Best Practices to Switch From Instructor Led Training to eLearning

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5 Amazing Examples of Scenario Based Learning

Scenario Based Learning (SBL) offers an interactive and immersive approach that can be used by organizations to check-point learner’s knowledge and to see if learners will be able to apply the learning on the job.

Here’s an infographic illustrating 5 Scenario Based Learning examples for Formal and Informal Learning.

5 Amazing Examples of Scenario Based Learning

I hope this infographic on Scenario Based Learning examples gave you insights on what Scenario Based Learning is and its uses in Formal and Informal Learning. You can also use the application of these scenarios along with upcoming techniques such as Gamification and Interactive videos in order to further boost learning. Make sure to employ some of these in learnings in your organization today!

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Want more insights on how you can use these Scenario Based Learning examples to create in Formal and Informal Learning and improve your learning strategy?


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