15 Ways On How To Get The Most Of Your Online Course

Online learning programs have become increasingly popular owing to its advanced learning methodology, learning at an own-pace, quick access to material, and much more. It is not only up, but skyrocketing higher. Let us take a look at the overall confinements involved in adopting an online course.

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7 Tools For Your Digital Classroom

Even a traditional classroom today hardly happens to have no digital tools at all. It is essential for modern teachers to discover and master new tools and stay on top of things. Here is the list of the essential tools one needs to transform their classroom into a blended-learning or a digital one.

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Innovations In Virtual Classrooms: Rethinking Training And Learning Delivery

More and more educational institutes as well as corporate organizations are adopting the virtual training sessions trend; sparking innovations in virtual classrooms, from robotic telepresence to international online classes.

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5 Virtual Classroom Essentials Τhat End Multitasking

Virtual classroom learners have a world of information at their fingertips. Unless you, the facilitator, keep them engaged, they’re going to check email, sports scores, and fashion trends. These 5 virtual classroom essentials keep learners interested, focused, and motivated.

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Add Social Networks to Virtual Classrooms to Spark Collaboration

Ob Online-Kurse oder Blended Learning-Konzepte: Wer heute über Lernaktivitäten nachdenkt, die mehr als ein Event umfassen, landet schnell bei Virtual Classrooms (bzw. Webinaren oder Live-Online-Sessions). Screen Sharing, Chats und Polls sind bekannte Features, um aus der Einwegkommunikation der Experten einen Austausch der Teilnehmenden werden zu lassen. Pamela Hogle weist darauf hin, dass dieser Austausch auch außerhalb des Virtual Classrooms stattfinden kann: in Blogs und Social Networks, durch Curated Content.

“In short, the virtual classroom can be the springboard to creating a professional learning network among colleagues who will then continue to share ideas and information after the formal eLearning ends.”
Pamela Hogle, Learning Solutions Magazine, 29. November 2016

Interview With Dr. Joan Carles March About The Patient School Project

At LearningLovers.org we had the opportunity to attend the First National Health Hackathon organized at the headquarters of Madrid Google Campus by the Association of Researchers in eHealth (AIES). In this event, programmers and designers meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, developing health applications and games designed to promote training, education in healthy habits, and adherence to therapy. Here is what we learned about the Patient School project.

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