How Human Performance Technology And Learning Experience Design Are Integrated

Learning Experience Design, LXD, is big and broad, and encompasses the entire ecosystem of learning both on the macro and micro scale. A trend is occurring in the eLearning space, where ISD models have taken precedence over HPT, and we miss out on the broader context of performance solutions. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

6 Reasons Why eLearning Programs May Fail, Plus Tips To Avoid Failure

Despite the fact that in comparative development corporate eLearning has grown by a stunning 900% since 2000, multiple training programs are still offered in an old-fashioned way of delivering eLearning courses. This lack of evolution is often obvious because of 6 common mistakes. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

‘Information Is Water’: A Metaphor To Show How Our Educational Technology Must Radically Change

Imagine information is water, a metaphor that I posit will illustrate how our educational technology must radically change in the future. I describe historical periods using this metaphor and explore ways educational technology must innovate to address today's educational challenges. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

The Future Of Learning? Well, It’s Personal

Okay, der Artikel ist „amerikanisch“, es geht um Schulen und vor allem um Mathe. Aber der Punkt, den er macht, „personalized learning“, wird auch hierzulande als Richtung diskutiert, in die sich digitale Bildung bewegt (siehe zum Beispiel Ralph Müller-Eiselt in „Digitale Bildung: im internationalen Vergleich hängen wir 5 – 10 Jahre zurück“, YouTube). Die Autorin, Anya Kamenetz, spielt zwei Perspektiven durch, „pace-driven personalization“ und „interest-driven personalization“. „Pace-driven“ geht nur mit EdTech, „interest-driven“ ist mehr, grundsätzlicher und schwieriger.

„Personalized learning“ has become a Janus-faced word, with at least two meanings in tension:

1. The use of software to allow each student to proceed through a pre-determined body of knowledge, most often math, at his or her own pace.

2. A whole new way of doing school, not necessarily focused on technology, where students set their own goals. They work both independently and together on projects that match their interests, while adults facilitate and invest in getting to know each student one-on-one, both their strengths and their challenges.

Which vision of personalization will prevail? Pace alone, or „Personalize it all“? And what proportion of the hype will be realized?“
Anya Kamenetz, NPR, 16. November 2018

Lifelong Learning: Designing L&D For The Digital World

The corporate world is transforming faster than ever. Technology is moving rapidly, skills are getting archaic, and there is a serious need for training and re-training to stay relevant. It is then up to the L&D to design programs especially to encourage lifelong learning in the digital world. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.