Why does the LMS report a Success criteria of “Unknown” for a quiz that I fail using SCORM 2004?

Hello – I am having a problem using SCORM 2004 when I publish.
When a learner fails my quiz, I am getting “unknown” returned as the success status instead of “Failed” in SCORM Cloud.

I have a simple 6 multiple choice question quiz that a learner must answer 100% to pass.

When the learner gets 100%; when tested, SCORM Cloud reports the following:

Completion: Complete
Success: Passed
Score: 100%
Time: whatever it took

When the learner fails the quiz and scores less than 100% (for example 33.33%) and exits the course; when tested, SCORM Cloud reports the following:

Completion: Incomplete
Success: Unknown
Score: 33.33%
Time: whatever it took

The completion status of “Incomplete” seems to make sense, since I’ve set the Completion Criteria (as shown below) to be determined by whether the quiz is passed. So I assume until that quiz is passed, the completion status is correct by returning “Incomplete”?!

But for the success parameter, since I failed the quiz, how can I replace the “Unknown” status with “failed” instead?
I would’ve assumed by default that the “Failed” status would show automatically if a learner actually fails?! (it works when using SCORM 1.2)

My client’s LMS is Workday and they require SCORM 2004 instead of 1.2, and at the moment the unknown status is causing problems with their reporting data.

Of note, my Captivate Quiz Results slide appears to be working correctly and returns the correct details when a Learner passes or fails etc. It’s just not setting the Success parameter to “failed” when a Learner actually fails the quiz.


Perhaps I’m setting something up incorrectly?

I’ve read numerous threads on similar topics, but all delve too deep into Javascript or a parameter called cmi.success_status that I don’t really understand, but perhaps someone can help me troubleshoot. I’m willing to give anything a try.

Here is a screenshot of my Captivate 9 settings:


…. and my pass/fail option is set to 100% or more of total points to pass.

Here is the link to my SCORM Cloud log if its of any use.


In my report above I notice the following lines towards the bottom:

– Completion Threshold is not specified, using the completion status recorded by the SCO-incomplete
– Scaled Passing Score is not specified, using the success status recorded by the SCO-unknown

I suspect these might be a clue, but I’m not sure what to do next.

I can get it to report the following using SCORM 1.2, but just not with SCORM 2004….

Completion: Incomplete
Success: failed
Score: 33.33%
Time: whatever it took

Any help appreciated.

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Text Entry Box and LMS moodle tracking

Hello Everyone,

A new question to this wonderful Comm.:

– I would like to add “Text Entry Boxes” in a captivate project and have a tracking with my LMS moodle.

So here some explication of my case:

Slide1: A TEB (no user validate): No tracking with LMS

Slide2: A TEB (user validate): tracking with LMS

Slide3: A TEB (no user validate): No tracking with LMS

Slide4: A Quiz slide Short open question scoring (user validate):: tracking with LMS

Slide5: A “enquête in french” slide Short open question scoring (no user validate):: tracking with LMS

I publish my project in a Scorm Package 1.2 for lms moodle

And I specify the option to send data for all slide in avanced setting part:

When I import the file on Moodle LMS: I select GRADE Learning oBJECTIVES

And when I test I have only this reporting:

Is it possible to have this tracking information from TEB ?

What I have to setting up ?

I think I succed one time to have this information….

Many thanks for the help or advice.


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Captivate 2017 – Loading exit lead time & content loading error

Hi. With Captivate 2017, upon SCORM 1.2 and 2004 publish, I experience an error which I hope anybody knows a solution for. When publishing a project and running it through my LMS or SCORM Cloud, one of the pages in the project randomly fails to exit properly, i.e. it says “Loading …” for about 10 sec. and then the content of the following page will not appear properly. It can be a text caption, a picture, a click box or part of a question in a quiz that do not come up. Several times, I’ve re-published and tried again, almost every time the problem occurs again, mostly on another page than in the previous published course package. It’s driving me crazy, there seems to be something corrupt. I have done all updates, I even removed Captivate and installed it again – nothing seems to help. Thanks a lot for any tips!

