hotspots, appearance and duration

1. how do I get a hotspot to appear for more than a second? (My vr video is about 20 seconds)

2. when I publish the hotspot it appears as just a black square, why?

3. Can I get the video to autoplay? Even more annoyingly, the second slide autoplays for a second and then stops. The first slide won’t autoplay at all. It would be important for them both to autoplay and not stop until the end

Thank you

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Captivate Apartment Tour VR Project

Project preview in Adobe: Play

Hello everyone and welcome to my very first virtual reality project. This is simply a walk-around the apartment with multiple interactions.

Since the VR project in Adobe Captivate is very limited and interaction icons are not displayed on the entire timeline, but only on certain time-frames, I discovered that if the user presses the play button on the playbar, all the interaction icons will just disappear as the project progresses.

To walk around this issue, I have created two versions of the project.

First version has an intro slide to ask the user to complete the initial settings and to do so, the user must click on the icon that will disable playbar.

The second version does not have an intro slide to disable playbar, but I have managed to disable playbar all together in Java Script.

I found directions on how to change Java Script within one of the Adobe Support Community posts. It works fantastic, but I could only change Java Script to unzipped file, zipped file doesn’t allow me.

Please find links to both projects below:

Project with Intro slide:

Project without intro slide and no playbar:

Thank you for your time to review my project.

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Hot spot knowledge check

I’m creating a module (captivate 11.5) on email phishing. I have an email sample, and I want the users to identify the clues that the email is not legitimate. I’d like the question to be graded, so I used the quiz>knowledge check>insert questions and then selected Hot Spot.

Now that I’m there, I’m stumped on what to do next.

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Import customised hotspots (png) into Adobe Captivate

I try to add my customised hotspots in my virtual tour. When i try to import them through the hotspots button the system blocks everything except for .jpeg. I need to upload .png because of the white background with .jpeg.

I go to hotspots -> import. My finder opens and i can only select .jpg files…

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Closing a Hot Spot in a Published HTML 5 product

Hi.  I created a 360-degree tour.  I have about 40 slides, each containing various hot spots (graphics, text, video, etc.).  I am able to bring it up in preview mode and it looks great.  When I publish it, and go to the file location, I click on index.html and it loads in the same browser (Microsoft Edge).  Problem is, if I click on the hot spot, there is no way to close it (the small x at the top left-hand side of the screen is not there like it was in Preview).

Has anyone experience something like this?


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Importing custom png for hotspots in 360 video

Hey there,

I’m having some trouble importing custom .png hotspots in my 360 video project. I was able to import a .jpeg, however it didn’t have a transparent background. Looking at tutorials online, it seems possible to import .png files in Captivate, so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Could someone please provide some assistance on this matter?



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Scalable HTML Content and 360 Slides Hotspots

I am running into an issue where I publish some content with 360 slides in HTML5 with the Scalable HTML Content box checked in Captivate 2019.

The 360 slides play fine, but if I maximize the content window and try to click a hotspot in the 360 slide space, there is no action that takes place; it responds as if I am clicking anywhere else in the slide. When I restore the content window to the size it was when I opened the content, the hotspots work fine.

For now, I simply published the course with the Scalable HTML Content box unchecked. It will work fine, but I like that my learners can maximize their screen if needed to enlarge the content.

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Initial View of VR Projects – Oculus

Hi all,

I have been using Captivate 2019 for a while with VR however still encountering some issues with Oculus Go headset (unsure if the same issue is affecting other Oculus devices).

The current issue is that you set the initial view of each VR slide, this works perfectly well when using a browser, however, when I load the same course in the headset, the initial view is 90 degrees clockwise difference (roughly). This means that I have no real control of what the user will see in their headset when they first load the content.

For example – on Matthias course, the first view should be of a coffee cup however on the headset it’s of a bag on the chair (right side of the coffee cup)

Browser Screenshot

Oculus VR Headset

Any guidance or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated as this is a key issue for using Captivate and VR for us.



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