API Error Message

I’m having issues with API Error using the 2017 Captivate release. I have loaded the content to SCORM Cloud and it worked perfectly fine there. Here is the issue, when I publish anything scorm from my machine I get API errors. My cohorts using the same software get completions mark using the same LMS with SCORM 1.2. The only way I can get my course to work on our LMS is by publishing AICC and using the index_AICC.html launch file. What can I do to get rid of the API errors so that I’m able to publish SCORM 1.2 and get completions marked. Does this mean my program is corrupt? Or is it my computer? Would upgrading fix the issue?

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Open ended questions to be marked by a teacher


We are creating online writing activities for middle-school students.  I need to create activities that students can complete online and then receive feedback from their writing coach.  They should be able to go back and improve the writing piece over several rounds of  feedback.  They will need to receive a final grade based on the final draft.

What, if any Captivate 2019 activity would allow me to design this type of  activity?

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Exit Command

I am creating a sample module with three slides, scorm 2.1 compliance.
the exit command is on the last slide, but the module is not being close.
in order to close I have to use the close button from the lms.
I am using Forma.lms ver 2.0 and captivate 2019.
The things that I try so far:

1) On exit: Exit (does not work)

2) create a textcaption with an X, hyperlink to Execute javascript:
window.top.close(); (does not work)
also try window.close();

3) create a smartshape to be used as a button:
on success: Exit (does not work)

4)Try executing this JavaScript on Enter of the slide
where the exit button is:

window.onunload = function()

(does not work)

5) In the Utilities.js file. I try changing the function DoCPExit to:

function DoCPExit()

var win=window.open(“”,”_top”,””,”true”);
win.opener = true;
(Does not work)
I also try several way to close the Iframe using Javascript to not avail.
The exit command work fine with Articulate, iSpring, etc in Forma.lms

I am using captivate 2019…


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Have installed Neo Speech French voices but it does not work in Captivate…

I have installed NeoSpeech French voices (Louis and Roxane). They appear clearly in the Windows Settings but as I try to use them in Captivate  (Roxane or Louis), I only hear the Microsoft Voice.

So I made a test. When I change the voice in the Windows Settings and choose Roxane (as below), what ever voice (Roxane or Louis) I choose in Captivate, it is Roxane that I hear.

Any tips on how to successfully hear the two voices?

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examples needed

I have not looked recently, but know there have been past demo videos and examples of some of the features of Captivate. I have my own projects but I would like to show a few leaders here on campus what is possible using just generic content or at least non-our college content.

They want to see examples of videos/lessons using the Table Of Contents feature, knowledge checks during the lesson, quizzes that require viewing of the content before attempting the quiz, and getting a certificate at the end of the video/lesson. I might end up create an example, but we are under a VERY short deadline (Nov2nd) so I wanted to reach out here first.

Even if I can get links to some videos of some of these features, that would be great. Interactive preferred but optional.

Thank you!

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