CC and audio cue

Is there another way (rather than physically dragging every cue to the desired spot) I can assign cues to the audio pieces in the CC window? Sometimes, I have multiple pieces of audio and end up having 10- 12 cues in the Narration window. It really becomes very difficult to sort them out and align them with each piece. I was hoping to find some shortcuts or an option that assigns the cue to a piece with the help of play heads, maybe. Here’s a screenshot to help explain my plight better.

Thank you in advance!

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Do widgets work when publishing to HTML5 only?

I’d like to add widgets to my Captivate 2019 project, but we publish only to HTML5 (not swf) and our content must be accessible to our customers on all major browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox).

Since Flash is going away and not all users/browsers have it anyway, can I still use widgets? Is there a way to use them with HTML5 or is Flash always required?

If it depends on which widget is being used, this is regarding the accordion widget, but I’d still like to know if other widgets could be used.


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English User Dictionary Editor

A side application installed with Adobe Captivate 2019 is the “English User Dictionary Editor”. Unfortunately, the csv file which accompanies this application is also installed in the Programs Files of my computer. Due to my company’s security protocols, this csv file becomes read-only when stored in this location.

Is there a way to move the csv file to a “read/write” location and still have my Captivate program access it for source/target words?

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Captivate Undo for Drag Drop


I can use advanced actions with drop target in drag and drop interaction, here i am using it to increment a variable say A. But if i want to add a undo button, i need the last drop source to reset and also decrements the value of the variable A, that i changed just now.

The problem is there is no option of using advanced action with undo button.
— is there a way that i can add an advance action to undo button or create my own undo button which backtrack my last move and also execute an advance action

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Help requested – adding a variable to a smart shape in a template

The problem: I want to put a variable on a smart shape in a template. The nice format master slide I like has a “Title Placeholder” that has the “Style Name” of “Default Title Smart Shape Style_1”
However, that shape that won’t let me insert a variable, which I would like to do because it’s in my tutorial and I suspect that may generate a table of contents later
Would I instead need to put a text caption on top of the smart shape in order to insert a variable?

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Issue with Captivate Advanced Action not Showing Image

I set up a series of advanced action which involve:

Clicking on an image, changing the state of the content in the text box, showing a supporting image, and hiding all other images.  I set up s series of these and they were working, then after about 5, they stopped working all together.  I can click, the content in the box updates, but the images that are supposed to show no longer do. I deleted ALL of them, started from scratch and now have only 1 advanced action in my project, setup as we see here, however, the Add Menu Image that is set up to show, does not.  Previously, it would flash for a second and disappear, and it does not do that anymore.  Any idea what i am doing wrong here?  Thank you.

PS – The strangest thing is that the series of about 7 advanced actions did work and adding number 8 seems to have “broken” it.

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What steps are being taken to address issues with accessibility?

I’m reaching out to find out if anyone is aware of any specific steps that Adobe is taking to address issues with accessibility?

I’ve seen various posts about specific issues and I’m wondering if Adobe is making a concentrated effort to collect information and address them?  It, periodically, flares up as an issue in my organization and I’d like to find out if there’s anyway to keep up to date with what Adobe is doing.



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