Accessibility 101: 5 Easy Steps To Design For Visual And Hearing-Impaired Learners With Adobe Captivate

Today, accessibility is a critical consideration in designing eLearning content. Being non-complaint deprives learners of accessing the content and leads to facing lawsuits. In this article, I present 5 easy steps of leveraging Adobe Captivate's features to meet basic accessibility standards. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Atrasando o próximo código em segundos.

Como está você, espero que bem!

Dando sequência a Ações Avançadas no Captivate 2017, vou apresentar um código que atrasa em segundos a próxima ação.

Imagine que você deseja criar uma balão e deseja que o mesmo fique por um determinado tempo na tela, uns 15 segundos para que haja tempo de leitura.

Para isso, adicionamos uma Ação Avançada chamada de Atrasar Próximas acoes em: e você entra com uma literal com o valor desejado, vejamos na imagem a seguir:

A Ação que adicionei, fará com que, o slide demore 10 segundo antes de continuar.

Você poderá atribuir essa ação para diversos Comandos, diversas tipos de ações. É uma Ação bem interessante para leitura do slide, apresentação de uma imagem, Gamificações entre outros.

Abraços e até o próximo tutorial.

Fabio Oliveira – Fojool

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What are the 3 top activities in Captivate?

I am putting together a brief peomo/explanatory note for my boss about  Captivate  and I would really appreciate your opinion about top 3 interactive features.

Alternetevly , if you could screenrecord  a  cool activity you came accross  and share it with me it would be great! I am  loving Captivate, well I have been using the  interactive Adobe Forms for last 10 years….I have no idea why they split timeline and storyboard, these are two common video editing  visualisation methods.


I accidentally downloaded Captivate Prime app today and it is clear it was developed for a sizeable financial firm like Wells Fargo. The SaleForce is the system I usedd to attrribute the sale credit to the Sales I do not know if it used in any other industry. To cut to the chase Captivate Prime is nothing to do with Captivate as we know it )

Thank you!

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Responsive eLearning with Captivate 2017 – Part 3: Adding Fluid Boxes

In the first and second part of this blog-series on responsive eLearning with Captivate 2017, we learned how to create a new responsive project and rescale the maximum width and height of the responsive project.

Now let’s learn how to add Fluid Boxes to the responsive project which will help you quickly and easily format slides; and adjust the layouts to fit the content needs.

Fluid Boxes are intelligent containers in responsive projects. They can either be added to the slides or can be inherited from the master slides. Objects placed in Fluid Boxes are automatically aligned so that learners always get fully responsive experience regardless of their device or browser.

Watch this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to add, select, rename, and resize Fluid Boxes in Captivate 2017:

In the next part, we will learn how to add different objects to Fluid Boxes in Captivate 2017.

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Captivate capabilities question

I’m a designer and brand consultant not using Captivate. I’ve been asked by the client to consult on the look of their Captivate learning modules. I’ve worked with Flash developers and HTML developers for a long time developing different types of modules, so I understand how various programs have their layout limitations. I just need to get up to speed on some specific items and limitations in Captivate. I hope someone can answer a few specific questions. Just going to is not an option, just yet. I don’t need to know how Captivate works or be trained on it, I need answers on specific capabilities of the application.

–Is there a nudge function in Captivate, and if so, is the increment customizable, or is it one pixel, or?
–Is there a leading/linespacing control? Meaning, right now they are running the lines of text together tightly, with ascenders and descenders running into each other. The font itself with its long ascenders is a particular problem. In layout programs, I would just increase the linespacing 2-3 pixels between lines. Can this be done in Captivate?
–Is there a way to do what’s called “space after” meaning a few pixels of space after a paragraph? This makes paragraphs look nicer, and not so scattered-looking as when you put a full paragraph return after lines. If it’s not available, do you just do it by making separate paragraphs and manually spacing them?
“Next” arrows – are there only a few pre-made choices or can you do any graphic and make it a button?
–What kind of art format is accepted (jpg, png, svg, ai etc)
–What is the increment for type — Flash is mostly in pixels and points, how about Captivate?
–Can you mix fonts within a line of text?
–Is there a limit on number of fonts, or any other type of database limit to be aware of?
–Can you do what’s known as hanging text, where you have a bullet on a sentence, then the sentence starts at a tabbed point, and the lines of type wrap below, lining up with the first letter rather than the bullet?

I imagine at this point you are thinking what about accordions, fades, responsive and all that. This is in an industry that has absolutely NO mobile devices, so these learning modules are glorified Powerpoints.

Thank you in advance for pointing me in the right direction!

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Captivate Hyperlinks in Text Caption Shows “1” When Previewing Project in Browser


When I create a Hyperlink in a Text Caption and preview the project, in my Safari browser the hyperlink is displayed correctly however, Captivate adds a “1” to the text information.  I tried everything from using the complete link to a variety of link shorteners that provided me a link that did not contain any numbers . Has anyone ever encountered this problem?

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Audio playing in wrong slide

Hi All

I have created a demo of my training package as an HTML5 file for publishing on a website.

I have linked sound files throughout the demo to play when the relevant text is displayed

I have published the file as normal and host it on an AWS S3 bucket

When I viewed the file in preview on Captivate prior to publishing  it worked perfectly.

When I view the file on my computer before uploading it worked perfectly.

After it was uploaded I viewed the file live from my website through Firefox and it worked perfectly.

Now for the bad bit when I viewed the file live from my website through Safari the sound files are playing at totally the wrong time as if I have linked the files to other texts.

Another point of interest is that it all worked perfectly until today when I changed the sound files on to better quality ones (changed from recorded in office to recorded in studio) all files, naming conventions, bit rates all exactly the same as previously but now things are not working correctly but only in safari ????????? HELP PLEASE

Using Captivate 2017

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