Can I not jump back over knowledge check slides?

Here’s my situation…I created a course with some front material (slide 1 and 2), a series of questions using knowledge check slide (set to 1 attempt only), and then more content.  On the first slide of the second content area, I added a button to let the learner “Jump to slide 2”.  But, this functionality won’t work…instead the course seems to “pause”, then it “goes to next slide”.  I’ve checked the code and it is correct…it happened again when I checked the code and reloaded it to the LMS.

Anyone have any ideas?  Will Captivate not let me jump back over the knowledge slides once they’ve been answered?



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Free eBook – This Time It’s Personal… Using Personalisation To Drive Engagement Within Online Learning

We are living in times where the personal approach gets things done in many fields of practice. That seems to be the case for eLearning too. How can you argue with the 77% of L&D professionals and the 94% of businesses that expressed their opinion about the importance and positive effect of it? Learners appreciate it as well, so you better get right on reading this comprehensive eBook on the many ways of implementing personalization in eLearning, and reaping the benefits for your organization.
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Audio not playing on one slide

I have a Captivate project where the first slide has audio to introduce the project.  Then it proceeds to the next slide where students click on various buttons to learn more about a particular topic.  There is also audio on the slides with each topic, but no audio on the slide they click on.  For some reason, the audio does not play on the first slide.  It proceeds to the next slide, then when the buttons are clicked it plays on those slides, just not the first one.  I tried removing it and putting it in again, and it still doesn’t work.  I tried removing the first slide altogether and putting the audio on the second slide where they click, and it doesn’t play.  I tried a completely different clip, and it still doesn’t play.  This is now happening to all projects I created of this type.  Is this some sort of glitch, now, in Captivate?

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8 Key Elements That Will Help You Develop An Engaging Compliance Training Programme

Learner engagement is a key requirement for any training, but typically compliance training has left learners unimpressed and disengaged. For an area as vital to business health as compliance, this deficit is of critical importance.
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3 Ways Employee Compliance Training Can Impact Your Organisation

Compliance training is an essential part of a modern organisation. Policies and procedures are there to reduce organisational risk, so it’s important to ensure your staff are actually aware of them. Take a look at how a well-implemented compliance program can positively impact your organisation.
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Using Effective Q&A Model To Create Engaging Custom eLearning Courses With Mini-Cases

Custom eLearning courses can be created using several strategies. In my experience, an effective strategy that works well is the Q&A model. In this article, I will share some ideas on how to use the Q&A model effectively in creating engaging custom courses.
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Localization In eLearning: Tips And Best Practices

Organizations opt for localization in eLearning to meet specific expectations of their employees (learning in a language they prefer), or to address new markets. In this article, I share tips and best practices to manage this successfully.
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3 Steps For Developing People-Centered eLearning For Your Business

Having a real-life impact with learning programs is why most of us came into eLearning. We want people to be inspired and empowered to change and put knowledge into practice. To be successful in this, aligning your eLearning closely with both business and personal goals is essential.
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