Flash cards interaction (randomizable)?

Is there an interaction or already packaged “Flash card” program in Captivate for
learning vocabulary lists for foreign languages?  Need something for 100 word lists
that randomizes (and mark ones to drop from the list as they are learned; or star
hard ones).  Is there any kind of automatic interaction or project built like that?


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Quiz checkboxes cut off by answers

I inherited a course that I had to change the resolution to 1024 by 768 from 1440 by 1080. The conversion went smoothly except the quiz checkboxes are now partially cut off. I have tried removing the numbers but that didn’t work. Any ideas or workarounds would be appreciated. I hope that I don’t have to recreate the quiz!

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Old project(published as SWF in CP6), not working when republished for HTML5 in CP2017

I used captivate CS 5.5 and then CS6 a lot in 2014. (At that time), I preferred all my O/P publication in SWF.  Then, was engaged in a projects that uses another software/tools Visual studio …. But as HTML5 is now growing as default standard, I just republished my old Captivate projects in HTML5, but it is not giving any output in HTML5. It gives problem the moment I add Random Question slide(from Q. Pool) in the project. What could be wrong?

I checked compatibility using HTML5 Tracker.

 Also checked for any transient effect and similar SWF component…

Project Preview (Preview à Project)  in Captivate Built-in feature works fine but Preview in HTML5 Browser does not give any output(just Blank White screen). Final Publishing is also not working. Even I Enabled Flash Extension in Web Browser(so that in case, there is some Flash component then also it work.) but no success.

Help would be appreciated.

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Certification as an Adobe Captivate Specialist

Getting Certified as an Adobe Captivate Specialist

This fall (2018) I completed the Adobe Captivate Specialist certification in Las Vegas, Nevada. The certification process was by no means easy. But it was entirely worth it.

Pre-training online

The pre-training was a series of videos covering the A to Z of Adobe Captivate 2019. The videos are made available via Adobe Prime and you work through them in a step-by-step process. All told, it took me approximately 30 hours working in my home office to complete the videos and the associated student activities. I had to plan my time and take plenty of notes.

Face-to-Face training

The online pre-training was followed by an intensive day of face-to-face training in Las Vegas. Our classroom of learners worked, almost non-stop, for seven hours straight. Thanks to our instructor Paul Wilson, the supporting Adobe Captivate team and Kevin Siegel’s book “Adobe Captivate 2019: The Essentials”, we were able to go in-depth, get answers to our questions and become more fluid with the software.


At the end of our day in Vegas, we sat an online exam. It started with one easy question, which was followed by about 39 difficult questions! My notes and the “Essentials” book helped enormously as I tried to recall the vast body of knowledge that I’d just inhaled. Above all, what mattered during the exam was my headspace. I thought, “No matter what, whether I pass or not, I now posses a solid foundation in one of the leading eLearning authoring tools.”

Celebration and Success

Fortunately, I passed… It was an amazing relief, a source of pride and an incentive to enjoy a city designed for fun. It was also a key reason why I was able to secure my next contract as a Senior Instructional Designer. I may have gotten the job without certification. But to me, the experience and the designation, tipped the scales, if only because it boosted my confidence and helped me sell myself to the hiring organization.

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Captivate Exam

Hi everybody.

I’m creating an exam in Adobe Captivate 2019. There’s 40 random questions choosen into a 106 question bank. Each question is noted and give 10 points. The user must have 80% to pass the exam.

The fact is when we answer the quiz with the correct answers, sometimes we have 390/400, or 97.5%. Where’s the problem? I checked every question and they all are noted and have 10 points allowed to them.

Something else: all the questions must be answered, and there’s a limited 60 minutes time to achieve the exam; once this time is elapsed, if the user didn’t complete the exam, he is redirected to the results page. Then he’s not supposed to be able to go back and answer the questions he didn’t answered yet, but the system allows him to do it. How can I fix this?

Somebody can help me on this?



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Map animation synched to quiz answers

I wonder if I can do this in Captivate:

I want to construct a multi-question quiz with a map. The quiz is about a person visiting several cities along an itinerary, like a tourist visiting the famous landmarks in country, or an army conquering one city after the other, etc.

The first question in the quiz is “What is the next city?” This is a city on the invisible itinerary on the map displayed on the question slide. At this point the map displays only the first city (City A) of the itinerary.

When the user picks the right next city, and animated path (like someone driving a car) extends from City A to (previously hidden, but now displayed) City B. That animation effect is important.

When the next question is also answered correctly, the winding animated line this time extends from City B to (previously hidden, but now displayed) City C on the map. And so on until the last destination city on the itinerary is reached.

Is this type of “conditional animation” possible in Captivate? Thanks.

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Report won’t recognize 10 and 11 th choice in the quiz slide.

Hi I am a newbie and not sure how I can properly post here so please bear with me.

Here is the issue I am having. I created a survey as SCORM based file. I was asked to create the survey with 0 – 10 rating.

So by using the quiz properties, I added 11 choices (leveled each choice from 0 to 10).

When I pulled the report on LMS system, somehow 10th(which is 9) and 11th(which is leveled as 10) choice in the quiz slide are shown as “undefined” in the report.

Isn’t there anybody having same kind of issue? I have a feeling that there is some kind of function that I might be able to modify in the Captivate.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you so much in advance.


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Open ended Quiz questions that are scored – Captivate 2017

I would like information on how to create open ended questions in Captivate 2017.

Can these questions be scored along with the other questions in my quiz?

Also, is there a widget that can be used and that is scorable?

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