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I’ve been using the institutional partnership Coventry University has with Linkedin/ and have been taking a few short, video-heavy courses to further my understanding in a few area. In light of this I took the opportunity to attend a ‘making the most of‘ course too, presided over by a LinkedIn representative and someone from the DMLL (Disruptive Media Learning Lab) here at Coventry.

I had three goals I wanted for this one hour session: firstly to see if I ‘understood’ of or could get better at using it, for my own personal learning. Secondly I wanted to see what I could do with it in relation to my management responsibilities, and lastly I wanted to explore what LinkedIn (and Microsoft by relationship to company/organisational ownership).

Notes from the 1-hour course:

  • Access for free using your Coventry [institutional] access (select ‘use organisational sign in’ on the login page and enter username/password. This will be remembered the next time you visit.
  • will be rebranded as LinkedIn Learning (already accessible, but content behind a paywall on LinkedIn Learning) within 12 months. All data (login, courses, playlists, etc.) will move across.
  • Access to (and subsequent to LinkedIn Learning) is free when a staff or student of Coventry university.
  • Very keen to highlight benefits of using with students (and staff) as flexible learning, just-in-time learning, micro/macro learning, self-directed and mobile learning.
  • Develop new skills within the workplace according to immediate or anticipated skills, use courses or individual videos accordingly.
  • Certificates available on course completion, not credit or qualification bearing.
  • Courses categorised into
    • Education
    • Technology
    • Business, and
    • Creative
  • Currently staff use outweighs student use.
  • “What’s in it for me?”
    • CPD
    • Blended learning or supplementing existing learning opportunities
    • Tutorials
    • Best practice (depending on the course creator/SME)
  • ‘What’s in it for the student?’
    • Supporting campus-based CU learning
    • Study skills / professional skills
    • Time- and self-management
    • Career management
    • Interview skills
  • ‘What’s in it for managers?’
    • Recommended course based on algorithms and other institutional users
    • Watch & reflect
    • Engage & retain
    • (Productivity related CPD?)
    • Skills and competencies learning (measurable?)


The purpose of the course was mainly to highlight the possibility of using materials as part of an academic’s teaching and learning strategy. Each academic would need to evaluate each video and/or course before being certain it is of the right ‘message’ and tone to fit into their learning, but the presentation quality is extremely high. Individual course authors and presenters are invited to write and deliver the course, these are the ‘leaders’ in their field, but anyone can can apply and suggest course idea for LinkedIn consideration. Videos are created at one of two LinkedIn studios.

The LinkedIn representative was keen to try and get used as part of the student learning, but I think this has more potential as an on-going and informal opportunity to team members to keep skills up to date and learn new skills, just by nature of offering a free course ( as part of a purchased course. By installing an on-going objective in ClearReview (Coventry appraisal system) each team member could keep track of their own personal development, and act as a reflection on their own development. This can be shared, should the individual want to, with other team members who are doing the same or similar courses, the opportunity for team collaboration is here should individuals want it.

The search function on the website is extremely good, with the platform ‘learning’ about your preferences based on activity in courses and matching new courses with your history, and that of the wider Coventry University audience. Courses are split into functional areas of ‘speciality’ (as above), you can ‘save’ courses to playlists and share certificates on your LinkedIn account (or download as PDF). courses are typically 50-70 minutes in length, 100% video based, and may have a pre- and post-quiz. I don’t know what happens if you fail either one, but the courses I’ve done you get a certificate for your effort. The quizzes are not typically very difficult or time consuming.

Demonstration courses that may be of use:

Image source: Zeev Barkan (CC BY-2.0)

The struggle is real.

Hello all,

I’m an avid Storyline user and boy oh boy was I rudely awoken when using Adobe Captivate. Where’s my layers? Where’s my detailed triggers?? Ugh. Headache.

Let me start from the beginning. I first used Captivate 7 with my previous company. They were extremely wet behind the ears when it came to eLearning development (as was I to be honest) so we used what we most widely saw in eLearning searches for an authoring tool. Along with the help of, I began getting used to the ways of Captivate. Learning all that I could in as little time as possible. Much to my eager minds surprise, my company made a shift. Turns out that another company we absorbed was already using Articulate Storyline for their authoring tool.

So, there I go again learning another authoring tool software by using the wonderful site of and some gracious YouTuber’s. This time the learning seemed to come much easier. Why you ask? Because Captivate already established a base for me to start from. Storyline and Captivate may seem similar but there are significant differences that truly show how unique each software is. I used Storyline for two years, creating 100’s of various eLearning courses – a few of which included gamification. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to learn this software so quickly and then to be able to create such intricate courses/games.

Fast forward to today, I am with a new company doing what I did for the other company, creating eLearning content. However, this company does not use Storyline; they use Captivate. So where I began I begin again. Using and VERY gracious YouTuber’s to learn Adobe Captivate as quickly as possible. It’s been a slow process because things I would like to do are not done the same way or are not possible within Captivate as it is in Storyline.

I am positive and believe I will too become a lover of the Captivate software but as of right now, well, let’s just say it’s an ongoing journey.


Thanks for reading!

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