6 Critical Roles L&D Needs To Succeed In 2017

Putting an L&D (Learning and Development) department at the heart of an organization is no easy task. Here are the essential roles L&D needs to succeed to deliver engagement, business results, and make learning professionals famous for their role.

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How to turn the staff training to contribute in the goals of an organization?

Every business will have their own goals to achieve and they make every possible effort to accomplish these goals effectively and efficiently. A very common goal that we find in most of the product/ service based companies is, providing an effective on-job training to up skill the staff. The best approach to meet the training…

The Current State Of Corporate Personalized Learning

A recent study by Brandon Hall Group found that 90% of companies agree that personalized learning supports continuous development; however, less than 50% of companies use personalized learning either most or all of the time. What is the current state of corporate personalized learning?

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Top 4 Proven Instructional Design Strategies to Enhance eLearning for Corporate Training

  Be it any game, you need a right game plan or a strategy to succeed. And the same applies to eLearning design for corporate training. “eLearning when designed correctly with sound instructional design strategy has the potential to bring organizational excellence with a positive eLearning ROI. ” An instructional strategy is an action plan…

Encouraging Innovation Through Digital Transformation: Reaching Benefits Of Technology In Learning

The impact of digitization is tremendous and is seen in all industries bringing about a disruption of existing business models through new technology. Thus businesses today have to open up their minds to innovation and continuous learning.

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Navigating The Differences Between eLearning And Traditional Classroom Training

Designing an eLearning course to directly mirror the instructor-led classroom approach is a recipe for disaster. So, what are the differences between eLearning and traditional classroom training?

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