Unable to install Captivate 2019 update 11.0.1

I’m running Build version and am unable to install the update to 11.0.1.

When I run the updater, I get an Error Code 131 – “Please save your work and close the following programs for all logged in users, then click “Continue”: – Adobe Captivate (Error Code 131).

I’m running it as Administrator and have no other applications running.

Is there an Updater preferences file or something that I can rename or delete? I saw that was a solution for a similar problem with an earlier version of Captivate.

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Drag-and-Drop Quiz Questions Scoring Incorrectly in Fluid Boxes


I have a responsive project (Captivate 2019, build 11.0.0243) that includes a series of drag-n-drop quiz questions and I’m finding that the quiz only scores the first question correctly –I’m checking using a Quiz Results slide.

I tested each question separately, and individually they score correctly. However, once I unhide all slides or more than one slide, the quiz only scores the first slide, and does not track the score on all the others.

I’ve tried adding regular quiz slides, and the same thing happens — if the sequence begins with a scored drag-n-drop, all other scores are neither assigned nor reported (I’m using $$cpQuizInfoLastSlidePointScored$$ and $$cpQuizInfoPointsscored$$ on each slide to confirm this).

I have also tested this scenario using slides within the same project that did not contain fluid boxes, and the quiz sequence scores OK; however, for this project, I need to use fluid boxes. Has anyone else encountered this situation, and may have a solution?

Thank you.

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Captivate 2019 files backwards compatible with 2017 files?

My company bought 2017 when it came out and I subsequently created themes and templates using that version. We’ve recently hired a contractor to help me with a project, and my IT dept. is saying Adobe will no longer allow us to purchase the 2017 version, and that we must get version 2019 for the contractor.

The contractor and I will be working on and editing the same files over a long period of time.

I am assuming the contractor will be able to open my 2017 files and apply the themes.

However, when the contractor saves their files in 2019, will I be able to open them in 2017 without any issues?

More specifically, will the project open correctly with no changes to fonts, interactions, elements, timings, etc.?

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Adobe Captivate 2019 Training for Beginners

FasterCourse (https://fastercourse.com) has been working with Captivate for quite some time now and we know that it takes time to learn everything by yourself as Captivate provides a lot of good and advanced elearning features. As we came across the same questions from our users every day about ‘where can I find the objects’ or ‘why can’t I see the popups in a slide’, we realized that a lot of people who start using Captivate are struggling on their own and a little guidance would be helpful.

We created 7 videos about all the necessary things you need to know in order to feel confident while working in Adobe Captivate.

1. Getting Started

In this video, we will cover the first steps on how to open the file and save a project and slowly we will move on to some of the necessary tools that you will need while working with Adobe Captivate 2019. You will learn how the timeline works and how you can show and hide elements in your slide.

2. Masterslide & Object Styles

We will walk you through master slide view and object styles. You will see how easy it is to add objects in the master slide so they would be visible in all slides. Together we will create a new object style that you will later use to improve the look and feel of your project with a few simple clicks.

3. Create Text and Image Slides

In this video, you will learn how to add new slides to your project and how to change the master slide for each slide. We will add text fields and images and with previously built styles we will get a nice looking text and image slide in a few minutes.

4. Build a Simple Video Slide

Video slides are wildly popular, we will show you how you can add video slide to your project and how easy it is to change the player.

5. Single Choice Question Slide

Together we will add a new question slide to this project and we will show you how easy you can add new answer options or change the question form from single to multiple choice with one click. We will show you how you can set the correct answer and where you can find all feedbacks.

6. Build a Drag and Drop Slide

Step by step we will show you how the drag and drop interactions are made. We will create all objects and you will see how you can set the correct answers and add more answer options.

7. Publish Your Course in SCORM

This is one of the most important steps and we will show you where you can change publish settings and how you can publish your course in SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004.

Exercise Files

You can also download the exercise file for this class. Click here and below the video, you will find a button to download the file. The package consists of one Adobe Captivate 2019 file with the final version of this task.

We really hope that this little guide might help someone who has recently entered the world of Captivate! Let us know what you think!

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Captivate 2019 Assets

Question 1

I remember when 2017 was released that there was an asset packaged available to download. Was there an asset package available for 2019 as well?

Question 2

When installing the voices package for 2019 there are only 7 voices added to the options available in captivate. I thought I remember there being a lot more text-to-speech voice options. Is there any other add-ons that I am missing?

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Knowledge Check Slides Autoformatting

Whenever I create a knowledge check slide it somehow “autoformats” certain objects and I cannot change or reset them. For example, the “submit” button on the knowledge check slides (5,6,17,21) changed the text alignment to align left and I cannot get it to be centered. I also can’t adjust the font size. Another issue I’m having with these slide is although I’ve set every default preference to Arial font it still defaults to tahoma.


Any suggestions?

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Issue uploading published file

I am working with Captivate 2019 and publishing in HTML5 format. When I preview the output, everything looks great.  However, when I upload the published file to our server and try to access via browser, I just get a spinning icon.  This only happens about half the time, even though the settings for the files that are working correctly appear to be identical.  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

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Augmented Reality – Quizzing

Has anyone used Augmented Reality as a quizzing tool?  Our company is in an industrial environment that requires extensive knowledge of the process systems.  Using hotspots on equipment seems like an awesome way to create a scavenger hunt style quizzing system.  Typically this quizzing would need to follow reading about, drawing and discussing the system in detail. Our current learning path is blended but the quizzing is dull.

I haven’t used VR or AR but would like to hear some thoughts on the topic.

If you were in this environment, would you utilize this technology in this way?

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