4 Reasons Why Page Progress Indicator Implementation Is Vital For You

For your learners to have the best possible experience, they need the ability to easily navigate your content and keep track of where they’ve got to. The new Page Progress Indicator from Elucidat will help you make your scrolling pages the best they can possibly be. Here are some ways how.

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5 Ways To Convince Your Stakeholders To Invest In A New Authoring Tool

To secure investment in a cloud-based eLearning authoring tool, your stakeholders need to share your vision for how the tool will transform your organization. The easiest way to convince them is with a strong business case; get started with these 5 suggestions of information to include.

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Latest Features of HTML5 Authoring Tools – Storyline3, Captivate 2017, Lectora 17 and Elucidat

The eLearning authoring tools are playing a huge role in success of eLearning courseware. These tools provide great features to develop effective online modules suited for modern-day learning requirements. Amongst many features that have been developed over the years, responsive learning is the stand out feature that has been highly prioritized by almost every HTML5…

Understanding Business Needs For Selecting An eLearning Authoring Tool

With so many eLearning authoring tools on the market, it is easy for Learning and Development professionals to become comfortable with a select few. Many overlook that each tool offers different features. Therefore, understanding the business needs first is vital in selecting the most appropriate eLearning solution.

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