Replay or Reset Slide (Captivate tutorial)


Recently I published an article about this topic. On my personal blog it got an amazing amount of views in a short time. Although it has been published here as well, have no idea if someone ever read it.  I prepared a supplementary tutorial to show some specific use cases. It is meant just to allow you to see differences between the proposed workflows.  Even if though I fear it will not be viewed neither (the tag Reset is not even available in that very long list) here is a copy of that tutorial.

It is using design elements of the Quick Start Project Safety, but I didn’t use any interaction because I prefer creating the actions myself (lot of shared actions as usual).

Why do I often use QSP slides? It makes it easier to answer questions about them when they appear in the social media.  Sorry that I rarely use the provided actions because they seldom do what I want to achieve.

For those who are curious, here is the tutorial:


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January has (finally) passed. It’s February. It feels like a new start, so here’s a question for for:

“What do you need today to help you focus on your task?”

As part of the thinking environments training, we often use questions like this at the start of team meetings to engage everyone in the room, to encourage everyone to speak out at the start, thus giving them a voice throughout the meeting and an opportunity to be heard. The question, like this one, should not be invasive or too personal (unless the responder wants to include a personal viewpoint) but can also be informative for those around the table.

So, what do ou need today to help you focus on your ‘task’? How would you answer this today?

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Character downloads

When I try to download a character from the ‘Discover’ section of assets. After choosing a character I click the download button and a progress box come up that is blank except for the title and a cancel button. The progress in the asset window show 100% complete but the progress window remains grey. I have to click cancel to dismiss it and the asset is not available.

Any thoughts?


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Screen resolution and breakpoints

I have a client who wants us to develop using breakpoints. They have provided five specific measurements. For custom mobile (phone landscape), they have specified 667 x 375. When I published the course to the server and tested it on desktop, tablet, and phone, all of them worked fine – except for phone landscape. The page appeared very large and required considerable scrolling. I checked everything again to be sure, did a Live Preview, and still the same results. I even went so far as to check the browser size on my phone, modify the settings for that, did a Live Preview – and still got the same issue.

Is there a way to resolve this? They’re asking for a beta this week, and this is the only thing standing between me and delivery.



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Slide Master Disappears with 4 buttons on slide 1

Twilight Zone moment here: Anytime I add a 4th button interaction on the first slide of my presentation, whether they’re on the Slide Master or on the slide itself, the Slide Master elements do not load when I Preview in Browser. (Captivate 3 buttons, I’m good to go… add the fourth, and I have a white space where my slide master elements should be. If that 4th button doesn’t appear until the 2nd slide or later, everything works fine. I lost about 4 hours of my life just figuring that much out, but don’t have a clue what’s behind it (or some bug that ‘s been fixed in a later version, possibly?)

Anyone got a clue?

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