Adding Your Own Fonts to Adobe Fonts

One of the coolest features in Adobe Creative Cloud is the ability to add your own open fonts or True Type Fonts to your Creative Cloud account. This works and I can access my fonts in a responsive design course but when I publish those fonts with my responsive design project they are not available to the end-users of my eLearning course like other Adobe Fonts would be. Is this something that can be done, or is there a relatively easy workaround for this to function as one would expect?

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Audio delayed on ios13.5.1

Dear All

I am writing this to check if someone has reported this issue from users who have updated to iOS 13.5.1 in ipad (safari).

I am suddenly facing issue with our ipad’s (tested 3 of them) who were recently updated, the summary of the issue is as follows –

The Audio in the slide is delayed based on “How big is the audio file is”.
There are slides were the audio is delayed by few seconds, but there are slides where the delay is almost as long as the slide itself (the audio starts when the transition of the slide is over).
For e.g. – the audio on a slide which was 1 min long started after 35 seconds.

Request you to please advice if there are users who are facing these issues on ipad when updated to iOS 13.5.1.

Please note the courses were working fine on the previous version 12.4.XX and currently the course works fine on desktop and android tablet and even on iOs14.0.

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Why Does Your Business Need To Use a Mobile Microlearning App?

The reason for microlearning’s resounding success with employees across the globe is the fact that it is a completely learner-centric learning methodology that is designed keeping modern learners in mind. We live in the information age, where the best delivery system is a learner’s own smartphone.

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