My Month with Captivate

My month with Captivate began while working on e-learning content. My contract required that I use Captivate, and I had used it somewhat in the past. However, my goal was to become as proficient as I was with PowerPoint. I found that initially, it was a steep learning curve to use the advanced features. I also struggled with finding why Captivate was better than other tools. That was until I had to record and add video/audio to the slides. This situation is where Captivate outshines the rest. The adobe community was also beneficial in answering most of my questions. My only concern was the memory on my computer, but with Captivate, I felt like a full-fledge recording studio. I still prefer building on other tools and then bringing that design into Captivate when I’m ready to develop.

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Converting CP 9 Breakpoint Courses to CP 2019 Responsive Design


I am trying to convert Captivate 9 courses developed with the tablet breakpoint to Captivate 2019 Responsive Design.  However, there is no option to “Save as Responsive Design” when the course was developed as CP 9 with breakpoints.

Here is what I have researched / tried thus far:

I have tried to remove breakpoints by going to the master slide.  I was able to remove the tablet breakpoint at one time  (which is the lowest level the courses were developed to) but there were still 3 breakpoints showing – desktop, tablet portrait and mobile portrait.  Courses were only developed for tablet breakpoint.  Once I removed that tablet breakpoint I was not able to remove additional breakpoints.

Is it even possible to convert Captive 9 breakpoint courses to responsive design in Captivate 2019 or are you literally pretty much starting from scratch carrying over objects into a blank responsive design course?  We have a ton of these courses that we’d like to look into converting.


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Black horizontal line across top and bottom of inserted youtube video – why? Oh, why?!?

Hi – Any ideas on why there are horizontal black lines across the top and bottom of my inserted youtube video, inserted into adobe captivate?

Link to original youtube video (no annoying lines):

Link to captivate (has the awful black lines):

Thanks for any ideas on where this is coming from, and how to remove it,


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Reviewing our portfolios

Hi all, I’m currently updating my portfolio and have been pondering what to include and then are the samples  what recruiters/ I.D’S/ S.M.E’s are looking for? And is the content up to scratch?

I’ve recently included Interactive video (with CC) and a fluid box responsive design with a theme.

But is it what visitors want? Rather than second guess myself. I’ve come up with an idea.

Captivate community review each others portfolio

I think there are several good reasons for doing this.

  1. Feedback from Captivate peers
  2. The chance to get some ideas for your own portfolio
  3. Sharing skills
  4. Promote your own work/ skills
  5. Encouragement to increase your Captivate and Creative Cloud skills and knowledge.

So here’s my portfolio link below. I’m open to feedback good and not so good.

I look forward to your feedback.


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