eLearning Livestream – Responsive Projects in Captivate 2019 | Oct 15, 12:00 EDT, 2018

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How to become Adobe Captivate specialist… but in Europe?

How to become Adobe Captivate specialist… but in Europe?

Hi Captivate Community,

Soon Adobe has an event in Las Vegas, and it’s an excellent opportunity to become a CP specialist, but how to do this in Europe?

Do you plan to do this event somewhere in Europe? Or Can you recommend a place or company where I can do certification for CP 2019?

It could be a classroom, virtual or online, but in Engilsh.

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eSeminar from 2011 by Dr. Allen Partridge –

Hi All,

I have been highly recommend to view a series of 10 eSeminar’s that Dr. Allen Partridge made on the topic of “The principles of eLearning (cognitive theory of multimedia design)“. I have also been challenged to find them, as unfortunately the links in the blog do not bring you to the eSeminars.

If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


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Would like to meet you on 2-4 October in Las Vegas


The Adobe team has invited me to the Adobe Learning Summit (3-4 October) based on my 10 years of answering questions in forums and other social media (I don’t like titles like ‘Legend’ or ‘Top most contributor/expert’).  They insist on having me meet users, being able for once to do in person what I do daily throughout virtual channels with Captivate users worldwide: help for solving small and big issues you are bumping on, offering practical tips, explaining and clarifying workflows.  It is always a pleasure to meet users in person!

Welcome to everyone. It is possible you don’t know me, in that case have a look at the blogs I posted on this portal, and at my personal blog: http://blog.lilybiri.com.  You will see that I have some favourite topics:

  • Shared and Advanced actions: since they appeared with Captivate 4 I have explored them in depth, helped many developers solving use cases (also as consultant and trainer). A fan recently indicated me as ‘True empress of Advanced and Shared Actions’, a promotion over the title ‘Queen of Advanced Actions’ which I got long time ago.
    Example: Shared Actions
  • Stumbling Blocks:  most users struggle with the Timeline,  which is the most important panel in Captivate. The sequence of articles and movies I published about the timeline, and their popularity proves my statement. Second main problem is understanding the design of the Quiz in Captivate: how is it set up, which tweaks are possible. Third problem, linked with design, is setting up a custom Theme. This can save so many hours while developing, and its power is often misunderstood.
    Example: Pausing Captivate’s Timeline
  • Workarounds: Captivate is to me the most flexible and multifeatured eLearning authoring tool. Because of that multitude of features, not every feature has all the functionality some users wish to have. Explore my blog posts, for many of those lacking functionality I have posted a workaround.
    Example: Navigation button for InteractiveVideo


I will be available in the hotel of the conference (Hard Rock) on 2 October (afternoon), 3 and 4 October.  If you want to meet, send me a note using any channel you want: Twitter (@Lilybiri), comment on this article, mail at info@lilybiri.com,  If I am able to have a US phone number, will post it here as well.  Or you may just hail me when you see me walking around (will assist in all classes for the certificate on 3 October).

Looking forward to meeting!

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[Webinar] 7 Learning Strategies To Transform Your Corporate Induction And Onboarding Training For Success

A well-thought-out and structured induction and onboarding training is crucial for both the employees and the business. It not only helps new employees understand the organizational dynamics and its value proposition quickly and effectively but also improves retention, productivity, and protects your business by preventing compliance-related incidents.

Join us for this free webinar hosted by Asha Pandey, the Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design, on how these challenges can be mitigated as you adopt a blended or a fully online induction and onboarding approach.

Registration Link: 7 Learning Strategies To Transform Your Corporate Induction And Onboarding Training For Success

Webinar Objectives

  1. Step 1: Laying a strong foundation (the significance of a well-designed Induction and Onboarding program)
  2. Step 2: Evaluating the possibilities – Blended or fully online approach (as you evaluate transformation from a facilitated or face-to-face program to a blended or fully online approach, what approach makes the most sense?)
  3. Step 3: Going digital – Adopting learning strategies that work
  4. 7 success stories featuring diverse learning strategies:
    1. Includes demos on Virtual Reality and Learning Portals (featuring Microlearning and Gamification).
    2. Additional examples feature:
      1. Personalization
      2. Mobile Learning
      3. Microlearning
      4. Gamification
      5. Video Based Learning
      6. Social Learning

Register today!

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Intro to “Make Your eLearning Come Alive with Animated Characters”

Hi Everybody!

My name is Mark, and I’M SPEAKING at the Adobe Learning Summit 2018 in Las Vegas, October 4th.

Adobe asked us to create a little video introducing ourselves and our topic.

My topic is “Make Your eLearning Come Alive with Animated Characters” so I thought it would be a good idea to have some characters help introduce my topic!

