Reporting interactions to Moodle or any workaround.

I’ve build a module and would like to report on which click boxes people click on and also they information they type into the user input boxes.

Basically they go through the sildes if they click yes; they move on, if they click no; they get a feedback box.

I want to run a report on whether they click yes or no and the related feedback.

There are 16 questions

The report will then be emailed to their mangers, ideally automatically but I’ve accepted I may have to run weekly reports and send them out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Keep Smilling.

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A little extra love for compliance headlights in Adobe Captivate Prime

Over the winter holiday, Adobe rolled out major updates to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS. This included absolutely sensational additions like the Immersive Learning Experience Platform (LXP) style experience and comprehensive AI Driven Personalization / Recommendation solutions – but one of the sweetest little hidden gems in the update is an absolute favorite for me. It is an update to the user interface for manager and administrator compliance headlights.

Compliance Cool

Sometimes the most beautiful features are the simplest. This is one of those occasions. One of the biggest hassles of managing people is that you really need to stay on top of how well they are completing tasks – and when those tasks are training – we often sort of expect others to handle the management. Then when we least expect it, we are ‘notified’ that our downline team has been more than a little delinquent about keeping up with regulatory requirements.

The headlights dashboard was actually introduced for managers last year, but this tiny enhancement has made a huge difference for me in easily tracking various compliance related courses for team members. In Captivate Prime you can assign any learning object to this headlights dashboard. It will show you the number of your team members who are compliant, have plenty of time left to reach compliance, are in danger of running past deadline and who have missed the deadline for the course, certification or learning object.

Select learning object to filter for the selected item(s).

In earlier releases however this was aggregate data – giving you a single combined picture of the aggregate compliance of your team on all such assigned courses. Now you can simply select any of the assigned learning objects – it will highlight, and the chart will update to show you the compliance stats filtered to that single course. That alone would be sensational for my purposes, as it mirrors my workflow, but you can also select multiple learning objects here – and see the combined results. This makes it incredibly easy for me to figure out where potential problems may occur. The link on bottom right lets me easily jump to see the details, team breakdowns and discover the individual performance – easing my load and giving me a smooth tool to discover who is compliant and who is not. And by using the configuration tool in this dashboard, I can easily add any training or learning object that I want to the headlights.

As you can see, I’m very happy about this tiny but powerful addition. I hope you like it too. If you are wondering what else is new in the latest updates to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, you can find my article about the release here.

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Adobe Captivate and SAP Success Factor LMS

My organization implemented the SAP LMS – Succes Factor. Now, I have to publish content in this new tool.

I have online courses that have been developed with alternation between content and questions. For example, my Adobe Captivate document has a few explanatory slides followed by one or two questions. Subsequently, other concepts are discussed and then come a few more questions.

I would like to be able to publish my content in the LMS and get reports in SucessFactor that will tell me pass / fail for each individual question. For example, I would like to know if question 2 of my project passed or failed by my learners. For those who use this combination of software (Adobe Captive and SucessFactor), to your know if it is possible to get these details in the SucessFactor reports if I configure my publication correctly with the SCORM standards?

An expert ofthe SucessFactor suite seems to be telling me that this is not possible. That the only management information I will have will be whether the learner has passed the course or not. Without the details of the passed or failed questions.

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Deliver Customized Reports and Meet ROI Objectives

The August 2020 release of Adobe Captivate Prime features a fully revamped Reports feature, showcasing the new Admin Dashboard, a powerful engine that tracks all the many components of Training, helping you maximize returns on your company’s ROI.

At a high level the Admin Dashboard helps you to:

  1. Track Usage,
  2. Track effectiveness of Trainings, and
  3. Drive Training Strategy

This document will take you through the Dashboard’s features that support the fulfillment of these requirements:

Deliver Customized Reports and Meet ROI Objectives – Customer Guide. Feel free to download and peruse at your convenience

Compared to the older functionality of reporting in Prime, the Admin Dashboard provides you a lot more information at a glance, where previously you might have had to export separate Learner Transcripts or Training reports and then perform various analytics to retrieve the information you want. We have tried to better anticipate your Admin requirements with the introduction of the Admin Dashboard. We hope we’ve succeeded!

Do contact your CSAM any assistance with the Dashboard. For further support please do contact For feedback on this document please write to

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The Adobe Captivate Prime Power Bi Connector – Best practices and more

You can now configure Power BI to export unified reports from the LMS, enabling you to combine L&D data with the rest of your enterprise data, or just achieve combined learning reports as needed.

Download and read the document here  to find out more.

We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment here or drop me an email at

Happy eLearning!

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Buttons – Reporting – Include in Quiz

In the book “Mastering Adobe Captivate 2019” it states:

“In addition to regular Question Slides and the Drag and Drop interaction, other Captivate objects can also be scored and tracked by an LMS. These are the three interactive objects that have the ability to stop the playhead. These objects have been covered in Chapter 5, Developing Interactivity. They are the Click Boxes, the Buttons, and Text Entry Boxes.”

What information is reported when the author selects “Include in Quiz’ and “Report Answers” for a button?  Or what information can be reported by doing so?  What would be shown when reviewing Learner Quiz Scores “By Question.”


Using Captivate 2019 and Prime.

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2 questions about this platform…

Hello !…

1./ I can’t access my notifications here anymore… Ask me to : “Unable to fetch content! Check your connection & retry.”

But I’m correctly connected… as I can post here ???… Is it the same for you ?…

2./ I see there are many “Webinars” about Captivate… But I’m wondering how to access them easily without having to fullfill another long form ?…

Thanks !

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Prerequisite or completion dependencies

LMS is based on DRUPAL. Courses are built in Captivate. I need to know how to enable prerequisite or completion dependencies? 

I need to ‘condition’ learners to take courses in a chronological order (module 1, 2, 3 … rather then 1, then 4…)

How do I do that?

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Why should you use Online Assignments tool via Learning Management System?

Why should you use online Assignments tool via Learning Management System?

Assignments usually deals with the assigning tasks to people as part of their project. It has proven to be an excellent tool in tracking and measuring of learner metrics via the Learning Management System (LMS).

The assessments in an online course on eLearning platform involves written assignments and practical tests. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using online Assignments tool.

  • 24/7 Accessibility
    The learner can access the tool anywhere anytime.
  • Cost-effective and Environment-Friendly
    Offline assessments is an effective way to analyze the training but it involves the cost of material, tutor, travel, classroom rental, etc., whereas online assessments will cut most of the cost.
  • Instant Sharing and updation
    Admin can easily and quickly share the updates or changes made to the users without wasting time and energy.
  • Tracking of the progress
    The learners, as well as the Admin, can track the progress in detail.
  • Generation Of Reports
    Reports play an important role in analyzing the data effectively. Various types of reports can be generated based on the learner requirement where most of the reports will be in both graphical formats and in detailed view.
  • Feedback
    Facility for the trainers or the tutor to provide feedback to the learners on their progress.

Conclusion :

Every organization has a unique set of reasons to choose their LMS. Regardless of the reasons behind the choice, these funneled parameters help you get the best outcomes in terms of time, cost and quality in choosing an LMS for your training needs.

Swift LMS is flexible, quick to deploy, user-friendly and could be the best LMS that allows you to create a remarkable online training experience for your audience.


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