Product Training: How To Empower Sales Teams With TalentLMS

With the right product training program in place, salespeople are well-equipped to understand and address customer pain points and increase customer loyalty. Learn which LMS features and eLearning best practices will help you deliver effective product training.

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High-Impact Continual Learning And Tips For Integrating Learning Resources With An LXP To Personalize The Process

By practicing high-impact continual training, you will transform the way your learners react to your learning scheme.

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Top 10 Tech Tools for Your L&D Toolkit

Aus L&D-Perspektive werden hier die Systeme und Tools aufgezählt, mit denen man es heute zu tun haben kann. Manche Funktionen werden auch von umfangreichen Learning Management Systemen, Kollaborationsplattformen oder hilfsbereiten Anbietern abgedeckt. Die Spannbreite umfasst die Entwicklung von Lerninhalten und -umgebungen sowie die Moderation von Lernaktivitäten.

1. Course authoring tools
2. Content development tools
3. Learning platforms
4. Online video repositories
5. Online communities
6. Video meeting tools
7. Gamification software
8. Collaboration and communication tools
9. Forms and surveys
10. File sharing and office software
Matthew Brown, Learning Solutions Magazine, 24. Februar 2021

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Mobile Learning: Advantages Of Native Apps Over Mobile Web Apps

Native apps optimized for learning are now flexible, powerful and affordable. But when are they a better fit for enterprise learning versus accessing training through a mobile web browser? Market conditions and evolving technologies are driving what's possible and needed.

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AI-Powered LMS And Standard LMS? Which One To Choose?

AI-powered LMSs are the future, they are being widely introduced in business and education today. Empowering Learning Management Systems with AI gives a number of tangible advantages: automatic error correction, personalized content, curriculum automation.

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