Teaching Using Interactive Visualization: Project-Based Learning At UVA

Interactive visualization is an effective way of teaching many subjects, especially history. The University of Virginia's Research Seminar Initiative uses project-based learning coupled with state of the art digital visualization techniques in the humanities.

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Adobe Captivate 2017 Review: What is Improved?

Adobe’s new update for its most popular eLearning authoring tool, Captivate 2017 is released now! It is loaded with tons of new exciting features and enhancements! Be it custom eLearning content development, rapid elearning, mobile learning, simulation-based eLearning or microlearning, Adobe Captivate has been the choice of eLearning developers and eLearning providers. This update brings…

Articulate Storyline 3 First Look: What’s New and What’s Improved?

Articulate Storyline 3, the much anticipated version of Storyline 2, eLearning authoring software, has been released with new features and enhancements. Unlike Articulate 360 (Storyline 360), a cloud-based annual subscription service, Articulate Storyline 3 comes as a perpetual version – a standalone authoring tool. With the multi-device learning gaining momentum, Articulate has focused on responsive…

7 Tips To Create Interactive Case Studies In eLearning

Case studies emphasize real world applications and move knowledge from theory to practice. But do they really offer your online learners the interactivity and engagement they need? In this article, I'll share 7 ways to make your eLearning case studies more interactive and immersive.

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Why To Use Interactive PDFs As An eLearning Solution?

Interactive PDFs (iPDFs) are gaining popularity as a quick and handy eLearning solution these days. Many organizations are looking forward to interactive PDFs as a medium to present information in a crisper and engaging way. This article is an attempt to assess the interactive PDF, its features, along with its development and deployment methods.

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Advantages And Misconceptions Of Template-Based Interactions In eLearning

Template-based interactions are a great way to rapidly create meaningful and engaging eLearning content, without any programming. This article talks about advantages and some misconceptions related to using template-based interactions in eLearning.

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6 Steps To Create Interactive Online Training Videos

Interactive online training videos have the power to improve knowledge retention and learner engagement as it is. But you can make them even more powerful by adding hot spots and hyperlinks. In this article, I’ll show you the 6 steps to create amazing interactive videos for your online training course.

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Raptivity Customers Share Their Interactive Learning Success Stories

Raptivity team celebrated its 10 years and, as a part of the celebration, we talked with some of the customers who are with us for more than 5-6 years. Here are some interesting interactive learning success stories on why they love Raptivity and think it is an integrated part of their eLearning development process.

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Explore And Compare eLearning Interaction Building Tools

Explore the eLearning Interaction Building Tools Comparison sheet that enables Instructional Designers, content creators, and Subject Matter Experts to present their content interactively. This sheet lists various features that an interaction building tool should have and the support of various tools for those features.

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