ADDIE Model Vs SAM Model: Which Is Best For Your Next eLearning Project

Structured, repeatable methodology is highly effective in online training. ADDIE and SAM are among the most popular eLearning development methodologies. Is there an objective way to find out which one is ideal for your organization when it comes to SAM vs ADDIE?

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How to Become an Instructional Designer: 13 Experts Give Their 3 Key Tips

Die Berufsbezeichnung oder Rolle des „Instructional Designers“ ist hierzulande wenig gebräuchlich. Sie liegt irgendwo zwischen „Programmmanager“ und „eLearning-Spezialist“. Mit Instructional Design verbunden ist ADDIE, ein einfaches Phasenmodell, das auch in diesem Artikel den 13 Beiträgen vorgeschaltet ist. Die Tipps stammen von erfahrenen ExpertInnen und haben Überschriften wie „Discover how people learn“, „Build your personal network“, „Make sure you stay on level“, „Have strong interpersonal skills to work with subject-matter experts“. Nützlich.
Scott Winstead, My eLearning World, November 2020

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Comparing The Differences Of ADDIE And Agile In Learning And Development

While there are many training course creation methodologies out there, two of the most widely used are the ADDIE Model and the Agile Framework. Read on to learn the major differences and see which model is best for your needs!

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