Engage Learners with Automated & Customized Emails

From the time a user is added and registered in the LMS there are a variety of actions they are subject to or undertake, from being assigned roles, to being enrolled in Trainings, to being waitlisted, to being sent reminders, to being sent recommendations for trainings they may like.

If you are an enterprise with a large number of employees, who may at any time be enrolled in a variety of training programs, at different stages of completion, it becomes hard to keep up with the updates of the “who, where, when, and what” in an organized and efficient manner when it comes to their training progress.

The provision of a variety of email notification templates is a very useful tool for Administrators of an LMS, enabling them to decide when an email should be sent and to whom, and to customize it as they see fit. Additionally, learners also benefit from a wide range of email notifications, keeping them posted on their onboarding status, enrollments in Trainings, approaching deadlines, and even how their colleagues are faring on the leaderboard.

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Automate and Customize Email Notifications – Customer Guide

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When you have a large and diverse employee population across all kinds of departments and verticals, it is more than likely that you have several hundred training programs, including many that overlap. It can become confusing for Admins in the LMS to sort through and assign appropriate Trainings to appropriate groups of learners. It can be just as difficult for learners to find and narrow down training content that would suit them.

This document will help you work through how to organize your training content according to the audience:

Organize Your Training Content in Adobe Captivate Prime – Customer Guide

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Drive & Reward Learning Behavior with Adobe Captivate Prime

When you add elements of competition and reinforcement of desired behaviors to training programs, it can boost learner engagement and motivation. Research shows that there are several learning behaviors that, when reinforced, help learners achieve their goals as well as effectively retain their learning. With Adobe Captivate Prime you can select behaviors you wish to reinforce in your learners and accordingly enable and reward them with points as learners consume Trainings. You can decide which behavior merits how many points and if you don’t want everyone in the same game, you can conveniently define your audience.

The attached PDF discusses Gamification in the Adobe Captivate Prime LMS in detail. Click to download and read.

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