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So, E-Learning-Experte Craig Weiss ist dieses Jahr der Erste, der seinen Hut in den Ring wirft. Deshalb gebührt ihm noch die ganze Aufmerksamkeit. Zur Einordnung: Wenn er Trends nennt, dann hat er erstens Corporate Learning (Unternehmen) und zweitens Learning Management (Plattformen) im Blick. Hier ist seine zentrale Botschaft: „I am going to tell you something. shhh.. here it is – LMSs are here to stay. The market continues to grow at a very strong pace. …“

Vor diesem Hintergrund ist er kritisch gegenüber Entwicklungen, die den Fokus verschieben und das Lernen verwässern. Talent Management oder Performance Management sind aus dieser Sicht eher Ablenkungen. Weitere Stichworte, die er uns für 2020 mitgibt: „Self Assessment for skills“, „Content Curation“, „Content First Strategy“, „Video Auto-Transcripts and Scan Features“, „Learning Experience Platforms“, „Netflix like experience“. Wer Buzzwords mag und freies Assoziieren schätzt, ist hier richtig.
Craig Weiss,, 31. Oktober 2019 

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Benefits of learning pathway in Learning Management System

The purpose of the Learning pathways approach in Learning management system progresses learner towards learning goals in a sequential training course program to gain skills gradually.

Articulate Storyline: Sending Learner Score to LMS Using JavaScript

JavaScript lets you extend the functionality of authoring tools like Storyline 1, Storyline 2 or Storyline 360. JavaScript in Storyline 360 gives you control to manipulate and use the information coming from LMS and being sent to LMS. In this blog, we will discuss the steps on how to send learner score to LMS Using JavaScript.

Adobe Learning Summit is in Las Vegas on October 3!

Las Vegas.  Great sessions for learning professionals.  Really really good food.

Where can you get all of these things for free?  The Adobe Learning Summit.  It’s happening on October 3, and the Captivate Specialist Program will be available on October 2.  Register now or check out the session listings.

I’ll be doing part of the opening session on October 3, and presenting an overview of Adobe’s learning management system at 2:45PM.  Check out the session description below.  Hope to see you there!

Adobe Captivate Prime 101: Deliver Blended & Social Learning Experiences with Adobe’s LMS

Want to know what’s new and unique in Adobe Captivate Prime? This session will take you on a tour of the entire learning management system, including Prime’s fluidic course player and new social learning features.

Join Katrina Marie Baker to learn how the new features can support your blended learning program. We will cover:

• A general overview of the platform from the user and administrator perspectives
• How Adobe Captivate Prime allows learners to share web-based and user generated content on topic-specific discussion boards
• Ways learners can create their own videos, audio, and screenshots directly in Captivate Prime
• The new social learning browser add-in that allows learners to share web content easily
• How the fluidic course player helps you deliver a variety of content on mobile devices and web pages outside of the learning management system

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SCORM vs Tin-Can vs AICC

SCORM: SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model which is actually a technical standard for writing e-learning content. It is highly popular and is an industry standard which allows organizations to use e-learning as a training method. Basically, SCORM will decide how online content and the Learning Management System (LMS) will talk to each…

Accessibility for E-learning: Section 508 and WCAG

The Section 508 and WCAG plays an important role in making technology accessible to people with disabilities like deaf or hearing impaired, vision impaired, etc. To cater to the needs of people with disabilities, Section 508 and the WEB Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) will lend a helping hand in accessing the e-learning content. WCAG and Section 508: (WCAG):…

Why should you use Online Assignments tool via Learning Management System?

Assignments usually deals with the assigning tasks to people as part of their project. It has proven to be an excellent tool in tracking and measuring of learner metrics via the Learning Management System (LMS). The assessments in an online course on eLearning platform involves written assignments and practical tests. Let’s look at some of…

Digital Learning Platforms In, LXP out

Craig Weiss schreibt: „Too many vendors are using learning experience as part of their pitch, their SEO to attract consumers who do not want an LMS.  Not because they may not need one, but because they are receiving mixed messages.“ Und weil das Branding so konfus ist und weil niemand mehr weiß, wo genau das LMS (die Lernplattform) aufhört und das LXP (die Learning Experience-Plattform) anfängt, schlägt er ein Rebranding vor. Digital Learning Platforms. Wer das Spiel mit Trends, Brands und Bezeichnungen liebt, sollte sich diesen Expertenbeitrag antun.
Craig Weiss, The Craig Weiss Group, 19. August 2019

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