Browser blocking Java Script

I have a piece of Java script in my Captivate 2019 project and it works perfectly in the Captivate preview. However, when loaded to my LMS or launched in HTML 5 preview, it doesn’t work. I am using Chrome, but also tried it in Firefox.

Does anyone know why?


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Comenzando con Captivate.

Desde hace diez, más o menos, que trabajo como diseñadora. Uno de mis primeros trabajos pagos y oficiales fue en una empresa de elearning. Cuando empecé trabajábamos con Flash y ya era considerada una herramienta próxima a estar en desuso. Un año más tarde empezamos a trabajar en storyline, donde intentamos de todas las maneras posibles poder realizar cursos que sean producidos rápidamente dentro de todo, pero usando una herramienta un poco dura, un poco rara y bastante difícil de poder armar “buenos diseños”. Actualmente, ya cansada de tener que instalar windows en mi mac para poder instalar storyline, estoy investigando Captivate por todos lados para ver si es la nueva herramienta que debería usar. Ojalá tenga suerte!

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How to link 2 projects

Hi everyone..i need help to publish linked projects in captivate 2019. To keep projects smaller i have opted to design separate sessions and then link the projects from the last slide and create a continued flow. Your help would be appreciated as this is a multi- branching project.


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How to Integrate JavaScript with Storyline 360?

Do you leverage JavaScript to enhance eLearning interactivity eLearning authoring tools such as Storyline2, Storyline 360, Captivate? In this blog, we will see how integrating JavaScript would ease eLearning development. Creating dynamic interactions using any eLearning authoring tool involves set of triggers, actions, conditions and variables. JavaScript would the better choice as it drastically reduces eLearning development time as well.

Professional Development Tools For Teachers

Education is becoming more dynamic with each passing year. The advancement of technology, especially in the last 10 years, is resulting in new ways of teaching and learning. Digitization is slowly entering into classrooms around the world.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your SCORM Package Embedded Into Moodle

You have used your favorite authoring tool to make your SCORM course, and it actually looks really nice as a standalone object. But is it enough? Will it look the same way when you upload it on Moodle? What needs to be done in order for it to be as user-friendly as possible?

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