Captivate Training

Back in August, I was lucky enough to have a Captivate 2019 training course with a world-renowned Captivate expert (who has requested to be unnamed). This training course gave me an unparalleled insight into the features and best practices of Captivate.

The training was formatted in a way that catered to new Captivate users as well as users who had a simple understanding of Captivate, like me. Not only were we taught the information, but we were then given to chance to learn and make mistakes on our own. Upon completion of each task, the instructor recommended better ways to solve our problems.

While I learned a lot during this training, some of the most important elements were best practices for using Captivate to improve efficiency in our builds. For instance, I learned how to create custom workspaces, which has since saved me a lot of time. I’ve also learned how to create defaults based upon my project building needs (add properties, timing, library, etc). Additionally, I gained a better understanding of the differences between responsive and blank projects and learned about the new 2019 feature, interactive videos.

By the end of this training course, I not only learned new tools, but I also learned better course building strategies. My previous learning had been self-taught and was very limited, but my instructor provided knowledge and experience to improve my future courses.

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Creative elearning with VR & 360 assets recorded webinar


I missed this live webinar, but isn’t there meant to be a recording of it posted somewhere Adobe? The link to the recorded version of the finished webinar is a dead link.

Have tried to contact the author, Dr Pooja Jaising through a form on her web page, but the contact form isn’t functioning.

Would love an OVERVIEW of what is and isn’t possible with VR and 360 assets & output formats with Captivate 2019. Was this webinar recorded, or is there another video overview of VR & 360 & 180 functionality?


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Free Webinar: Successfully Implement Your Learning Management System (LMS)

I’m doing a free virtual session on November 29 for anyone implementing a new learning management system! Content is based on my book LMS Success. Come join our awesome, always energetic audience.

Register here:

Here is the session description:

Congratulations! You’ve selected the perfect Learning Management System. Now what? Join Katrina Marie Baker in this 60-minute webinar for a lively discussion and some amusing war stories from past implementations.

Our agenda will cover how to:

  • Complete your implementation so smoothly that executive leadership is in awe of your project management skills.
  • Avoid common pitfalls that cause your implementation to stretch out longer than originally expected.
  • Work effectively with your LMS vendor to determine a timeline, set expectations, and get everything done on time.
  • Assemble an administrator team that is excited, knowledgeable, and well organized.

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Adobe Captivate Specialist Q&A: My Experience

Last month, I attended the Adobe Learning Summit in Las Vegas and was part of the second cohort to gain the Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification. Since returning, several people have asked about the process of gaining the certification, so I’ve decided to share some of the Q&A. If you’re thinking of taking the certification, my hope is that there might be something useful in here for you too.

Q: How did you find out about it?

It was advertised on the Adobe Captivate product site.
There’s a similar advertisement posted today. You can find the Adobe Captivate Specialist certification by following the instructions below.

To locate the Adobe Captivate Specialist information:

  1. Locate the call-to-action is for the Adobe e-Learning Conference –it’s a thin banner just below the main image.
  2. Click the Register Now link to open the conference registration page.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.

Q: Who else was there?

There were around 400 people taking the certification exam, but many more attended the free Learning Summit on day 2. Plus, there were a large number of Adobe employees.

I was impressed to see the Captivate software developers assisting instructors in the Refresher classes. My particular cohort was taught by Dr. Pooja Jaisingh! It was really great to meet her in person after taking the online course (which she created and teaches).

As for the attendees, I found myself taking the exam alongside many long-time users like myself (the early adopters), and a few intermediate users. I never personally met any beginners.

Q: What was the process like?

I think this is best described in terms of a timeline…

Day 0: Register for the conference. Receive an automated verification with a link to conference-rate hotel reservations.

Two weeks before the conference: Receive an invitation to take the online pre-certification refresher course in Captivate Prime. The course covers all major functionality within Adobe Captivate –including new features released in Captivate 2019. Content is divided over 20 chapters, each consisting of short modules.

Personal note: The course was assigned an estimated length of 7.5 hours; I believe this is the running time of all the videos combined. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything important, so I completed all the exercises. I worked through most of them pretty fast, but it still took over 20 hours to complete the course.  I would highly recommend taking the time to do this as I personally found the experience to be very worthwhile. I refreshed a lot of old knowledge, learned some new things, and eventually sat the exam feeling very well-prepared.

Of course, at the time, I was also under the impression that completion of the course was mandatory since there were credits assigned to each module –I was uncertain whether they counted towards the certification and I wanted to err on the side of caution.

At the conference however, I learned that many participants had not completed the pre-certification course –so it wasn’t mandatory! I’m not sure how those people fared on the exam though. I would say, “better to be safe than sorry.”

One to Two Weeks before the conference: Receive regular automated email reminders from the Captivate Prime LMS urging completion of the course prior to attending the conference.

Adobe Learning Summit Day One: Attend an all-day refresher class; sit the Captivate Certification exam at the end of the day. The exam is open-book, a passing score is 70% or more. There are no retakes permitted on the day.

