Create a slide that includes software simulation and static text

Is it possible to create a slide that presents the scenario, in this case, the terms of a legal order on one side of the slide and the software simulation of about how to add the legal order to the application on the other side of the same slide?

Thank you

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How To Apply The 8 Principles Of Learning In Online Training

The laws of learning have been around for a while, and they work well in real-time scenarios. Can they be repurposed for online training? In this article, I share 8 tips to apply the 8 principles of learning in corporate eLearning environments.

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The Art And Science Of Building Engaging And Result-Oriented eLearning Courses

Distance learning, online learning, remote learning, and mobile learning are extremely popular today. Today’s online learners, however, are extremely e-savvy. When it comes to picking an online course therefore, their expectation on value is high. What online learners are looking for isn’t just high-quality content, but also a fulfilling learning experience. And that experience starts with the sign-up process and continues even beyond the time when they’ve sent in their final assessments and feedback forms.

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Mental Models: Everything eLearning Professionals Need To Know

Understanding existing mental models can help eLearning course designers to create eLearning material that is instantly recognizable, regardless of the topic. In this article, I share everything that eLearning pros need to know about this profound psychological process.

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Save your organisation LMS cost

When I was asked to create a simple but impressive RPA video demo, I counter requested a market standard video editing software over traditional PowerPoint. Post approvals, I was directed to browse and propose the intended software, and after comparing Adobe Captivate and TechSmith Camtasia, I chose the former going by the brand value and have not regretted the decision since.

What started as a video demo and software simulation development initially, slowly but steadily increased my curiosity to explore the eLearning content development feature in captivate and it was then it struck me that the expensive LMS vendor my organisation uses can be utilised to present internal policy and product courses which are not difficult to develop in captivate.

Whilst I have developed 5 of these courses, potential for even service-based organisations to develop its own eLearning content rather than purchased generic content has exponential benefits.

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