Typekit fonts not working on LMS

I am using Captivate 2019 and have 2 Typekit fonts in my HTML5  course.  The fonts work when I upload the course to my website for a client to look at, but when I send them a .zip file the fonts revert back to Times New Roman.

When I publish I am unable to add the Typekit Domains as it is greyed out, even though I have used Typekit fonts.

I have also added a link between the <head> elements of the index page to the CSS, but that also doesn’t work.

This is extremely stressful as my client needs the eLearn, please help!

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Rebrand courses without republishing

We have a client asking if there is a way to rebrand modules with different logos after the modules have been published for LMS.

We are creating a course for XYZ client that has their own logo. XYZ is reselling the modules to other clients who would like to put their own logo on the course.  They don’t have Captivate and don’t want us to replace images and republish multiple modules every time they want to resell the courses.

The logos are on multiple master slides and are png files. They haven’t asked yet, but we know the client’s name is also on the TOC/project info.

We are using CP 2019 and the course is not responsive.

Is there a way to replace images within the module after it is published?  Can we change the TOC/Project info after the module is published?

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Need help publishing my Captivate

I have created an online tutorial with simulation using Captivate (2019).  How do I post my publication into a platform like Teachable?  They accept .mp3, .mp4, .pdf., .png, .mov, .avi, .jpg.

I can also upload an url…but when I try to upload the index.html file – the screen is blank.

I’m new and have watched lots of videos and read lots of postings (thank you!!!) but I am stuck at the moment.

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Captivate is publishing very slowly for me. Help?

Captivate 2019 has been taking a long time to publish files for me. sometimes up to an hour, even for files that are not very complex.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

1. Deleting the cache.
2. Uninstalling Captivate entirely, including preferences, then reinstalling.
3. Ensuring nothing else is running in memory (or very litte).

It does appear to hang but usually if I let it keep going, it will eventually publish.

I have plenty of free RAM and hard drive space.
I’m running Windows 10 on a Lenovo ideaFlex 4.

I have no problem running other applications. Needless to say, this is wreaking havoc with my productivity levels.

Here’s a readout of the task manager. Is it normal to have so many copies of cPCefHelper.exe running?

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Captivate 2019 – 404 error after uploading to LMS

In order to take advantage of the embedded youtube video feature. I am publishing to HTML5 and uploading to my LMS server. Unfortunately when I try to launch the course, I get the 404 error – file or directory not found.

I have published as both an SWF and an HTML5 and have had no problems playing it as a flash file but of course that create the Youtube issue.

Has anyone seen this issue?



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Publishing nightmare in Captivate

I have to upgrade over 210 projects to Captivate CC 2017 and publish them in HTML5 from Captivate 7. So far, they are not publishing in the new version with everything removed as per the HTML5 Tracker. All images and graphics that are off the slide are also removed. I can’t see what is preventing publishing. Can someone please suggest some ideas for me to check out? I have deleted slides one by one also. But doing that in every project will be a nightmare. I need to know what to look for that is causing the problem so I can quickly eliminate those situations. I would appreciate your feedback.

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Project is not loading on web server…

I am using Adobe Captivate version of 2017 Release –

Project is working on Local machine while uploading on web server it is not loading.

Please Guide if there is any specific publish setting or Tell us solution to resolve this issue.

Please Note: I have tested on Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and even on Mac Safari Browser.

Please check the attachment.

Thanks in advance,


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Gaze spinner is not spinning on Android phones after launching VR content ?

This may happen if your chrome browser does not have the following 2 flags enabled:

Type Chrome://flags in the browser tab:

  • Look for the following two flags and enable them :
    • WebVR
    • Gamepad Extensions

WebVR is the supported technology for playing VR content on Android devices.

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