Edu F.U.N. – eine Edu-FuckUp-Night vom EduCamp (Corona Log 22)

Jöran Muuß-Merholz schreibt: „Beim Format „FuckUp-Night“ berichten Menschen in kurzen Vorträgen von ihrem Scheitern. Wenn man die Methode auf den Bildungsbereich anwendet, kann man von einer „Edu-FuckUp-Night“ sprechen. Wir haben das mal ausprobiert.“ Herausgekommen sind ein knappes Dutzend kleiner Bildungsunfälle (1:13 Std.), aufgenommen im Rahmen des EduCamp Frankfurt/cOnline (#ecfra20). Sehr unterhaltsam. Und sicher nicht meine letzte Referenz auf die Corona Logs.
Jöran Muuß-Merholz, J&K – Jöran und Konsorten/ Blog, 28. April 2020

6 Simple Tips To Personalize Sales Online Training Programs For External Partners

Remote sales teams, vendors, and call center staff require just as much L&D support as your in-house employees. This article features simple tips to personalize extended enterprise sales online training.

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A 5-Step Systematic, Holistic Approach To Performance Management.

When an individual or a team is not performing, managers too easily make assumptions as to why this might be. A holistic, systematic approach will prevent the waste of time and resources, as well as the loss of credibility and continued loss of productivity, that incorrect assumptions can lead to.

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How To Make Online Learning More Engaging During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Amid the global coronavirus lockdown and social distancing, we are moving to online learning. But there can be a sense of isolation felt by students. It is also a new experience for many teachers and students. These problems can be solved by engaging online students by making learning interactive.

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Best LMS Software To Use When Working Remotely [Top List]

Do you want to learn how an LMS solves learning challenges in remote working? Then, this top LMS list for working remotely is for you. Read all about who can benefit from such an LMS solution but also explore what training managers and L&D leaders should consider before making an LMS purchase for remote training.

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2020 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition shows polarised realities of recruitment during COVID-19 crisis

Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR industry analyst, has released its 2020 9-Grid™ for Talent Acquisition. Launching during the COVID-19 crisis when organisations are navigating furloughing and laying off staff, the research highlights two extremes within recruitment at present. Whilst the majority are facing a freeze in hiring, there are some facing unprecedented demand – and both camps require technology to support them during this tough time.