How Managers Can Improve Onboarding New Hires

The words stressful, boring and overwhelming are often used to describe employee onboarding. But onboarding doesn’t need to be a drag. In fact, it could be your greatest weapon in the war for talent. Learn how to create the best onboarding experience, and retain top talent because of it!

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5 Essential Support Tools To Add To Your Corporate Compliance Training For External Partners

External partners, and that sometimes includes customers, have a special set of training needs. What support tools can you offer to ensure these needs are met and corporate compliance is maintained?

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10 Essential LMS Admin Job Duties And Implementation Tasks

What should you expect from your next LMS administrator? If you’re an LMS admin yourself, which responsibilities are in your professional scope? In this article, I’ll highlight 10 essential job duties and implementation tasks for LMS admins.

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How Online Training Helps With Employee Retention

Survey after survey shows that insufficient training is a major driving factor behind employee turnover. So, it’s not a question of whether you’ll offer employee training or not. It’s a question of how you’ll deliver training to further improve employee retention.

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The Importance Of Using Leaderboards And An LMS With Rich Gamification Functionality

Leaderboards serve the practical function of showing us who is ‘the best’ and how far we are behind them. Can this innate sense of competition benefit the corporate space? This article explores the importance of leaderboards and investing in an LMS with rich gamification functionality.

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7 Ways To Use Compliance Certifications To Maintain Company Standards

Certifications aren’t just for monitoring performance and boosting employee motivation, thanks to the fact they can show off their achievements. In this article, I discuss some creative ways to use compliance certifications to maintain company standards.

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7 Tips To Use Compliance Training Software To Deploy Localized Compliance Courses

Modern organizations are made up diverse employees from all over the globe. Is there a way to create inclusive compliance training courses that set company-wide standards while still personalizing the process?

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Forecasts for 2020

So, E-Learning-Experte Craig Weiss ist dieses Jahr der Erste, der seinen Hut in den Ring wirft. Deshalb gebührt ihm noch die ganze Aufmerksamkeit. Zur Einordnung: Wenn er Trends nennt, dann hat er erstens Corporate Learning (Unternehmen) und zweitens Learning Management (Plattformen) im Blick. Hier ist seine zentrale Botschaft: „I am going to tell you something. shhh.. here it is – LMSs are here to stay. The market continues to grow at a very strong pace. …“

Vor diesem Hintergrund ist er kritisch gegenüber Entwicklungen, die den Fokus verschieben und das Lernen verwässern. Talent Management oder Performance Management sind aus dieser Sicht eher Ablenkungen. Weitere Stichworte, die er uns für 2020 mitgibt: „Self Assessment for skills“, „Content Curation“, „Content First Strategy“, „Video Auto-Transcripts and Scan Features“, „Learning Experience Platforms“, „Netflix like experience“. Wer Buzzwords mag und freies Assoziieren schätzt, ist hier richtig.
Craig Weiss,, 31. Oktober 2019 

Bildquelle: Jen Theodore (Unsplash)