6 Ways To Quickly Assess Corporate Training Solutions Providers And Find The Right Corporate LMS

With thousands of LMS on the market, and many claiming the same essential features, it’s easy to fall into analysis paralysis. How can you swiftly shortlist prospects and avoid costly purchase errors?

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Some problems with VR slides.

Here’s my first trial effort with a Captivate 360 project:


I have two issues I can’t seem to resolve. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Why is the background for the text field so much taller than required? Can this be modified?

2. More importantly, the Q (questions) hotspot, set to “Must View Once,” makes the forward arrow hotspot show a warning box: “You did not answer some questions. Answer them first and then proceed.”

This is as expected. BUT.. a second click on the forward arrow, without ever visiting the required “questions” hotspot, navigates to the next slide. This is not what I wish to happen.

Any suggestions?


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What Is Compliance Training? 6 Overlooked Reasons To Invest In A Compliance Training LMS

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