How Does Digital Transformation Impact The eLearning Sector?

With the business landscape becoming more competitive by the hour, brands have made learning and skills development a constant in their processes. But the traditional L&D systems alone cannot take on the responsibility to make businesses efficient and ready for the surging competition.

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I have created a training video in Captivate 2019 that I want the users to have to click through the slides. I have recorded some audio on them also. The problem I am having is that the audio on the next slide starts to play without the user clicking to go to the next slide. I am sure I am missing something in the timing. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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HTML5 published file still prompting for Flash in LMS

I have a file that we have published as HTML5, however, when loaded to our LMS it is prompting for flash.  I have used the HTML5 tracker and it shows nothing in the file needs to be fixed.  When the file is published, the zip file has 2 .swf files in it:  1  is named haloSkin1_as3_progressive.swf and the other is named Responsive_CoC_10.21.2020.swf.  I am not able to figure out how to get rid of these 2 files.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am attaching the zip file.  Responsive_CoC_10.21.2020

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Issues with videos after publishing – Captivate to Captivate Prime

I have created a project within Captivate using a number of YouTube videos.  When I preview the project using the “HTML5 in Browser” option, the course runs as I would expect – videos automatically start, buttons are usable, etc.

I need to publish this course within Captivate Prime, so I have tried 2 methods:

1) Publishing directly to Prime

2) Publishing as an HTML5 to my computer

While both “publish” without issues, when I preview the content, the videos do not automatically play.  The slide timing is the same as video is supposed to be, but it does not play…

I am a beginner who is learning through trial-and-error and webinars, and it isn’t working..Play

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