Mute only 1 slide, not all the slides in the project

HI! I first tried the mute button in the playbar, and then I created a mute button with advances action. In both cases mute the audio in the current slides, when the project goes to the next slide I can hear the audio again. I need to help to solve this, I need that the audio keep muted or unmuted in all the project. Thanks!

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How do I search for a slide by name or part of a name?

If I open the Find and Replace requester (Ctrl+F), have All Object Types selected and All Styles, when I enter a slide name it will not locate it.

The documentation states:

“You can check spelling in most places where text occurs in your projects, including captions, slide notes, slide names, text animations, and quizzes.

Am I missing something?

How you can assign an action to a button in Adobe Captivate 2019?

A newbie asked me how to add an action to a button. So, I have shown him and decided to record a video for all newbies. So, I hope this video will help you.

In this video, I have created a button from shapes and give it an action. As you know, you can create a button from shapes.

What you can add an action to a button?

– Continue
– Go to the previous slide
– Go to the next slide
– Return to quiz
– Jump to slide
– Jump to Bookmark
– Open URL or file
– Open another project
– Send email to
– Execute Javascript
– Execute Advanced Script
– Execute shared action
– Play Audio
– Stop triggered audio
– Show
– Hide
– Enable
– Disable
– Assign
– Increment
– Decrement
– Pause
– Exit
– Apply effect
– Show TOG
– Hide TOG
– Shot Playbar
– Hide Playbar
– Lock TOC
– Unlock TOC

How do I use a fillable PDF in a Responsive slide, submission, and data collection. Captivate 2019.

I have created a fillable form using Adobe Acrobat Pro, and placed a submit form button on the page. I have no issues getting it to load in preview, all the forms fields are working, even the clear form button. But for some reason, I cannot seem to get the document to submit. Ideally, I’d prefer to have the data sent to my email, but Adobe Acrobat seems to want to launch a web based mail or application. How can I get this to work so it can be emailed to me, instead of having it being send to a network folder?

Anybody have a work around or tips? Greatly appreciate any help!

Quiz Results Slide Issue

I deleted two buttons from my Quiz results project slide. I see the buttons still there on the master results slide view, but when I reset the project slide, the buttons do not reappear.

I am unable to insert a new quiz results slide with those default buttons. And I believe the changes (deletions) I made in my project results slide is preventing my widget from posting the results to a google document.

I tired to make a new project, but even starting fresh with a new quiz results slide, the buttons are still missing meaning the changes I have made are now a default? How can I restore the original results slide?



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Disable next button until all object states have been achieved

I was wondering if the following process is possible. I have been trying multiple ways to create this effect but none seem to be working.

I have created the following image with icon buttons. I would like users to click on each icon, which would direct them to a different slide, when clicking on the icon again (on the slide the user was directed to) this process would return them to the original slide, with the icon now as a green tick.

This part of the process I have been able to achieve using Execute Advanced Actions, however the next stage I would like to implement is to not allow the ‘Next’ button to be executable until all information buttons have been previewed. This part I can’t seem to get working.

Can anyone give me some pointers. I am very new to developing online training via captivate.

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YouTube content not playing/stuck on loading

Using Captivate 2019.

I am using the YouTube insert URL feature and then publishing the captivate project as a SCORM. The image example is the project as hosted on a testing site. The video is stuck on the loading bar and never plays. It doesn’t work in preview or published form.

Does anybody have ideas on why this happens and what I can do to resolve the issue? I am new to the software and have been experimenting for a week – so please excuse my ignorance to understanding this.

Thank you

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Retaking a quiz doesn’t close the module in the LMS


I am developing with Captivate 2019 ( and using eLogic LMS.

I’ve recently been receiving calls from learners that they’re unable to close out of a module to go to the next one. I’ve verified that they’re doing what I set as completion activities (viewing 90% of slides) and asking them to click the “Exit” button in the module instead of using the X to close the window.

One learner has noticed that anytime he reviews the quiz that following these steps has made him unable to close the module, so I have to do it as the administrator of our LMS.

Is this a logical issue? Is there a way to make it close more consistently? Overall, I’m manually closing about 25% of all modules each month and I can’t sustain it and do new development.

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