Classic Sliding Tile Puzzle

This was a very enjoyable project for me and is a part of a much larger fun project that I decided to start working on which is one of those “Escape the Room” style of games.

This will be one of those puzzles you need to solve in order to successfully get out.

Many of you have probably seen one of those cheap plastic puzzles where you need to basically unscramble the numbers and have them all in the correct order.
This is done by sliding the tiles around until you have them all in the correct position.

Here is my rendition of the classic sliding tile puzzle.
Have fun!


Basic Theory of Operation

The project is made up of 17 variables. Sixteen of them are basically location variables to track which tile is in which spot in the grid. One additional variable is used to specifically track the one grid square that is currently open.

For each grid location – there are either two, three, or four blocks of code for each of the possible directions that a particular tile can slide based on its position in the grid. The block that executes depends on which grid square is currently open. Every tile slide also does a check for the correct solution which will reveal the prize.

Other Applications?

Alternatives to this might be to replace the numbers with pieces of an image that need to be rearranged to construct the right picture or a series of numbers and math operators that need to be positioned so as to be correct.

Are there any applications for something like this that you can think of?

I would be interested to hear them.

Please leave any comments or questions that you might have.

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Memes & Scavenger Hunts: Ten Ways to Improve Your L&D Program on a Budget (Includes Webinar Recording & Slides)

Yesterday’s webinar discussed memes, scavenger hunts, and other cost effective ways to spice up a training program. The session was one of the most popular yet – over 1,300 registrations and hundreds of people who have attended live or watched the recording so far.  A lot of awesome ideas were shared by the audience.

You can watch the recording or take a look at the slides:

The slides include links to additional resources.  Here they are:

Here’s the full session description:

Is your learning and development budget missing some zeros? This session is for you. Sadly, Oprah isn’t going to attend and give everyone a new bank account. But you will get boatloads of budget-stretching ideas from your colleagues during this interactive session. You can still provide a great learning environment, even if you’re running short on funds!

Katrina Marie Baker, Senior Learning Evangelist at Adobe, will provide some practical tips on how to:

  • Engage learners in the classroom or virtual classroom without spending money
  • Get help from departments outside of L&D (yes, you can make this happen!)
  • Use learning technology to make your L&D team more efficient
  • Persuade leadership to give you more funding next year

Connect with the author on Twitter or LinkedIn, and follow me on Adobe’s eLearning blog.

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LMS Mobile App Implementation: 6 Tips To Develop A Realistic Timeline

Launching any product can be a one-time event, but onboarding it takes longer and requires planning. How can you structure it in a realistic way that saves time and lowers pressure? In this article, I share tips to develop a realistic timeline for your LMS mobile app implementation. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

CC and audio cue

Is there another way (rather than physically dragging every cue to the desired spot) I can assign cues to the audio pieces in the CC window? Sometimes, I have multiple pieces of audio and end up having 10- 12 cues in the Narration window. It really becomes very difficult to sort them out and align them with each piece. I was hoping to find some shortcuts or an option that assigns the cue to a piece with the help of play heads, maybe. Here’s a screenshot to help explain my plight better.

Thank you in advance!

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Beyond Current LMS Myopia: The Future Lies In 360° Support Systems

LMS technology has enabled a journey from learning delivery to learning support and now to also potentially supporting performance excellence. The latter is a realistic outcome if ODS and PMS best practice are integrated into LMSs to create a 360°, multi-dimensional organizational support system. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Do widgets work when publishing to HTML5 only?

I’d like to add widgets to my Captivate 2019 project, but we publish only to HTML5 (not swf) and our content must be accessible to our customers on all major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox).

Since Flash is going away and not all users/browsers have it anyway, can I still use widgets? Is there a way to use them with HTML5 or is Flash always required?

If it depends on which widget is being used, this is regarding the accordion widget, but I’d still like to know if other widgets could be used.


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