approach to training. As work from home or remote working has become a new normal for many employees, digital learning has taken center stage when it comes to training implementations.  Employee engagement continues to be a priority for organizations as they continue to reinvent themselves for post-pandemic times as well.

In this blog, I will explore digital learning methods that can be used to drive employee engagement.


eLearning can support the learning needs of existing and new workforce and drive employee engagement in different and interesting ways. Organizations can provide personalized learning with the help of eLearning. They can develop courses that match learning goals with individual competencies, skills, and business priorities. With eLearning, employees will have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and time. Organizations can develop engaging eLearning content with the help of videos, interactive games, animations, webinars, podcasts, etc. It enables the L&D professionals to capture the attention of employees in new and exciting ways.

With eLearning, employees will have 24/7 access to training materials. L&D professionals and SMEs can add new content or revise materials when business needs or trends change. Employees can also contribute to the development of content based on their experiences and challenges. All this will ultimately result in continuous learning for the employees and empower the workforce for the organization.

Virtual Classes

A virtual class is an online teaching and learning environment where instructors and employees can present course materials and interact with each other. Participants can work in groups and participate in learning activities. Virtual classes provide live interaction between instructors and participants, encourage group learning, and engage in online forums within the organization for enhanced collaboration and for building relationships between employees.

Also, optimizing the virtual classes to access through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets offer more flexibility to the learners. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to get your employees to participate in virtual classes when they don’t know what they will get out of the training. Therefore, it is better to communicate the specific benefits of the virtual training session, in everyday tasks and future activities, making virtual classes a good option for driving employee engagement.

Mobile Learning

Most of the traditional eLearning strategies can be well adapted for mobile learning. However, you can see some added advantages to the mobile learning approach. Mobile devices are well suited to offer short chunks or segments of training content, a popular learning method that can increase employee engagement. Mobile learning supports self-paced learning. It allows employees to learn at their own individual pace. Another advantage of mobile learning is that it can be molded to suit different learning styles of employees.

By using gamification elements, such as badges, leaderboards, points, rewards, etc., you can make mobile learning more fun and engaging for your employees. You can motivate your employees by rewarding those who watch a full video, complete a quiz, listen to a podcast, or take an online course on their mobile devices. This will encourage the employees to continue participating in mobile learning, which will ultimately drive employee engagement.


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are suited to provide bite-sized learning content or short segments of training content that can increase employee engagement.

Microlearning can hold an employee’s attention more effectively and, they can apply the learning on their job right away. For example, sales teams can spend a few minutes to refer a short learning nugget on sales techniques, sales pitch, new product or conflict resolution before they meet a customer. When they meet the customer, they have better clarity and increased confidence. This ultimately results in increased employee engagement.

Employee Engagement During A Crisis

In the present crisis time, many employees are working remotely from different geographical locations. In such times, driving employee engagement becomes a challenge for organizations. You can drive employee engagement during a crisis by maintaining regular communication with employees, motivating them to perform better, recognizing their efforts, conducting fun activities online at the end of the week, etc.

Leaders need to build a well-rounded communication strategy to drive employee engagement. This strategy must include newer methods of communicating and engaging with employees, along with traditional methods, like emails and phone calls. You can also consider knowledge sharing activities, online real-time surveys, virtual team building activities, entertainment activities, virtual quizzes, etc.

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eBook Release: 8 Tips For Boosting Your eLearning With Performance Consulting

Employee performance and business goals always go hand in hand. This is why it is essential to effectively measure the performance of both the employees and the eLearning. In this article, I discuss how performance consulting can come in handy.

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eLearning Outsourcing: Key Drivers

For ages, cost savings has molded most eLearning outsourcing decisions. However, with the change in the eLearning outsourcing landscape cost is just one aspect when it comes to eLearning outsourcing now. For most organizations, eLearning outsourcing is a strategic activity and hence other factors like ‘expertise in the ever-changing tools & technologies landscape’, ‘faster times […]

2020 Advent Calendar

I made my first blogging advent calendar last year, as a a bit of fun, and decided to do it again ot mark the end ofa rather strange year, 2020 … the year we kind of “lost the plot, found it again, lost it again, didn’t go out, and then couldn’t see friends or family for months on end. And worked from home. A lot.”

Below is my 2020 blogging advent calendar. I’ve linked to 24 of my own blog posts, tweets, or updates/shares that have either struck a chord with me, my blog/social readers (from the stats) or mean something to me personally – in no particular order. Each entry is released on the corresponding day of the festive advent, so please come back and see what else I’m sharing as part of my 2020 blogging year.

  • I’ll also be sharing my ‘52 things I learned in 2020‘, a follow up to my list from 2018 – I’m not sure where the 2019 list went but I’ll go and find and publish that one shortly too.

Enjoy, and please feel free to share (and get your own on the MyAdvent website).

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Barefoot E Learning and Imagine Performance Delivering a Unique Working from Home Professional Development Solution

Barefoot E Learning and Imagine Performance today announced they have collaborated to create a complete package of resources to help those working from home. The Barefoot suite of CPD accredited online courses and Imagine Performance’s Perform™ Remote Working platform enable a learner to become fully prepared for remote working and track they are implementing their learning in their workplace, wherever that might be.