Retake Course before Retake Quiz after first Failure


This short blog post is meant as an answer to a question posted today in the eLearning Community. Reason: it is not the first time I answered a similar question, will save me time when i can point to this post. This was the thread:

Situation was here a quiz preceded by content slides. The learner had two attempts on quiz level. After a first failure he should view the content slides again.  I will explain how to change the proposed solution if you have more than 2 attempts and want the watching of the content only to happen after a second (or later) failure.

Example movie

Watch this published short example: there is only one content slide after the title slide.  The quiz (3 questions) has two attempts. Make sure you fail on the first attempt, and you’ll be navigated back to the content slide before being able to start the second attempt:



To achieve this I used a single advanced action, triggered by the On Enter event of the score slide. That action will check the value of two Quizzing system variables (you can read about those, and download a free table from this article):

  1. cpQuizInfoAttempts: that variable will be incremented when the Retake button is pressed. After the first Quiz attempt, on entering the score slide it will have the value 1.
  2. cpQuizInfoPassFail: is a Boolean, with value = 0 if the learner has failed, and value = 1 if he has passed.

Look at the advanced action:

The condition requires that it is the first attempt and that the learner failed at that attempt. If that is the case, the navigation is to the first content slide (content slides are before the quiz). If it is the second attempt, Continue will have the score slide appear with the results. After the first attempt that score slide will not be shown.

This action can be edited. If the number of attempts is 3, and the navigation to the content slides has to happen only after the second failure, the condition has to be modified to:

IF cpQuizInfoAttempts is equal to 2 AND cpQuizInfoPassFail is equal to 0

In this situation the score slide will appear after the first failure, and the user will have to press the Retake button for the second attempt. If you are not in a Fluid Boxes project I would recommend to drag the Review button under the Retake button in that case. That will prevent that the learner clicks the Review button, which would cancel all future attempts on quiz level. For a Fluid Boxes responsive project however this is impossible because you cannot have two objects stacked in the same location.

BTW: you can also use this workflow for question slides inserted on hotspots in a 360° image or video, and in an interactive project which has question slides.

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