Assets gone and won’t download

Since the latest version of Captivate ( I have been running into a number of issues. The latest one is that all my cut out characters that I downloaded from e-learning bros have disappeared. I can only imagine this is because of the clearprefs.bat file that is advised to be carried out before running the new version – Or am I wrong? Is there any other reason they would be gone?

Also, Now when I go to try and re-download (you can imagine just how ecstatically happy that makes me, to have to download them ALL again!), the download button seems not to work and the asset is nowhere to be found. Please, if I am missing something do let me know. Any help or insight would be most appreciated.

is anyone else’s patience being put to the test with this update?

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Button Text Not Showing on Rollover?

I know I must be doing something wrong on a very simple level.

I create a shape, click the box to use it as a button.

I use animated text on the button and a gradient background.

I enter state view and on rollover I change the gradient and change the text.

When I view the project, on rollover the gradient changes but the text vanishes.


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Fade In for text and objects not working – Captivate 2019

Hi All,

A bit of a newbie question but since updating the software fade in seems to have stopped working.

I have a logo image and two text blocks that need to fade in on the time line.

I’ve covered the content up but as you can see on the timeline this is set to fadein but not working.  What am I missing please?

Many Thanks


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Captivate 2019 Update 2

I’m getting into VR (cameras, content ready to go, headset [Oculus Quest]).  There were just two things I needed:
zoom in and zoom out capability.  I didn’t see it in the Captivate Part 2 update.  Does anyone know if they are going
to add these features and when?  Thanks for this latest update.  Looks like some useful assets added.

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Drag and drop single source

Hi all,

How can you make the one drag source within the drag and drop to change states over various drop sources?  What I mean is I  have a single meter gauge that needs to show different temperatures as the users pass it over various drop objects.
Any help that can be proved would be most welcome now. I have to finish a project by the end of the day.

Thank you,

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Typekit fonts not working on LMS

I am using Captivate 2019 and have 2 Typekit fonts in my HTML5  course.  The fonts work when I upload the course to my website for a client to look at, but when I send them a .zip file the fonts revert back to Times New Roman.

When I publish I am unable to add the Typekit Domains as it is greyed out, even though I have used Typekit fonts.

I have also added a link between the <head> elements of the index page to the CSS, but that also doesn’t work.

This is extremely stressful as my client needs the eLearn, please help!

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