Taking a failed quiz again after review


I create courses for volunteers in Captivate 2019. They are telling me that they would like to review the quiz and then take it again because they don’t want to have a failing grade on their record. With the settings I am using, they can’t take a reviewed quiz again.

Can I allow them to take the quiz, review it if they fail, and then have them take a different quiz? Or is there another way to make this happen?

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Font Issue Captivate 2019 Update


Late to the game with updating to Captivate 2019 11.5.0. I’m working with my company’s IT department to get the newest patch, but I don’t know that the patch will fix my issue based on information I could find in other threads in the forum.

With this new font thing in the newest version, our company font (that was installed on my laptop locally) is reverting to Tahoma when I open old projects. Except, my intro slide doesn’t convert to Tahoma and stays our company font (really strange and I can’t find what would be different on that slide versus the other slides that convert to Tahoma). Our company font is visible in Captivate and I can change all of my shapes and captions back to our company font, but our team shouldn’t have to go through all this effort for every single course created in the last two years.

Can anyone confirm if there is a work-around yet, a fix, or tell me whether this is fixed in a patch I have yet to install?

Thank you,


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Captivate Assets – Corporate Network Enviroment

Has anyone been able to get Adobe Captivate Assets to work in a corporate network work environment or while using a VPN?

Other than using a public internet connection, has anyone found a work around to get Captivate Assets to work?

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Adobe Captivate to mp4 Video

I’ve created some software simulation and video demo vidoes in Adobe Captivate 2019. I’ve published them as mp4 videos, but the videos are blurry and the wording that’s on the screen is hard to read. I’m trying to find out if I need to change the resolution before publishing as a video (and how) or any other suggestions so that when I publish these videos, they are not blurry.

We are using these videos as training for how to use some of the software programs that we use at my facility.

Any ideas!??!

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Blank Answers

Hi all,

I have been made aware that some of our learners are unable to see checkbox answers (graded) when completing the quiz within our E-Learning Module. I have checked that the answers are populated and quiz setting which all appear to be ok?

I did some research before posting and found this. However after reading this, I checked all the suggestions without success – https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2361611

I am thinking it could be our LMS however wondered if anyone else had experienced this? (Using Captivate 9/ breakpoint /SCORM 1.2 for this project).



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Problems with Text to Speech – Captivate 2019

I used the Text to Speech feature to get audio into the training.  It plays fine using the timeline or the tool in the Audio Manager.  However, when I preview or publish, the audio does not come through, and my closed captions to not appear.  The project is a responsive project.

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Unable to add hyperlinks to smartshape text

Hi all,

Just working on a tab layout (fluid box) and would like to include hyperlinks in one of smartshape states.

I noticed that the hyperlink option was not available (properties). However when in state view and the text selected I can right click and then I can add a hyperlink. It appears to be added correctly however when I went to preview the course, the multi state slide (11.5 naming protocol) updates the buttons show that they have clicked but the state of the smartshape doesn’t change.

I then realised that the states would change to other states that didn’t contain a hyperlink so I removed the hyperlink from the other state and then it all worked.

Is this a known issue that hyperlinks to other slides can’t be included in states and then used in conjunction with the 11.5 update naming protocol?

Thank you in advance


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When adding a video to a slide, is it possible to have an image from the video display in the video player, rather than a blank black screen?

I frequently add Event Videos to slides.  The videos do not play automatically; typically the presenter will speak first and then start the video.  When a slide with a video is accessed (and before the presenter plays the video), I would like to have the video player showing a frame from the video, rather than just a solid black  screen.  Is this possible? This is purely for aesthetic reasons, so that there is an image on the screen as the presenter talks, rather than a black rectangle.  Any assistance is appreciated!  Thank you!

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