Random Questions Slides

Hi all, I’m looking to get a suggestion here on the best way to handle a client request. I know how to randomize questions with multiple pools. However, my client has 3 versions of a test. Some of the versions have the same questions. Altogether there are 75~ questions and he wants to pull 8-9 from each pool. How would you handle the duplicate questions? There is a chance that the same question could be pulled twice (or even 3 times)… ?

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2019 Responsive Random Question Quiz Issue

Good Day One and All;

I have been attempting to create a SCORM 2004 25 question quiz from a 50 question pool where all 25 questions are randomized. I make all the appropriate settings choices in Quiz->Preferences and when I go to preview the project I get a spinning wheel on launch. When I do a “Normal” (non-random) responsive quiz, it works fine.

System Info-

Win 10, Captivate 2019 Release, Firefox Browser

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Question Slide Question

I am currently working on a project to create a gamified “knowledge dump” eLearning.  In a nutshell, I have a game map where movement about the map will take place as the learners attempt to accomplish the goals of the game (goal of the game portion will be to explore a geographic location and collect as many game items as possible in the given timeframe).  Players will be directed away from the game map and into a question/answer scenario at many various points.  I am looking at using Quiz slides for the Q&A interactions because I would like to be able to use the built in Question Bank functionality if possible to ease my workload in development.

My questions –

  • If I am using a Question Bank, do I just constantly direct them to 1 slide that will display random questions as they are directed there?
  • OR – Do I need a separate Quiz Slide for each incidence of directing them to a question to be answered?

There will be no LMS reporting in this project, and no Quiz Scoring per se either (the result of their answer to the question will either be an accumulation of game items toward their game score if answered correct, no accumulation of game items if their score is incorrect, and potentially deduction of accumulated game items if the answer is incorrect on a “random event” generated question…all accomplished with Advanced Actions and JS random number assignments to user Variables).

I am also weighing whether I need to create my own 100-question “bank” of 100 custom question slides, directing the learner to each one based on random number generation and assignment with JS code in order to avoid the crappy default Captivate formatting of Quiz slides (crappy because of the lack of pizazz of the default text formatting and overall appearance since I want to use custom background images and legible and appropriate text/button styles).

Thanks in advance for relevant input from the Forum.


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Flash cards interaction (randomizable)?

Is there an interaction or already packaged “Flash card” program in Captivate for
learning vocabulary lists for foreign languages?  Need something for 100 word lists
that randomizes (and mark ones to drop from the list as they are learned; or star
hard ones).  Is there any kind of automatic interaction or project built like that?


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Quiz checkboxes cut off by answers

I inherited a course that I had to change the resolution to 1024 by 768 from 1440 by 1080. The conversion went smoothly except the quiz checkboxes are now partially cut off. I have tried removing the numbers but that didn’t work. Any ideas or workarounds would be appreciated. I hope that I don’t have to recreate the quiz!

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Old project(published as SWF in CP6), not working when republished for HTML5 in CP2017

I used captivate CS 5.5 and then CS6 a lot in 2014. (At that time), I preferred all my O/P publication in SWF.  Then, was engaged in a projects that uses another software/tools Visual studio …. But as HTML5 is now growing as default standard, I just republished my old Captivate projects in HTML5, but it is not giving any output in HTML5. It gives problem the moment I add Random Question slide(from Q. Pool) in the project. What could be wrong?

I checked compatibility using HTML5 Tracker.

 Also checked for any transient effect and similar SWF component…

Project Preview (Preview à Project)  in Captivate Built-in feature works fine but Preview in HTML5 Browser does not give any output(just Blank White screen). Final Publishing is also not working. Even I Enabled Flash Extension in Web Browser(so that in case, there is some Flash component then also it work.) but no success.

Help would be appreciated.

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