I thought it would add some flavor to a boring introduction about my experience, if I add some Animated Characters. SO I video taped myself I paused and made believe Chloe(one of the Characters) was talking as I looked down at her (I didn’t want to redo my take anymore, so the looking down is a bit off – but ehh), and then I also planned ahead to turn to look at the monkey character behind my back. I then exported the video of me. That was video 1.

From Camera to Adobe Photoshop
So I took a Picture of a stuffed Monkey I have, brought it into Photo, dropped out the background, and cut it up to separate pieces(head, eyes, body, arms, legs, etc.)

Make it Come Alive with Adobe Character Animator
Then I imported the monkey Photoshop file into Character Animator where I was able to rig it up and make it come ALIVE with my own performances, and mouth movements via my web cam, and mic. Then exported as a movie (video 2).
I also used a Character from Character Animator and made it come alive with my performance, and exported (video 3).

Edit in Adobe Premiere
Then I imported Video 1, Video 2, and Video 3 into Premiere to composite them all together. I created a mask in Premiere, so it looks like the monkey is behind me, and then used motion tracking to match the the mask so it is always hiding portions of the monkey. I added some transitions, adjusted some timing, added background audio… and exported…

and the final RESULT – is below (video 4)!

Join me October 4th to learn how to make your own Character in Photoshop, that can be animated in Character Animator, and imported into Captivate to Make YOUR eLearning Come Alive ….. with Animated CHARACTERS!


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FREE WEBINAR – Working with Image in Adobe Captivate

DATE: Wed 29th August 2018

TIME: 12.00pm AEST

REGISTER NOW: https://adobe.ly/2MRe4Ji

So we know how to insert an image, but what about all the other fun and time-saving things we can do with images in Adobe Captivate . . ?

What about using animated GIFs? Or working with images in responsive projects? Do images behave differently when designing a responsive project?

Those are great questions and we’re glad you asked!

In this webinar, we’ll examine image behaviours, tips and workarounds. We’ll also look at the inbuilt Adobe Captivate editing functionality.

Not only will we delve into editing images from within Adobe Captivate, but we’ll explore using an outside image editing program, like Photoshop, or even MS Paint (I know there are fans out there..) and importing back into Adobe Captivate.

Don’t know how to insert an image at all? You’ll learn that too!

We hope you can join our webinar @12pm (AEST) Wednesday 29th of August.

REGISTER NOW: https://adobe.ly/2MRe4Ji

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October 03, 2018
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Adobe Captivate Specialist – Give your eLearning career the edge it deserves.

Power up your professional profile and stand out with the industry-leading Adobe Captivate Specialist recognition. Learn from the best in the business how you can unlock the potential of Adobe Captivate to create brilliant eLearning courses. Successfully complete the online assessment, get endorsed as a Specialist, and earn a certificate and badge for using in your professional and social networks.
About the Program
The Adobe Captivate Specialist is a full-day certificate classroom program, delivered by top Adobe Captivate experts. You will be enrolled into the course as soon as you register and will receive course instructions and prep materials two weeks prior to the on-site program date. On October 3rd, you will join other members in the classroom training. Following the training you will complete an online assessment – upon successful completion, you will receive your Adobe Captivate Specialist certificate and badge on October 4th at the Adobe Learning Summit.
Who Should Attend
The Adobe Captivate Specialist Program is ideal for instructional designers, training professionals, L&D professionals, and eLearning consultants that have basic to intermediate proficiency in instructional design and eLearning course-creation workflows. Seats are limited, so register today!
The Takeaway
By the end of this program, participants will have mastered all the major workflows in the latest release of Adobe Captivate – ranging from creating storyboards, to designing static and responsive courses, building custom animations, using advanced actions and eLearning assets, and more.
The agenda will cover the following topics in detail:
  • Introduction to Adobe Captivate
  • Touring the Adobe Captivate interface
  • Building storyboards using Adobe Captivate Draft
  • Creating static and responsive courses in Adobe Captivate
  • Using themes and eLearning assets
  • Inserting interactive and non-interactive objects
  • Building custom animations and interactions
  • Using advanced actions and variables
  • Recording and editing simulations and video demos
  • Using Adobe Captivate with other applications, such as Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adding assessments and quizzes
  • Enabling Learning Management System (LMS) compliance and accessibility
  • Previewing and publishing the courses to an LMS
All participants are required to bring their own laptop computers with the latest release of Adobe Captivate pre-installed (if you do not already have the release you can download a free trial within 30-days of the program). The demo files and assets will be emailed to you two weeks prior to the classroom session. Please bring power adaptors for your computers, access to power for charging will be provided.
Pricing & Payment
The standard price for the full-day program is $499 USD. Payment is required for admittance into the program. If payment is not received, your entry will not be permitted. This program is non-refundable, under no circumstances will refunds be issued. The price covers the registration fee, food and beverages for the day, and the certificate and badge if the assessment is successfully passed.
*For group registrations of greater than 10 seats, please write to everythingelearning@adobe.com

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