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Die Idee ist nicht neu, wird aber leider viel zu selten umgesetzt. Jetzt hat sich Will Thalheimer, ein bekannter amerikanischer E-Learning- und Bildungsexperte, ihrer angenommen. Mit einem neuen Begriff, einer eigenen Webseite, Newsletter und Blog. Hier seine Definition von “subscription learning”:

“Subscription learning, as its name implies, provides an intermittent stream of learning-related interactions to those who are subscribed. These learning-related interactions–called “nuggets”–can involve a great variety of learning-related events, including content presentation, diagnostics, scenario-based questions, job aids, reflection questions, assignments, discussions, etc.”

Vorteile und Möglichkeiten von “subscription learning” stellt Will Thalheimer hier vor. Eine interessante Idee - als Variante zu traditionellen Web-based Trainings oder als Erweiterung klassischer Kursangebote. By the way, ich erhalte schon seit Jahren jeden Morgen via Email “One Word a Day”, einen nicht-alltäglichen englischen Begriff, zu dem ich die richtige Definition wählen muss (= subscription learning).
Will Thalheimer, April 2014

Day 1: Blackboard T&L Conference #BbTLC2014

At the first day of the 2014 Blackboard T&L Conference I made a decision – tweet less, listen more, take/make meaningful notes, and enjoy the sessions for what they are, not what I wanted them to be.

To this end I am Sketchnoting my way through the sessions, and here are my sketchnotes for Day 1.

Keynote: Prof Stephen Heppell 

Prof Stephen Heppell #BbTLC2014

Brian Hipkin: The culture of ‘always on’ – how not to disengage in the age of engagement

Brian Hipkin #BbTLC2014

Gillian Fielding: ‘A room with a view’ for virtually anyone

Gillian Fielding #BbTLC2014

Kate Wright: Making more mobile – Aberystwyth University’s experience of implementing Mobile Learn

Kate Wright #BbTLC2014

If you want to use the sketchnotes then please remember to use the Creative Commons attribution to this blog entry and David Hopkins (CC BY-NC 3.0).

How to Create Great Custom eLearning for Retail

Custom eLearning for retail is worth both the time and the investment.  In this article, we are going to take a look at what you need to do to create great custom eLearning for retail. First and...

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People Don’t Know that Saying Hello will make them Happier

New research shows that while people tend to avoid saying hello to strangers, when they do say hello, they are happier for it. Read this nice article in the New York Times which describes the research.

I add this article to this blog on learning, because it reminded me that we in the learning field often put too much trust on our learners. The bottom line is that learners often don't know how best to learn.

This means that we shouldn't willy-nilly design our learning to enable our learners to do anything they want to. Sometimes this can be beneficial because it gives learners a sense of autonomy and it can help them get information they need--but more often than not, it enables learners to make bad decisions about their own learning.

The article also reminded me about research on creativity which shows that domain spanners--people who spend time interacting with others outside their main area of interest are often more creative because they draw from other spheres of thought. It's interesting that we are shy talking to strangers, even though doing so will not only make us happier, but it may enrich us ways we can't imagine.

Tracking Microlearning with Tin Can API

Learning analytics is one of the holy grails of today’s eLearning industry. It is a part of the Internet mainstream called big-data and Tin Can API or xAPI, as a relativity new technical standard, is...

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Individualized eLearning is a Necessity!

We demand high quality content, personal interaction and real value whenever we buy a product or a service. But why then is eLearning focusing on big crowds, low quality video lectures, scripted...

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Gallup Engagement Index – Griesgrämig bei der Arbeit und trotzdem erfolgreich?

Der Gallup Engagement Index 2014 kritisch hinterfragt Die Buchfassung des Gallup Engagement Index 2014 ist da. Und wieder gibt’s schlechte Noten für die deutschen Führungskräfte und das Management. Und das, obwohl die Wirtschaft brummt. Deutschland ist produktiv wie nie und gehört nach wie vor zu den weltwirtschaftlichen Lokomotiven. Gleichzeitig will der Gallup Engagement Index nahelegen,... weiterlesen →

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