Advancements In Virtual Reality: Emerging Tools In Education

The advancements in Virtual Reality (VR) have brought with them new and unique ways to enhance the educational experience of the masses. The implications are far-reaching and begin with the conceptualization of the curriculum throughout the entire education life cycle. The time has come to prepare for VR.

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What Is Virtual Reality And How Can I Use It In My Organization?

No doubt if you work in L&D or HR you’ve heard someone talk about virtual reality (VR). But what is it and what is it really capable of? In this article, we explore some of the frequently asked questions around this topic to shed some light on this relatively new technology.

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The Next Phase For LMSs And LXPs: Smart Virtual Tours And Immersive Simulations

As learning platforms shift focus from hosting and tracking simple training programs to supporting more complex learning situations for individual employees, the demand for smart virtual tours, immersive scenarios, and simulations will grow.

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Revolutionize Training In High-Risk Industries With Extended Reality

Extended reality (XR), including augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or mixed reality (MR), is revolutionizing how high-risk organizations train learners by teaching key skills through highly interactive, safe learning activities.

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EdTech Trends You Must Keep An Eye On In 2021

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the entire education sector significantly. In this digital era, online education is becoming the new normal. Online education is used to provide increased efficiency, better action plans, greater responsiveness to learners’ needs, and quicker response times. Moreover, technical advances in educational processes and data are becoming increasingly valuable.

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VR in universities a welcome addition, but not yet ‚plug-and-play‘

Es gibt inzwischen unzählige Beispiele (auch dieser Artikel berichtet von Professoren und ihren Projekten an amerikanischen Hochschulen). Vom Nutzen von Virtual Reality (VR) in Lehr- und Lernkontexten sind eigentlich alle überzeugt. Und Corona hat die Aktivitäten auf diesem Gebiet noch einmal verstärkt. Und doch: „… professors told EdScoop they believe the technology’s unlikely to be more than a complementary teaching tool for the foreseeable future.“

Der Artikel spricht einige Hindernisse direkt an, andere werden angedeutet: Die vorliegenden Use Cases lassen viele Fachbereiche und Themen außen vor. Die Technologie fügt sich nicht bruchlos („plug-and-play“) in bestehende virtuelle Lernumgebungen ein. Die Entwicklungszeiten für gute VR-Simulationen sind lang.
Ryan Johnston, EdScoop, 26. Mai 2021

Bildquelle: Maurizio Pesce (Flickr, CC BY 2.0)