New to Captivate – Making a Template Master Slide or Film Strip

I’m an Animate (Flash) and once a Director developer. As the Flash player is coming to an end, we have decided (where I work) to use Captivate for our lesson publishing application. I have been tasked with making our template, and need to design choices that my other team members to choose from. Captivate seems to be similar to Powerpoint’s Master slide. I’m going to use responsive design with fluid boxes and I’m not sure where to design all of our possible layouts.

In Animate (Our current template) we have an Introduction slide and depending on the content we have various different layouts.

What we always have on a slide:

  • The top has a title
  • The bottom has the navigation and other buttons on a bar
  • In between is the content

The content can layout:

  • Text on the left  with graphic on the right or vice versa
  • Text on top and graphics on the bottom or vice versa
  • All text no graphics
  • Only Graphics or no text
  • Video only

Do I use the filmstrip or Master slide?

If Master slide, do I design the navigation there or in filmstrip?

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Issue with mobile software simulation training development

I am using adobe captivate to record software simulation training, but the software is not on a computer, it is on an app. I am using Samsung Team Viewer to control the mobile device via the PC. Only problem is that there is a lag about 25% of the time and it creates ghosting on the screen transitions. Meaning that when the mouse goes to click on something it doesn’t show what it is going to click on until the last second and then transitions to the next slide. My workaround is screen shots and updating slide backgrounds on 25% of the work. Is there a better way?

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Unable to record simulations

Hi there,

A couple of days ago I was able to record a software simulation for a web-based application. I need to do more of the same application but now it’s not working. I’ve tried different modes of recording (i.e. Training and Custom) and have tried using the application I’m recording in both Chrome and Edge. Each time I try to record I’m only getting a shot of the final action where I’ve clicked the end button. I’m using a Windows computer, have tried restarting my device, and have even uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Captivate – all to no avail. Is there known issue with this and are there any workarounds?

Many thanks,


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‘An Explanation to Correct Answer’ in Review mode of Quiz Using ‘Shared Action’

As you might be well aware that, besides many, there are two very similar looking Actions that can be used to control & manipulate our Application created in Captivate. program.

Advanced Action & Shared Action. Every developer has different opinions on whether Advanced Action is better or Shared Action. And the fact is both have pro & cons. We are not going into that debate.

Here, I am demonstrating Shared Action to achieve additional functionality in our Quiz, that is lacking in the Captivate Quiz.

Captivate Quiz do give review feature. But it is practically of very less use. Because for any serious learner/teacher it would be never accepted that we declare and explain correct and incorrect just after 1st question (and for each question on the Spot!)…

What any would expect that, after Module completion, Learner would give an exam(Quiz) and at the end of the Quiz, he/she should get explanation about why his/her answers were wrong & the system’s Correct answer is only correct.

That is achieved in this tutorial by using ‘Shared Action’ where after completion of the exam, in review mode, each and every question are shown with an explanation to the correct answer.

Add two shapes in a question slide as shown below.

Create shared Action as shown below.

Test this action script by applying to any one question slide. That is, Apply Shared Action to ‘On Enter’ Event of  (any)one Question Slide and test it.

Once it works fine, Save it as shared action.

Now use that shared action for all question slides and just two parameters for the shared action in each question slides.

See Demonstration below & then Try it.


Note: Worth to read following articles posted by Lieve Weymeis (For Those who want to know more about Shared Action).




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Captivate 9 Timeline Issue

Hello. I am attempting to modify a lesson produced in Captivate 9 that works fine but now I need to add audio. I don’t want the “Next” button to appear until the audio is finished. One the first slide where I’ve added audio using the text-to-speech option, I have the next button appearing as desired near the end of the audio playback.

However, on any other slide, I can’t get the Next button to appear at all after expanding the timeline to make room for the audio. The Next button has all the same properties and is configured to appear 20 seconds after the slide starts and pause after 2.5 seconds to wait for the user to select the button. This is timed well with the audio and gives the effect I’m after.

Playing the slide in the editing interface suggests is should work just fine; the Next button appears as expected. However, when published to an EXE file or to an HTML5 product, the Next button simply NEVER shows up!

I’ve built a quick 3 slide test and in that setting it works as expected when published. But in this real lesson, full of graphics, text, and now audio that stretches the timeline, it fails totally. There are no other actions in the project that hide or show these navigation buttons. I am simply trying to rely on the timeline to show the button at the right time.

Can anyone please suggest a cause and even better, a solution to this?

Thanks, Peter

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Green Screen Video not shot with webcam

Hello Captivate community. I do have a question regarding chroma key functionality. Can videos of product shot with a green background and imported into Captivate be composited so that the slides background appears? If so, what is the process in CC 2019? Thank you for your replies.

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