Buttons – Reporting – Include in Quiz

In the book “Mastering Adobe Captivate 2019” it states:

“In addition to regular Question Slides and the Drag and Drop interaction, other Captivate objects can also be scored and tracked by an LMS. These are the three interactive objects that have the ability to stop the playhead. These objects have been covered in Chapter 5, Developing Interactivity. They are the Click Boxes, the Buttons, and Text Entry Boxes.”

What information is reported when the author selects “Include in Quiz’ and “Report Answers” for a button?  Or what information can be reported by doing so?  What would be shown when reviewing Learner Quiz Scores “By Question.”


Using Captivate 2019 and Prime.

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Videos not working


I have created a captivate deck.  It has one slide with about 5 minutes of audio, and animations built to go along with the audio.  I also did closed captions.

When I export as scorm… everything works.

The problem is, that I want to export as video so that I can insert it as an interactive video within another captivate deck.

The video plays, but there are no video controls, the box shows for the closed captions but there isn’t any text, and there is no sound.

Please can someone help me?

I’m using windows 10 and have an Adobe Captivate 2019 subscription

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