5 Alternatives To Boring eLearning Courses

We can’t have eLearning without content, but that doesn’t mean we have to subject our learners to a series of text-filled screens that equate to a lecture only without the possibility that the presenter will breathe some life into the content with their humor and engaging personality. With the proliferation of online content, games, and other media, there is no place for these mundane, snooze bombs; we need some real page turners instead!

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Random numbers in Articulate Storyline 3

Articulate Storyline 3 is one of the highly recommended authoring tool in e-learning industry. Using this tool we can create customized engaging and interactive multi-device e-learning solutions. The flexibility to use JavaScript in Articulate Storyline 3 opens new door to customize things beyond the limits. We came across a customization requirement from our client in…

4 Levels Of Interactivity In eLearning And Its Advantages

In the 21st century, traditional methods of learning do not create geniuses. Where enhanced performances rely upon learning, eLearning interactivity becomes vital. eLearning interactivity is the real "thought trade" amongst students, and eLearning tools enable engagement and dynamic learning.

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Using Interactive Elements In eLearning Courses

There's no doubt that engaging eLearning courses grab learner’s attention. One of the ways to build an immersive learning experience, is by introducing interactive elements as a strategy for designing courses. Learn more about presenting content with simple yet attractive interactivities.

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8 Tips To Convert Traditional Training Material Into Interactive Online Training Resources

Is your online training course creating an emotional connect with corporate learners? Does it give them the chance to put their skills into action? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to turn those traditional online training materials into engaging and interactive online training resources.

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Adobe Captivate 2017 Review: What is Improved?


Adobe’s new update for its most popular eLearning authoring tool, Captivate 2017 is released now! It is loaded with tons of new exciting features and enhancements! Be it custom eLearning content development, rapid elearning, mobile learning, simulation-based eLearning or microlearning, Adobe Captivate has been the choice of eLearning developers and eLearning providers. This update brings the best of the features which help you reimagine the way you develop HTML5-based interactive eLearning. This means more flexibility in creating fully responsive multi-device eLearning and mLearning content.

In our last blog, we have covered the new features of Adobe Captivate 2017. So for now, we will take a look at the improved features or enhancements to understand what makes it better than Adobe Captivate 9.

Multi-Device Responsive eLearning Authoring – Enhancement:

With Adobe Captivate 2017, creating multi-device eLearning content has never been so easy. Your eLearning content adapts itself to every mobile device without developing the same slide for multiple times for different views. Now you can use Device-Specific previews to see how your eLearning content looks on any device. One publish for all devices. You’d love this enhancement as it reduces redundancy in development saving you a huge amount of time.

Responsive Themes – Enhancement:

The responsive themes are now loaded with Fluid boxes that enable you to render fully responsive content for multiple devices. You can customize themes for an enhanced look and feel with blended backgrounds, styles, fonts, and layouts. You can also save them for future.

Responsive Motion Effects Without Programming – Enhancement:

Take learner engagement to the next level. Create motion effects using fluid object transitions even for responsive elearning projects without any code. Define motion paths and control how objects move.

Shared Advanced Actions – Enhancement:

Applying Shared Advanced Actions within the project is much easier now with the introduction of Conditional tab in the Advanced Actions dialog box. You can now convert standard to conditional action and vice versa eliminating the need to copy and paste the shared action. It saves your time and efforts.


The enhancements in 2017 edition of Adobe Captivate enable you to create advanced multi-device learning with improved flexibility. In addition, it is also power-packed with the ability to convert a non-responsive eLearning project to responsive project, customizable closed captioning and many more.

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Teaching Using Interactive Visualization: Project-Based Learning At UVA

Interactive visualization is an effective way of teaching many subjects, especially history. The University of Virginia's Research Seminar Initiative uses project-based learning coupled with state of the art digital visualization techniques in the humanities.

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