Making a search doc that recognizes text, and then plays the corresponding audio file

I’m trying to make an interactive search tool, but it needs to recognize the text input, and then play the correct audio file. The tool is to be a pronunciation guide for a set number of words trainees need to learn how to pronounce more accurately…

It could take the trainee to another slide (thinking that would stay within Captivate), or maybe execute some kind of Java code to play the correct file (but I am not familiar with Java coding)…

If the above is possible, does anyone have some tips to make it happen?


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Quiz feature in Adobe Captivate 2019

I have a review button for participant to check their answers (It is set to shuffle answers each take). Then I have a retake quiz button (up to 3 times). After review button is clicked and the questions are reviewed the Retake quiz button is missing. The quiz can not be retaken? Also I have Score, Max Score, Correct Questions, Total Questions, Accuracy % and Quiz attempts all checked. Only Score shows up?

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Is Adobe Captivate Forward Compatible?

Is it possible to Save As the file to Captivate 2017 version from the Captivate 2019 version.

We have developed a file in Captivate 2019 version and now we want it to be open in Captivate 2017 version. Is it possible to open the same or is there any work around to Save As the file to earlier versions.

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“Live preview on Devices” using QR code

Do you have issue with preview using QR code? Is your QR code not giving preview ? No mobile preview using QR code ?

Hey, if you have problem getting “Live preview on Devices” using QR code, Kindly understand this.

Many face problem that their QR got generated and is scanned and even read by mobile BUT no preview!! The reason is explained below.

When you create “Live preview on devices”, the output is created(generated) in your local PC only. Your setup may be such that your mobile can no-way connect to your local PC even thought both (your mobile device as well as PC with captivate) are having internet connection working.

Because your PC is having ip address something like “192.168.1.XYZ” or “” or similar. These address are for intranet, means for local network and can not be accessed directly from internet. Same story is with your mobile. So your mobile can not access your PC output through internet(even though both are having internet connection.)

These both can talk to each other only if they are on the same network (to be exactly: on same local area network).

Consequently, if you want your mobile should show preview by reading QR code, then both should be accessing same router and there by they come on same LAN.

Note: Captivate does give clear message that both PC and mobile device should be on the same intranet, but often we ignore what software says or many could not interpret this message properly.

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Top Benefits of Converting Flash based Legacy eLearning Courses to HTML5

Elearning industry experts state that “Flash will Vanish” by the year 2020 and this is not an exaggeration. We are in virtual world now and for Adobe Flash, it is very hard time to sustain since most of the millennial learners are with smartphones. HTML5 is mobile ready and responsive which will address these new…

Finding the serial number

I’m transferring computers and having a real hard time finding the serial number within the “About Captivate” or “preferences”. Does anyone know where that number could be hidden? I’m part of Creative cloud, but the company bought this separately and nobody can locate the number.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Details of the Adobe Captivate (2019) Specialist Certification experience: Getting started – Part 1 of 3 in a series

Details of the Adobe Captivate (2019) Specialist Certification experience: Getting started – Part 1 of 3 in a series

I completed the Adobe Captivate (2019) Specialist certification in Las Vegas this past fall. But, before I even got to Nevada, the learning experience had begun.


The registration process for the Adobe Captivate Specialist certification course in Las Vegas, Nevada was relatively straight forward. I went online, paid the $499 USD fee and was registered to both the course and the one day co-located Adobe Learning Summit. Even when paying with Canadian dollars, the price seemed very reasonable. Meanwhile, I had never been to Las Vegas and thought it would be a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure.

Opening up the online course

Two weeks prior to the face-to-face training in Las Vegas I received an email giving me access to Adobe Prime and the Adobe Captivate Specialist Certification course. When I got into the course, what I found was a series of videos – 20 in total. There were also a set of Captivate 2019 projects that I downloaded using the trial 30-day Adobe Captivate subscription that I had set up in advance. The videos and the Captivate projects were mostly the “Enfin8y – Ergonomics” project (pictured). The whole of it seemed intense. But with some planning, I knew I could get in done in time for the face-to-face training in Las Vegas. Or, so I hoped.

Getting started

Once I started playing the videos I grasped the volume of work ahead of me. Although it was a total of seven hours of video, each video included a practice activity. Essentially, you re-create the “Enfin8y – Ergonomics” project step-by-step. While learning by doing is excellent pedagogy, the reality of it translated into about 30 hours of work. I would watch the video and with my free trail subscription, would complete the associated activity. Back and forth between playing the video, doing the activity and replaying the video it went. Meanwhile, the time to board my flight to Vegas loomed.

Completing the pre-training

Near the end of the allotted two weeks I played the very last video of the pre-training. It was a total of 3 minutes. Short and sweet. The online instructor, who’s voice had become synonymous for me with the certification process, wished us good luck with the exam. I thought with a little dismay, “Would I be ready?” I could feel the test anxiety tightening in my chest. After 30 hours of training I believed I was probably prepared but that I’d only just scratched the surface of this incredibly comprehensive software. Meanwhile, the pre-training was done and dusted. I was ready as I would (n)ever be. I could only hope that the work I’d done had been enough.

Tips from the road

  • Get started with the online training right away and plan your time. 
  • Download a free trial version of Adobe Captivate 2019 or get a full subscription.
  • Build in time to reflect on what you are learning. Rushing and cramming will make it challenging to retain what you have learned.
  • Have fun!

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