Preloading issue within Captivate

Hi Everyone,

I’m having a problem with my Captivate HTML5 export. I have build an eLearning a few weeks ago and we are running it in Moodle. Now for new clients I wanted to show the eLearning offline on my laptop. I have done this many times with this same eLearning. When I export now, the eLearning stays preloading and nothing will start. I have changed nothing in my eLearning or export settings. I tried offline and online but still preloading. I’m watching in Chrome and the start screen contains a picture and text. So no video issue or what so ever.

I just started a blank presentation and went to preview and even this presentation stays within the loading screen.

Could anyone help me please?

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objects disappearing after HTML5 publication

Hi everyone!!!

I have a project that I was publishing in both html and swf. However, the client had issues with flash running properly and wants it in only html. that has caused problems.

One slide i have looks like this:

It is a drag and drop with multiple answers available. it works just fine in preview and swf.

But when i go to publish it in only HTML5 i get this:

So I have tried placing it everywhere within the timeline and saying display for rest of slide but it still wants to not appear after publication… any advice???


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Need help publishing my Captivate

I have created an online tutorial with simulation using Captivate (2019).  How do I post my publication into a platform like Teachable?  They accept .mp3, .mp4, .pdf., .png, .mov, .avi, .jpg.

I can also upload an url…but when I try to upload the index.html file – the screen is blank.

I’m new and have watched lots of videos and read lots of postings (thank you!!!) but I am stuck at the moment.

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Any idea/hint/advice to shorten time for uploading re-published project?

In Captivate 2017, I am creating Exam having 100s of questions in different pools. When we publish as HTML5, 1000s of files get created(majority are images…).BUT After making some one or two minor change in text(say spell check or Text color change), when we re-publish, the whole procedure get repeated. And normally I upload again folder containing all sub-folders and files. Is there any hint that which files only need to be re-uploaded ? What I mean is, Can we shorten this repeat work by uploading only that file which are effected by our modification.

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Errors with published project


Every time I publish a project Cp 2019 and run it in Firefox, the width of the project is cut off on the left side by a few pixels.  This seems to throw off all the buttons as I need to click them repeatedly to get any to work.  If I change the zoom out in Firefox to one less than 100%  everything appears as designed.

When I tested in chrome the first time it worked perfectly.  Displayed the entire frame and all buttons worked on first click.  But then when I loaded for a 2nd time, I get the loading logo and it freezes up in chrome.

my project size is 960 x 612 (so it is not taking up the entire browser view)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Overlaying image and smart object doesn’t appear in browser


I am working on a project where i have a background image and text in front of it.  The text appears as expected in the browser but at the end of the slide, I ask the user to click a smart button to continue.  I show a smart object (arrow) pointing to the button.  The problem is that the smart object doesn’t appear.

If I move the smart object near the beginning of the slide it shows up fine but towards the end it doesn’t appear.

I am having an additional but similar problem where I am trying to use an arrow to point to text on the screen as I narrate.  The first arrow appears but then nothing else shows up.  During a preview it looks fine when I scrub the timeline.  You can see the arrows appear and disappear as planned.  It happens when I publish or click any of the preview options.

I put the smart object to the top of the stack so its not underneath anything.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Course with Random Question Slides Not Working

I have been testing all day to figure out why my course has not been loading properly (loading symbol keeps moving forever when I view it in LMS). It seems like the only thing I can pinpoint it to is adding Random Question slides linked to a pool of questions. It loads fine without the slides, but once I add 1 Random Question slide, it may or may not load, but it definitely won’t load once I add more than 1. I even tried changing the Preloader to 25% with no luck. It works fine though if I use regular Multiple Chose Question Slides that are not linked to a pool of questions.

Some other things to note: The course was originally built in Captivate 2017 (10.0.0), but I have edited, converted, and published to Captivate 2019 (11.0.0).

Is there anything I should be doing to avoid this?


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Can’t view html5 files from web server

I’ve uploaded 3 html5 modules created in Captivate and upgraded to Captivate 2019 to our web server in preparation for internal review.  My creative director used the path to provide a link to reviewers, as he generally does with other projects, but the URL created from the path doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

Thanks much in advance!

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Publish Captivate 2019 Module to the Web

I need to publish my responsive module and post it to my school’s Black Board site. I’ve watch numerous help videos and read many posts about this, and they all walk me through the same process: publish to device, create a zip file, then upload it here to this site, then provide the link to my professor via Black Board. I have followed these steps, but the zip file will not upload. I get a message that says “Invalid File Type.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Mouse click on project slide finishes all animations on slide.

I have a Captivate project loaded from MS Power Point, linked with high fidelity and slide duration, set to advance automatically.

Power Point slide has no mouse-click transitions or animations.

Bullet 1 appears after 5 seconds, Bullet 2 appears after 10 seconds, Bullet 3 appears after 20 seconds.

When looking at the whole project, it looks fine, all animation works.

When the screen is clicked in the middle of the slide, the slide will advance to the last bullet animation – e.g. click at 3 seconds, all bullets appear, then slides transitions to next.

This occurs in the swf version and in the slide preview on Captivate, strangely not in the HTML5 version.  What is going on here?  There are no actions from mouse clicks anywhere in the project!

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