how to link an html5 project so anyone can watch it?

I am trying to publish a captivate as an HTML5 only file type and then link the Index file out so anyuser can view it from a shared network drive. The browser opens the play button and then opens the frame of the captivate but no content will display. Any Ideas?

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Rotate Effect Not Working After Publishing

Hi everyone,

I have a rotation effect on an image in Captivate. If I “publish to computer” in HTML5, it works perfect. But, unfortunately, I’m required to deliver the project in SWF. And when I “publish to computer” in SWF it runs, but the image is static instead of rotating.

Anyone know why or have a solution?

Windows 10 and Captivate 2019.


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I am not getting a working file when publishing to my Mac…

I have created a non responsive project, i have published to my computer using HTML5, tried it as a zipped file and non zipped.

When i go to the published files there is no file that allows me to actually view the published project.

I have checked everything i can think of and nothing seems to change the fact, i can preview in captivate 9 but when publishing, i just get a file without the usable content.

Any ideas anyone?

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Publish to Amazon AWS

I recently created a course which I wanted to showcase in my portfolio. In doing this, I decided my best option was to post this work onto Amazon AWS S3 and then link it directly to my website.

However, I ran into a few issues with this decision. To avoid this happening to you too, here are the steps I recommend for posting your courses onto Amazon’s AWS platform.

1. Create your bucket.

This step is an easy enough step. Just create a unique bucket name and follow the default settings.

2. Add your HTML5 course to the bucket

To do this, first ensure that you’ve unzipped your course. Then, upload the entire course folder onto the platform.

3. View your course

Click the index file within the folder, and then the URL that correlates to it. Upon viewing my course, I ran into quite a few errors, which I came across when using Chrome (in incognito mode to avoid cache) and Firefox. However, these errors presented themselves only when the URL was https:// , so you may have to change to http:// . This removed the viewing errors I was having.

4. Do you have any SVG files?

If so, go into your ‘dv’ folder, right click on each ‘.svg’ file and click ‘Change Metadata’. Select ‘Content-Type’ from the dropdown menu and then type in ‘image/svg+xml’ .  Apply this to any other svg files you may have.

I hope this helps you in publishing your Captivate courses. Happy creating!

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Issue uploading published file

I am working with Captivate 2019 and publishing in HTML5 format. When I preview the output, everything looks great.  However, when I upload the published file to our server and try to access via browser, I just get a spinning icon.  This only happens about half the time, even though the settings for the files that are working correctly appear to be identical.  Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?

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Captivate 2019 Preview not working in Chrome

Before we get started, I have: Captivate 2019, and this is the latest version.

Second thing: Chrome and Preview worked 100% correctly 2 weeks ago, it’s only been in the last week or so that the problem described below has started.

The Problem:  I can no longer preview my project in Google Chrome (or any other browser), unless I fully publish and launch the index file.  Chrome is my default browser, so I don’t even get the option to use IE or Edge.  I know all the ‘haters’ swear Chrome is the best anyway, but secondary problem is that when I do get the published version to launch the Pyramid Information widget does not work at all in Chrome.  The Pyramid Information Widget works 100% fine in IE and Edge.  (Don”t ask about Mozilla or Safari, they are not allowed by my company so whether the work or not is irrelevant.)

Further information to ponder: we pushed the finished module to our LMS with the same results regarding the Pyramid Information widget… worked in IE and Edge but did not work in Chrome.

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