Web Object creation issue

Running 2019 11.01.266.

We have a Moodle 3.2 cloud based LMS that has a media repository.

Weird problem when i create a web object in the Captivate project.

I’m creating a web object to call in the video and it works, but the video immediately starts playing, the video controls go away, and it won’t stop running until I exit Captivate altogether. (I even deleted the object, but the audio kept playing after deletion).

Published it out and loaded it to the course page and it ran  fine, controls were in place and everything worked. problem is, with a media heavy project, these videos will play every time I open the project to work on it.


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Need to turn off ‘automatically reduce slide duration’ checkbox

Anyone out there know how to do this, I cannot find any global setting to turn this off. This item is part of the multi-side editor, as its name implies once you save your changes in the multi-slide editor it will force all your slides to reduce in length to the video segment of each slide. This is very handy, except in cases where it isn’t. In my project I use a multistate object as a next slide button placed at the end of the video segment. If I don’t remember to untick this reduce slide duration feature, it forces all my carefully placed buttons to the beginning of all slides with multistate video. So, is there a preferences setting anywhere that sets the default for this feature to unchecked, that is turned off unless I tell it otherwise, not the other  way around? Thanks for any advice!!

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Text Entry Box in HTML5 browser – Can’t change the text after clicking the submit button

I’m having issues with text entry boxes in Captivate 9 and HTML5.  Once I enter an incorrect text response to check my failure caption, if I click the submit button, the X beside the text entry field disappears.  Then I am unable to click back in the field to make it active and edit the text to enter the correct response.  I have set the number of attempts to infinite attempts.  Any ideas on why this is happening or how to work around it?

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Rollover slidelets not sticking

I have been having an issue whereby I set a slidelet to stick but once I roll my mouse off the rollover slidelet it disappears as if I had not set the object to ‘stick’. Please see the short video demo and any help or insights would be most appreciated.

Many thanks,


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SmartShapes not displaying in Edge

In Captivate 2017, I have some smartshapes that are being used as buttons. The problem is when I export for HTML5 and run in Microsoft Edge, the button does not show up but it is there because if I move my cursor to that area of the screen it shows up. This ONLY happens in Edge. Everything works fine in IE 11 and Chrome.

Has anyone else experience this? Or, have any idea how to fix it?

Also, the smartshape has an image fill, so I put a stroke on the smartshape and republished. The stroke would display but the graphic didn’t?

Thanks for any help

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Captivate 2019 – Merge with Background

I have not been able to find the Merge with Background option in Captivate 2019. Is there a new option available to perform this task?

I have a Master slide with an additional object and when the slide fades in, you can see the Main Master and then the objects from the slide fade in. Usually Merge with the Background would fix this issue.

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