How To Use Mobile Learning To Increase Employee Engagement And Boost Performance

Modern-day employees expect a lot more from trainings. Organizations need flexible and exciting approaches to keep them hooked. This article outlines how you can use Mobile Learning to increase employee engagement and boost employee performance.

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Top 3 Common Mobile Learning Challenges For Corporate Training

Mobile learning is turning out to be the most preferred cup of tea in the eLearning industry. Mobile learning or mLearning when blended with ingredients like microlearning, social learning and personalized learning can be the most effective corporate training strategy. Proliferation of mobile devices and the fact that it is apt to the current generation…

5 Benefits Of An Enterprise Video Platform For Customer Training

As more organizations recognize the impact video learning provides, the need to adopt a video learning platform to enable effective customer communication and training on a global scale will significantly transform how business is conducted. Video learning platforms are the way of the future.

This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

EssentialSkillz to give away £50,000 of free Health & Safety eLearning at NEC Health & Safety Event

EssentialSkillz, an industry leader providing high quality health and safety eLearning, is once again attending the NEC Health and Safety Event. To promote the launch, their new PAYG website which offers instant access to online training courses 24/7 to SME’s and individuals, EssentialSkillz are giving away 500 vouchers each worth £100 in eLearning credit to attendees at the show.