Freezing Error – Spinning Wheel – SCORM 2004 (4th edition) files dont work in LMS when published using Captivate 2019.

I was creating SCOMR 2004 4th edition files in Adobe Captivate 9.0.230 and it worked just fine in the LMS. I took the same source file and created the SCORM 2004 4th edition video in Adobe Captivate 2019, but the videos dont work in the LMS. It just hangs on spinning wheel.

Below is the console error I get – any help would be greatly appreciated.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘charAt’ of undefined
at cp.QuizState.readNumber (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1152:423)
at cp.QuizState.readString (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1154:34)
at cp.PlaybackController.restoreObjectsFromState (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1232:20)
at Function.cp.resumeValuesFromDataChunk (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1147:460)
at cp.PlaybackController.RestoreQuizState (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1273:35)
at Function.cp.NewQuizLibraryInit (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:941:276)
at Function.cp.CPPreInit (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:949:439)
at Function.cp.ContinueCPInit (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1531:33)
at LoadContent (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1146:439)
at InitializeExecuted (eval at e (CPXHRLoader.js:37), <anonymous>:1879:36)

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Patch work in Video Demo

After creating video demo, I added small square shpe to hide one mistake. Colour of the shape box set exactly same to that of video. Everything was ok in preview. But when final Video created in publishing, color of that patch shpaed change slightly consequently one can easily identify that patchwork.

Any solution to that?

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Simulation of

This is Part-1 of “Windows 7 OS” Simulation where you can try many functions of real Windows 7.

What you can do with this:

  • Enter into CMOS setup (if you wish, press ‘DEL’ key just after pressing ‘power on’ button.
  • Login with appropriate user. Password for User ‘C.K. Shah’ is 321
  • You can change the Theme of Windows 7 by right-clicking on Desktop and selecting “Personalization”
  • You can even see “Resolution” by same way.
  • Other feature of the right-click menus are not present in this part1.
  • You can just Double click Recyclebin to delete files permanently or to restore any files back to computer!. Just to see function, it would be good if you ‘Restore’ any one file and then empty Recyclebin. While doing so you will see the file you selected for restore got restored on the Desktop. And also Recyclebin image shows it is now Empty!
  • You can click ‘Readme.txt’ file to read.

Using Sub menu of Shutdown Button,

  • You can Lock your login/pc.
  • You can Logoff.
  • You can Restart PC.
  • You can Shutdown PC (Simulation.)

Before starting Simulation, it is advisable to see my video on the same(video shows how to use and which all functions are operative in part1 of the simulation.)

Main Simulation:

This is part1, In other parts of the same simulation, User will be able to work woth control panel, User can create users, Change password, install application, etc.

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Demo on ‘Windows 7 OS’ Simulation

This is Video of Demonstration of “Windows 7 OS simulation” developed in/using Captivate.

The main Simulation would be uploaded in Blog section. This video shows how to use the simulation.

Note: After seeing this, don’t forget to see (feel) REAL simulation uploaded in Blog section of this site.

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