Top 8 Features Of Captivate 2019 That You Can Use To Create Immersive Learning Experiences

The latest release—Captivate 2019 from Adobe—provides a range of features that you can use to create highly immersive learning experiences. In this article, I highlight how you can leverage on its new and enhanced features to create outstanding learning and performance support solutions. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

A Responsive IE10 Quick Start Guide Using Breakpoints

This showcase presents a responsive Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) quick start guide. Though originally created in a prior version of Captivate, the project was converted to Captivate 2019 prior to publishing.


The content for project is based on a quick start guide used during a large scale operating system upgrade. The purpose was to provide employees the opportunity to learn the essential functions of IE10, without overwhelming them with a complete manual.

Some of the key features of the project include:

A couple of notes on the navigation panel. In general, the guide is not set up to “auto play”. Instead, to move between slides, the user must click on a playbar option, menu option or additional navigation button on the screen. The exception is for the video demonstrations where the content plays as a movie and the user can pause, forward or go to a prior slide. Since the first screen is the menu, the “Replay” option on the playbar serves as the “Return to Menu” button.

Below are some references that are great sources of information for each of the key features.


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