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Upload error from Captivate 10 to Cornerstone

Hi all:  first time user here, but after finishing and publishing the project, I provided a zip file to the client.  When trying to upload they receive a critical error – no valid files were encountered. Please confirm that you have the correct file path and try again.

Any suggestions as to what I did incorrectly?  Thanks for the help.

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How to ? Integrate an interactive map like google map in Adobe Captivate

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know if it’s possible to integrate an interactive Web Object in Adobe Captivate by using “Web Object” ?

I test it, but when I export and upload my Scorm Package on my lms, (moodle), nothing appears, however, when I use a “classique” web address as a newspaper for example, the web object is working.

Many thank’s for your answers, and… help

Best regards,


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What’s New in Adobe Captivate Prime

This week Adobe launched the latest updates to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS.  Prime updates are automatically rolled up on regular intervals and some of them add new features and functionality. This week’s update added several important new features.

  • GDPR – Purge Account(s)
  • Tag management
  • Email MS Outlook format calendar invites
  • Label customization
  • PowerBI integration
  • LinkedIn Learning Connector
  • Slack Bot for Prime

General Data Protection Regulation is a new standard for privacy protection adopted by nations in the European Union which becomes a legal requirement on May 25th. You’ll likely see all kinds of privacy updates related to this requirement in various online software. The most significant (read visible) requirement added here comes in the form of a new tool allowing administrators to completely delete / remove records for individual users. A Prime user can now request that their account data be removed, and administrators now have the power to purge individual user accounts / data.

Purge Confirmation Dialog

Tag management
Prime users can now edit the meta-tags associated with their learning content. This is a huge new functionality for learning administrators and content creators who want to formalize or control the search terms associated with their learning content. You can easily edit tags, combine tags, add tags into groups, and identify instantly the tags most used and find which courses use them. New functionality here also allows Adobe Captivate Prime admins to determine who can access and create tags. To explore the feature yourself, go to the new Tag panel in the Administrator App in Prime.

Tag Management Interface

Product Terminology Interface Image

Outlook Calendar Invitations
Now your calendar will automatically update thanks to Microsoft Outlook style calendar invitations that push directly to learner’s calendars. This replaces the previous standard *.ics files that would arrive as attachments and makes the experience much simpler from learner’s perspective.

Customizable Navigation Labels
If you always wanted to change the name of Learning Plans to ‘Automation’ in Adobe Captivate Prime, for example, now you can do that and more. The common labels used for the learners are now editable (at least in English) and you can set them fairly easily.  Just go to Admin: Settings: General and select ‘Product Terminology.’ Click edit and you’ll see a source file to download the terminology set as a *.csv file. You can edit it by simply replacing the singular and plural version of the term in the second column. Save your file and then upload it in the dialog provided to make the changes.

Customized label

PowerBI Integration
Microsoft PowerBI is a specialized data visualization solution for representing data in modern dashboards through graphs and other infographs. While Prime contains an internal set of reports that can display data in a series of dashboards and graphs, third party tools like Microsoft PowerBI can also be used to represent your data in ever-more useful and graphically rich ways. Now a connector has been added to Adobe Captivate Prime that will allow users to automatically integrate with Microsoft PowerBI and easily upgrade your reporting game. Find this new Connector in the Connectors panel in the Integration Admin panel.

LinkedIn Learning Connector
An additional new connector puts the power of LinkedIn Learning in your hands.  Leverage your LinkedIn Learning courses right inside of Adobe Captivate Prime, just like you do with Lynda.com and other learning libraries. Simply configure the new connector to automatically pull new courses, index them and make them searchable and fully integrated into your Adobe Captivate Prime learning experiences. Find this new Connector in the Connectors panel in the Integration Admin panel.

Slack App
Finally, a new Slack App is now available for Adobe Captivate Prime. You’ll find it in the Apps section under the Integration Admin: Featured Apps. The Slack App will allow you to insert a clever little Prime Bot into Slack channels. This will let people search for courses and learning programs, get recommendations, check status and much more, from right within the slack channel.


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