Artificial Intelligence-Based eLearning Platform: Its Impact On The Future Of eLearning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a buzzword that has been coming up more and more in eLearning discussions. It's the next big thing as it has the potential to improve eLearning. Many people ask questions like, "Who uses AI?" "How can it be used?" and "What is its future in the eLearning industry?"

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How Digital Learning Can Help Deliver Better Results In Universities

With changing times, technological advancements have revolutionized how we consume information on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll discuss how digital learning can help universities educate their students better and make life easier for them.

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Why I moved my #CMALT portfolio

Last week I completed a pet project I’d had in mind for a while now. I moved (copied, pasted, checked, published) my CMALT portfolio from it’s original Google sites location to here, my blog.


Two reasons – firstly I’m getting fed up of my ‘stuff’ being all over the place, that I’m messy with my online behaviour and my online artifacts/things, and I wanted to start tidying myself up. Secondly, I wanted to bring attention back to my blog and the 950+ posts I’ve written over the last 11 years.

Over the next, well, however-long I want to regroup and refocus my thoughts and attention. I want to realign what it is I want out of being ‘online’ and how I can use that time more effectively in the ‘real’ world (understanding that online is also real too!). I want to spend more time on me (yes Twitter, I’m looking at you!), I want to take a serious look at the newly launched SCMALT initiative. I want to reconsider the SFHEA application I started last year. I want to give myself the time and energy to actually finish these things, instead of letting the day to day grind control me.

I want to take back control of me. And the first, small and probably insignificant step, was for me to tidy something up. And get me thinking about me, my work, my passion(s), and my life. Here’s to starting something new. Again.

How To Improve Student Success With Online Quizzes

With the ever-increasing competition, students and teachers need to keep trying out new ways to study and teach. Thanks to technology, now we can make education and learning fun. This article tells you how you can use a quiz for teaching, practicing and learning.

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Total Immersion Or Comprehensible Input: Who’s The Winner? – Part 2

'Subconscious training English skills' is based on new pedagogy implemented on mobile devices which learners use daily for hours. Subconscious training is stress-free with no forgetting curve; it eliminates cross-translation and develops the skill of thinking in English and speaking effortlessly.

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Total Immersion Or Comprehensible Input: Who Is The Winner? – Part 1

It is impractical to talk about 'total immersion' or 'comprehensible input' as the best methods for the current number of English learners. The modern digital learners need a new pedagogy and a new technology implemented as an app for subconscious training in a smartphone that everybody has today.

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Why Choose An LMS For Middle/High Schools

Most schools today use online learning as part of a blended approach to increase knowledge retention and engagement. Some people are in favor of the idea, while others are against it. What should educators consider when deciding on whether or not to use a Learning Management System in their schools?

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