Thoughts on HTML5 output and TTS

Hello everyone,

I would like to discuss some issues with HTML output.

I have a short demo project (Here is the link . The demo is about common resume mistakes). Since the project is text-heavy, I did not adapt it for smaller screens.

What I am struggling is that the output looks different depending on the browser.

Typical issues:

  • In certain browsers, the highlight box randomly changes its location. ( From my experience, the highlight box feature is buggy. Its position in a preview mode is always different from the actual position in a published project.)
  • In some browsers, the text can get cut- off.
  • The characters can get distorted. ( I am using Smart position, height, and weight in percentage as if it were a responsive project.)

I am familiar with basic HTML5 and CSS and understand why different browsers might display content differently. Just wondering if you can share any tips or best practices dealing with HTML 5 output.
I have another unrelated question. What is your opinion on TTS? Do you use it in your projects? I tried experimenting with the VTML tags, but still, I am not satisfied with the result. Do you use TTS for your projects?

Thank you


Webinar (LIVESTREAM) – Adobe Captivate Text to Speech

Monday, June 19th, 3:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time
I will be reviewing the main features of the Text to Speech capabilities in Adobe Captivate. I will be using Captivate (2017 Release) for the demonstrations, however, most of these demonstrations will work with previous versions of Adobe Captivate going all the way back to Adobe Captivate 5.
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