Testimonial Captivate 2019

I am very new to Adobe Captivate and excited about it.  I learned about Captivate about 5 months ago when I needed to create a presentation for issues regarding the pandemic for my job.   I am very comfortable with PowerPoint, but due to many employees now working from home, I need the ability to create presentations and tutorials that are interactive.   I took some classes and was able to do things in Captivate that I hadn’t imagined as possible with PowerPoint.  I ended up looking like a pro and it was only my first project with Captivate.  Captivate is PowerPoint on steroids.

Now I am working on a CBT since we have some many employees working from home that need training.   This is software that can handle videos, audio, animation, closed captions, high resolution images, and much more.  The possibilities are unimaginable.  Captivate opens up a whole new way of training for our company.  I expect to take a few more classes and create many tutorials/ CBTs that will meet the requirements of a training a workforce that may not be in a classroom setting anymore due to the pandemic.  Adobe Captivate is a wonderful product for the times we are facing in the workplace.

I also like that Adobe provides online eLearning opportunities and forums.  I was just in time to catch eLearning World 2020.  Such good information and tips were available to help me with my first project.

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Supposed to be a rapid development tool for elearning. But I am having difficulty getting it together even after three years of use.  It keeps changing and users dont know what has changed makes no sense.

Now all my fonts are changed to Tahoma. I dont even know what tahoma is. Now I have to spend countless hours updating the client’s elearning pages recently buILT. Very discouraging.

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Audio delayed on ios13.5.1

Dear All

I am writing this to check if someone has reported this issue from users who have updated to iOS 13.5.1 in ipad (safari).

I am suddenly facing issue with our ipad’s (tested 3 of them) who were recently updated, the summary of the issue is as follows –

The Audio in the slide is delayed based on “How big is the audio file is”.
There are slides were the audio is delayed by few seconds, but there are slides where the delay is almost as long as the slide itself (the audio starts when the transition of the slide is over).
For e.g. – the audio on a slide which was 1 min long started after 35 seconds.

Request you to please advice if there are users who are facing these issues on ipad when updated to iOS 13.5.1.

Please note the courses were working fine on the previous version 12.4.XX and currently the course works fine on desktop and android tablet and even on iOs14.0.

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E-learning testimonial

At first, eLearning was challenging and confusing, but for the most part teachers have been really good about engaging students and helping us understand everything clearly. Plus, I got to learn many new life skills that I would not have learned if we were still at school. Like executive skills.

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The Best eLearning Authoring Tools To Deliver Top-Notch Training Content (2020)

The best eLearning authoring tools help you create meaningful and engaging content for online learners. But it all hinges on the right platform for your team. Is it intuitive? Does it feature built-in assets that benefit your bottom line? Can it streamline the development process and alleviate the burden on your L&D department? Before deploying a top-notch online training program, you need robust authoring software to build a solid framework.

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10 Reasons To Use A Responsive Authoring Tool

When you’re developing a course, using an authoring tool can be time-saving and convenient. But not all authoring tools are the same. In order to select the best tool to train your teams, there are a few guidelines to look out for. This article helps to define the best responsive authoring tools.

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