Error when uploading zipped SCORM 1_2 to LMS


I’ve developed 9 separate modules for a course and prepared SCORM 1.2 versions for use by external clients.  When two of the courses are uploaded to the LMS (Knowledge Presenter v 11.00 and Saba), the following error displays “Server Error in Application “Default Web Site”, HTTP Error 404.11 – Not Found”.  Screen shot of full message below.  All courses prepared the same way and published with the same SCORM settings (Incomplete/Complete; User Access).  I’ve tried suggestions from previous posts on the same error found here but still encounter the same error.  Any further suggestions?

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Generating speech using Power Point Notes

Dear Forum,

Do any of you have tips to solve the following problem.

With Captivate 2019, creating a project with a power point presentation.

Using Power Point Notes to generate speech.


Some words require specification for correct pronounciation. Doing this by adding to Neospeech dictionary.

Previously, the new pronounciations did have effect, now they dont. It is like Captivate is ignoring if you update e.g. the James voice to pronounce words correctly.

Any ideas ?

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Preloading issue within Captivate

Hi Everyone,

I’m having a problem with my Captivate HTML5 export. I have build an eLearning a few weeks ago and we are running it in Moodle. Now for new clients I wanted to show the eLearning offline on my laptop. I have done this many times with this same eLearning. When I export now, the eLearning stays preloading and nothing will start. I have changed nothing in my eLearning or export settings. I tried offline and online but still preloading. I’m watching in Chrome and the start screen contains a picture and text. So no video issue or what so ever.

I just started a blank presentation and went to preview and even this presentation stays within the loading screen.

Could anyone help me please?

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Captivate 2017 et 2019 freeze lorsque j’ouvre un fichier PowerPoint


Je suis sous environnement Mac OSX (10.13.6) et dois reprendre un projet initialement réalisé sous PowerPoint (v.16.20). Lorsque je crée un nouveau fichier “à partir de PowerPoint” et que j’ouvre ce projet sous Captivate 2017 ou Captivate 2019, voici ce qu’il se passe :

01. Le fichier PowerPoint s’ouvre dans PowerPoint.
02. Captivate importe le fichier et une barre de défilement indique la progression de cette importation.
03. Tout au long de cette importation, une fenêtre ne cesse d’apparaître à intervalles réguliers m’informant que “Pour utiliser les outils de ligne de commande Java, je dois installer un JDK” et que je dois cliquer sur OK pour me connecter au site internet proposant le téléchargement du paquet de développement Java (JDK).
04. Si je ne fais pas ce téléchargement et cette installation, une seconde fenêtre “Convertir les présentations Microsoft PowerPoint” apparaît. Et là, que que je fasse, l’application Captivate est bloquée. Je ne peux que la quitter.
05. SI je télécharge et installe le paquet de développement (JDK) et que je redémarre mon ordinateur et que je recommence la procédure : rien ne change. Les mêmes fenêtres apparaissent et Captivate est toujours bloqué.

À titre d’information, si j’utilise le logiciel Keynote pour ouvrir et transformer ce même fichier PowerPoint, tout se fait normalement et je n’ai strictement aucun souci.

Pouvez-vous m’aider ?

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elearning Assets – Captivate 2017

I am having issues with where elearning brothers Character assets download to.

Sometimes they download and a thumbnail appears where they should in My Assets – Characters – Assets.

Sometimes they download but no thumbnail appears so I cannot select them through assets and have to upload them as you would for a standard image. This is very time consuming.

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objects disappearing after HTML5 publication

Hi everyone!!!

I have a project that I was publishing in both html and swf. However, the client had issues with flash running properly and wants it in only html. that has caused problems.

One slide i have looks like this:

It is a drag and drop with multiple answers available. it works just fine in preview and swf.

But when i go to publish it in only HTML5 i get this:

So I have tried placing it everywhere within the timeline and saying display for rest of slide but it still wants to not appear after publication… any advice???


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Font usage for online module


I’ve only just downloaded and started with Captivate. I’m winding my way though some of these tutorials trying to get a grasp on how the application works etc.

I’m going to build a responsive module that a client will be publishing on online. My question is about fonts – am I restricted to web safe fonts or will fonts from Adobe Typekit ’embed’ into the module?

Any help is appreciated, and any pointers to helpful tutorials for beginners looking to learn fast in would also be very much appreciated.



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How can we use an SRT file to import closed captions?

The ability to use srt files for closed captions would save so much time.  Does the 2019 version have this ability?

Also, is there a program like Grammarly that could be used to quickly edit closed captions so that capitalizations and grammar are correct.

I am stuck in my production as CC is needed for optimal compliance.



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Text Alignment Changes after Publication

I’m experiencing a difference in what I see in Captivate and the Captivate preview as compared to what is visible to the user when it’s published to LMS. This from a custom final score page showing the points, max points and the users percentage correct.

What I see from cpt and in preview:

What I see from LMS:

My colleague and I have rebuilt this multiple times and we keep getting this result. We’re using Captivate 9 and Captivate 2017. We would be grateful for any help you can provide.

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