Naming conventions in development

First of all, what are naming conventions? Good question! Our definition first, then we’ll share some wider thoughts on the topic. Naming conventions allow us to apply a pattern and standard to the way we name things within our computer environment. This could be from names of actual files, to folders, to how we store contacts in a CRM (“First name, Last name” or “Last Name, First Name” for example). If we have a standard by which we name things, it makes it easier to search, organise and see at a glance, what things actually are.

According to Wikipedia, “A naming convention is a convention (generally agreed scheme) for naming things. Conventions differ in their intents, which may include to: Allow useful information to be deduced from the names based on regularities.”

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Depth of Field Photography of File Arrangement

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Smart Shapes: How to select the fill color

When I insert a Smart Shape, such as a rectangle, how do I chose a fill color?

This is a baffling issue because I’m sure I’ve done this before, but now I don’t see any option to do it. On the Properties panel, I see an option to change the transparency, and options to edit the text within the shape, but I don’t see a way to change the fill color. I must be missing something obvious.

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A weird box on a SmartShape during preview?


What is the weird box in the lower right corner of the orange rectangular SmartShape? The weird box is seen during preview. How can I get rid of it?

I am using Adobe Captivate release 2019, The attached file shows a part of the display during project preview.

Regards, TS

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SmartShapes not displaying in Edge

In Captivate 2017, I have some smartshapes that are being used as buttons. The problem is when I export for HTML5 and run in Microsoft Edge, the button does not show up but it is there because if I move my cursor to that area of the screen it shows up. This ONLY happens in Edge. Everything works fine in IE 11 and Chrome.

Has anyone else experience this? Or, have any idea how to fix it?

Also, the smartshape has an image fill, so I put a stroke on the smartshape and republished. The stroke would display but the graphic didn’t?

Thanks for any help

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Issue: Different buttons(different named) on different slides get automatically assigend with the same advanced action


I’m new to Adobe CP.

I’m using the version 2017.

I created a project with about 20 slides and 2 slides have about 20 Smart shape’s used as buttons.

When I go to assign to the first slide smart shapes the advanced action, automatically they get assigned to the smart shapes buttons at the other slide too.

Same behavior if I vice versa.

I’m going mad, this is going one of my main functions trough out the project, I plan to have 20 of these sildes…

Would be great if I could get help!


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Retain State on Slide Revisit Issue

In Captivate 9, I inserted an image into a smart shape, selected Use as Button and added a Jump to Slide action. In State View, I have the standard Normal, Rollover, and Down options. The Rollover and Down options have the normal image at 50% opacity. In the Object State section of the Properties panel, I selected Retain State on Slide Revisit for the Down state..

However, when selecting the Retain State on Slide Revisit option for the Down state, the same option automatically selects for the Normal and Rollover states. Therefore, when I run the program and return to the slide the button continues to display in Normal state. What am I missing?

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Creating buttons in the master slide view

I am creating a series of training modules in Captivate and I am just looking to simplify the way I go about creating these in having a master template that I am using. When I go into the Master Slide and start to create the module in the blank slide, Captivate allows me to add Smart Shapes and use as Buttons. It also allows me to change the state of these buttons for both rollover and down. However when I exit the Master Slide view I don’t see any access to these buttons I create. While I can physically see what I created, the actual button itself doesn’t exist. Just the picture.

Can you make buttons on the Master Slide and have them work in the Filmstrip View?

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