Can’t Open Shared Captivate File

My coworkers and I are sharing project files. Two of us have no issues opening each other’s files. The 3rd person cannot open our files and we cannot open her files. We receive and error message that says:

Adobe Captivate could not open “xxx.cptx”. Ensure that:

– The file is not open already.

– The file is not damaged. For example, if the file was an email attachment, ensure that you have decoded the file correctly.

– The hard disk has sufficient available space.

– The system has sufficient resources. To optimize the resources, close all the other open applications.

I have researched and tried several options that don’t seem to work.  One post said to ensure the version is the same. We are all on Captivate 2019, but the build numbers are different. For example, I have and the person who’s file  I cannot open has

Could that be the issue? If we all upgrade to the latest build, will it cause an issue with our current files?



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Unable to add images to states – Captivate 11.5.1

Hi everyone,

Started to use the new forced navigation system introduced in 11.5 (naming convention approach) which is working well for most of the basic setups I have used it for. However, I have a setup that uses a multi-state (MS) smartshape that contains text (blue outlined box) and an associated image (red outlined box) per state. These change when a button is clicked (three buttons available). This worked in previous versions of Captivate however the image option is not available when in state view now.

I assume this is an issue with using fluid box as I’ve seen tutorials of people doing this in 11.5 but not using fluid box? Someone suggested converting the MS smartshape into a button however this has very limiting text formatting and wouldn’t work for me this situation.

Any ideas on a good workaround or fix for this?

Thank you in advance


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Captivate 2019 Testimonial

I am newer to Captivate 2019. I used Captivate 2008 back in the day. 2019 is a huge upgrade. Love the ability to take my e-learning sessions to the next level due to the virtual reality option. It has also reduced my e-learning creation time when faced with last minute training requests. This week I was asked to create an e-learning module which included at least 1 quiz. I was given 2 days to do it and the training content was still being finalized.  Usually this type of request would take me over 40 hours. The ability to import Power Point slides, quickly create a 10-20 question quiz, and use the hot spot feature reduced my creation time by 3 days and meet my tight deadline. My client was impressed with the results, especially because the module easily integrated with their LMS and looked beautiful on mobile devices – tablets and cell phones. Adobe Captive 2019 made this all possible and I looked like a pro.

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English User Dictionary Editor

A side application installed with Adobe Captivate 2019 is the “English User Dictionary Editor”. Unfortunately, the csv file which accompanies this application is also installed in the Programs Files of my computer. Due to my company’s security protocols, this csv file becomes read-only when stored in this location.

Is there a way to move the csv file to a “read/write” location and still have my Captivate program access it for source/target words?

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What steps are being taken to address issues with accessibility?

I’m reaching out to find out if anyone is aware of any specific steps that Adobe is taking to address issues with accessibility?

I’ve seen various posts about specific issues and I’m wondering if Adobe is making a concentrated effort to collect information and address them?  It, periodically, flares up as an issue in my organization and I’d like to find out if there’s anyway to keep up to date with what Adobe is doing.



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Button Focus and 508 Issues

I’m having a 508 issue I’m hoping for some help with.

I’m working on a course where the navigation buttons are setup to be the enter edge of the page (i.e. the next button is the entire height of the right edge and in about 50px and the back is the same on the left edge).  The “Normal” state for the button is completely opaque, and a chevron appears in the “hover” state.

The problem I’m having is that when you tab to these buttons and place the focus on them, this doesn’t trigger the “hover” state…which it needs to do to be 508 compliant.  Does anyone else have this problem and, if so, anyone know of a workaround?

On a similar note, I have the same problem with the “Play” button on the autoplay screen…users don’t seem to be able to tab to it, at least that’s what my tester is telling me.



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