Green Check Marks with VR Hotspots

Using Windows 10 and Adobe Captivate 2019

While creating a virtual reality slide if you place a hotspot and use the DISPLAY TEXT action, you get a green check mark once the hotspot is clicked.

If you change the action of the hotspot to JUMP TO SLIDE, you don’t get the green check mark once it has been clicked. I am trying to let the user know what they have and have not clicked.

How do I get check marks for jump to actions?


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Responsive Simulation Not Recording all Steps

I am using Captivate 2017.  Previously when I recorded a demo simulation, Captivate would record each click of my mouse as a separate slide I could edit.  I recently had a system administrator run the updates for the application and now when I record it only captures when I use a key on my board.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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5 Tips To Develop Online Training Courses For Visually Impaired Employees

You wouldn’t design a building without access for wheelchair users. So why would you develop online training courses that can’t be accessed by everyone, regardless of their background or special needs? In this article, I’ll share 5 tips to develop online training courses for visually impaired employees.
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How To Identify Clear Learning Goals

The learner-first training model is simple but radically different from the way a lot of organizations train. In the learner-first approach, planning is as important as implementation, and identifying clear learning goals is a key stage in the planning process.
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Enhance global e-learning with multimedia localisation

Sally Haywood and Kamil Juljanski from Capita Translation and Interpreting will be holding a seminar on e-learning and multimedia localisation at Learning Technologies, Europe’s leading L&D exhibition and conference, covering 10 steps on how to take e-learning content global through audio-visual and multimedia localisation.

Kallidus Content launches new website showcasing award-winning projects ahead of Learning Technologies 2019

Award-winning digital content provider Kallidus Content has unveiled a new website to showcase its clients’ digital learning success stories. Kallidus has won 39 prestigious industry awards in recent years and the website shows how many of their customers are using innovative bespoke elearning and games to transform their learning and drive major programmes of organisational change.