Analog Clock with Captivate (V2)

Hello Captivaters !…

Today I want to share with you a project about time…

I already had tried to make a nice project with an analogic clock :

But I wasn’t so pleased as the small pin (indicating the hour) didn’t behave properly between two fixed hours…

Encouraged by my mentor Greg, (See his recent post here : ), the awesomes videos viewed during the Adobe recent event ( ),
my current experience with Captivate, I thought it was time to make it better.

I just finished this new version for this platform, adapted from a version I use in my virtual french school.


I had some fun trying to play with some options of Captivate I rarely used…

Have fun with Captivate !…

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Memory games (Javascript IN shared actions)


Last week I presented at the Adobe eLearning World 2020 “Deep dive into Captivate with Advanced and Shared actions’. I had prepared 3 different scenarios, to be ready for any audience. Due to the poll before the session I decided to go for the ‘newbie’ scenario because the majority was new to Shared actions, and a considerable amount of attendees even to Advanced actions. That means that intermediate and advanced users were perhaps disappointed. To remediate I plan some blogs and examples as illustration. This is the first one.

Javascript and Shared actions

It is possible to have the command ‘Execute Javascript’ embedded in a shared action. When talking about games, randomization is mostly used but not a ready-to-go feature in Captivate. In the session I showed a very simple board game where the tossing of a dice is simulated, and the board cursor advances based on the result of the dice toss. That was realized with one shared action.

This game uses random numbers as well. It is a memory game which can be used in many variations due to the flexibility of shared actions, variables and multistate objects.


You will learn about the game rules in the game. There is an easy and a more complicated way to play the 3 games. Hope you don’t keep only the easy one if you are in for some memory training:


Have fun!

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Drag and Drop Canada Colouring Book

A viewer on my YouTube channel wanted to make a colouring book for kids. I decided to see if this could be done with a drag and drop. Drag the coloured pencils to the sections of the Canadian flag to change the colours.

Preview the project here:


Download the CPTX file: Canada Colouring Book

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Find the Pairs (shared actions game)

Have some fun with a new game. It has been created with mult-colored SVGs created in Illustrator. No Javascript was needed.  I used:

  • Three shared actions: one fot he correct shapes (used  8 times), one for the incorrect shapes (
  • Two advanced actions to be used On Enter for the play slides
  • 6 variables.

Game rules are in the course. Lot more variations are possible: more pairs, trios…


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Mental Math with Captivate

Hello Captivaters !…

Today I want to share with you an example of a mental maths test made with Captivate !…

For this purpose I used the questions pools (with 4 pools – 1/ Additions – 2/Substractions – 3/Doubles – 4/halfs) and for the first time I tried the timer option (limit of 5 seconds per questions)…

Here is the project :


Some tricks and advices :

– I want to add a timer on the screen… And a simple animated gif did perfectly the trick !…

– Be very careful when you made the first question slide as you’ll have to duplicate it multiple times… If you do like me !… And if you realize that something is not so good when you finish the project, you’ll have to replicate on all the questions slides… and if they are 100s !!!… it’s very boring !… So think twice or even a third time before duplicate the question slides…

Many other projects on the subject are already uploaded on this page :

Happy Captivating and stay safe !…