How To Create LGBTQ Diversity Training That Promotes Inclusion And Equality

For LGBTQ employees, inclusion considers factors that many heterosexual or cisgender people take for granted. It encourages inclusion for those across a wide spectrum of sexualities and gender identities. Here are 5 steps to start with when creating your LGBTQ diversity training initiatives.

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[Free Webinar!] Structured for Success: Organizing a Global Training Team & Program

When you’re an instructor, it’s important not to play favorites.  But if I had to “theoretically” pick a favorite class topic, L&D team and program management would definitely make the short list.

If you manage or direct a team, count your blessings.  You have more information than the average employee, and you have the ability to determine priorities and assign your team members and budget accordingly.  You have an ability, and therefore a responsibility, to find ways to support your team’s productivity and happiness.  This can be a lot of pressure, especially when you’re starting out in management or going through a major organizational change.  A lot of leadership lessons are learned on the job, with everyone watching us.

Want to hear some practical suggestions, delivered in a judgment-free zone?  Register for this free session on August 27.  You don’t have to be a current manager – future leaders are very welcome.  Please bring your ideas and war stories.  I’ll bring mine.   

P.S. This webinar is the first of a three-part “Structured for Success” webinar series I’m delivering!  Session dates coming soon!

Structured for Success: Organizing a Global Training Team & Program

It’s not as intimidating as it sounds! Many organizations are becoming global, and that means your L&D team may eventually span multiple countries and time zones. Managing a global team efficiently requires some change management on the part of L&D leadership.

If you are preparing for such a change, this session will provide tips to help you:

• Facilitate efficient global communication and project planning
• Structure team meetings so they provide maximum value
• Create follow-the-sun workflows and recurring tasks that ensure team coordination
• Structure major global training initiatives
• Organize a training calendar and course catalogs that cater to multiple worldwide audiences

Check out the last webinar recording here!  We discussed how to use learning technology to support skills, competencies, and constructivist learning.  Connect with the author on Twitter or LinkedIn, and follow me on Adobe’s eLearning blog.

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