Is it just me, or are people not writing or blogging as much as they used to?

I usually find things to read from either my Twitter or LinkedIn contacts, but there’s less being published. Shared, yes, but not necessarily written? I have a Feed.ly account where I sometimes go for inspiration and to read things on or about education but lately, there has been so little listed it’s quite a stark contrast to even this time last year.

Ironically, I’m publishing much less of the EdTech things I used to, perhaps representing my changing circumstances and the differences in the work I do – I’m not hands-on with LT, LD, or ID work but I am involved in so much more (management, process, resourcing, etc).

Come on the, let’s make a concerted effort to write more, read more, interact and engage more, and get ‘our’ blogging mojo back?

Photo by Luismi Sánchez on Unsplash