Adobe Learning Summit Day Two: Attend the conference and workshops; receive your framed Captivate Specialist certificate (assuming you passed the exam), and have your photo taken by a professional photographer (free of charge, courtesy of Adobe). The photographer emails a soft copy of your photo to you almost immediately.

Approximately 10 days after the Summit: Adobe sends a soft copy of your certificate via email, as well as a link to your credential validation ephemera on (more details in my response to the next question).

Q: What did you get?

  • Framed and soft copies of the certificate;
  • A photo taken by a professional photographer (see the thumbnail image for this post);
  • A soft copy of a Captivate Specialist tag for my website, business cards, and such;
  • A link to that can be posted on websites or shared via Social Media. Recipients can just click to verify the credentials.  In case you’d like to try this out, the image below is a link to my credential –please feel free to click it to see what happens!

How often is it offered?

Adobe currently offers the certification twice a year –in the Spring in Washington, D.C. and in the Fall in Las Vegas, Nevada. This article states that it was first offered in Spring 2018.

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Free Webinar: Implementing a Gamification Strategy for Your Organization with Adobe Captivate Prime

Last week, I had an awesome time discussing how to implement a gamification strategy. If you missed that virtual class, I’m offering one more on November 15. You can check out the presentation or read the session description below.

Register here:

One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is generating consistent buy-in from trainees in the face of constant distractions and competing priorities. There are a variety of methods that can be used both to communicate the importance of training materials to the team, and to increase their likelihood to complete and retain the ideas and information from the training.

Join Katrina Marie Baker, Senior Learning Evangelist of Adobe Inc., for this one-hour demonstration focused on how to implement gamification within Adobe Captivate Prime.

You will learn:

  • How and why gamification can enhance completion rates for standard and compliance training
  • The fundamental principles of gamification for learning programs
  • How learning cohorts play a role in deployment of gamification
  • How to create and implement badges
  • How to establish points and parameters for achievements
  • How to add time-based motivation points to excite your audience
  • How to implement the new learning program aligned leaderboards

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eLearning Livestream – Responsive Projects in Captivate 2019 | Oct 15, 12:00 EDT, 2018

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How to become Adobe Captivate specialist… but in Europe?

How to become Adobe Captivate specialist… but in Europe?

Hi Captivate Community,

Soon Adobe has an event in Las Vegas, and it’s an excellent opportunity to become a CP specialist, but how to do this in Europe?

Do you plan to do this event somewhere in Europe? Or Can you recommend a place or company where I can do certification for CP 2019?

It could be a classroom, virtual or online, but in Engilsh.

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eSeminar from 2011 by Dr. Allen Partridge –

Hi All,

I have been highly recommend to view a series of 10 eSeminar’s that Dr. Allen Partridge made on the topic of “The principles of eLearning (cognitive theory of multimedia design)“. I have also been challenged to find them, as unfortunately the links in the blog do not bring you to the eSeminars.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


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Would like to meet you on 2-4 October in Las Vegas


The Adobe team has invited me to the Adobe Learning Summit (3-4 October) based on my 10 years of answering questions in forums and other social media (I don’t like titles like ‘Legend’ or ‘Top most contributor/expert’).  They insist on having me meet users, being able for once to do in person what I do daily throughout virtual channels with Captivate users worldwide: help for solving small and big issues you are bumping on, offering practical tips, explaining and clarifying workflows.  It is always a pleasure to meet users in person!

Welcome to everyone. It is possible you don’t know me, in that case have a look at the blogs I posted on this portal, and at my personal blog:  You will see that I have some favourite topics:

  • Shared and Advanced actions: since they appeared with Captivate 4 I have explored them in depth, helped many developers solving use cases (also as consultant and trainer). A fan recently indicated me as ‘True empress of Advanced and Shared Actions’, a promotion over the title ‘Queen of Advanced Actions’ which I got long time ago.
    Example: Shared Actions
  • Stumbling Blocks:  most users struggle with the Timeline,  which is the most important panel in Captivate. The sequence of articles and movies I published about the timeline, and their popularity proves my statement. Second main problem is understanding the design of the Quiz in Captivate: how is it set up, which tweaks are possible. Third problem, linked with design, is setting up a custom Theme. This can save so many hours while developing, and its power is often misunderstood.
    Example: Pausing Captivate’s Timeline
  • Workarounds: Captivate is to me the most flexible and multifeatured eLearning authoring tool. Because of that multitude of features, not every feature has all the functionality some users wish to have. Explore my blog posts, for many of those lacking functionality I have posted a workaround.
    Example: Navigation button for InteractiveVideo


I will be available in the hotel of the conference (Hard Rock) on 2 October (afternoon), 3 and 4 October.  If you want to meet, send me a note using any channel you want: Twitter (@Lilybiri), comment on this article, mail at,  If I am able to have a US phone number, will post it here as well.  Or you may just hail me when you see me walking around (will assist in all classes for the certificate on 3 October).

Looking forward to meeting!

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