Did you know that integrating a few Adobe products could result in a rather holistic learning platform?

I’m specifically referring to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites, Adobe Captivate Prime and Marketo Engage.

Attached here is a 2020 white paper by Adobe Captivate Prime Product Management that discusses precisely this. There are a whole lot of advantages of course when you integrate one Adobe product with another, simply because they work well together. Having said that, it does not necessarily mean you cannot use each of these exclusively/ in combination with a non-Adobe product just as well.

This paper looks at 7 ways to drive customer education using the combination mentioned above. Of course, this is a Captivate Prime centric document and the focus is on the learning platform as always. This year has seen some great strides forward for Prime, especially keeping in mind the user experience. We have a whole new learner homepage and the UI lends itself so easily to customization.

On the whole, taking a personal approach is extremely important in our holistic view to creating a learning platform. Do read this document to learn more about our approach to your customer education.

7 WAYS TO DRIVE CUSTOMER EDUCATION with AEM Sites, Captivate Prime and Marketo Engage – White Paper 2020

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays!

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Use QR Codes as Part of Marketing Endeavor

When you’ve put a lot of effort into creating training courses and need to find a way to get learners to enroll themselves, consider using a QR Code on your marketing and promotional material.

There are many occasions when your employees don’t have access to a computer or the time to manually find and enroll themselves in Courses. With the Captivate Prime mobile app, and the LMS’ ability to generate QR Codes, all you have to do is print the Course enrollment QR Code on a flyer/poster/brochure etc. and let learners do the rest. Just make sure they have the free Adobe Captivate Prime app downloaded on their smartphones.

Click on the link below to view and download our business document on this subject:

Use QR Codes as part of Marketing Endeavor – Customer Guide

Did you like it? Did it add value to your training plans? Write in with you views and comments to jaisim@adobe.com.

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Free Webinar on July 19! “15 Ways to Market Your Training Program & Learning Tech”

Hi all,

I recently asked on Twitter and LinkedIn if there were any free webinar topics you would like to see. The request received over 200 likes and comments, so thank you to everyone who provided ideas! There were a few trends that came up in the responses, including marketing of training, social learning, and gamification. Those are the topics I’m doing first.

The first webinar will be delivered on July 19 for Training Magazine. It’s called 15 Ways to Market Your Training Program & Learning Tech. It contains ideas and case studies I presented at ATD International in May. Please go here to register or learn more.

The description is below. Would love to see you!


Trying to get your learners’ attention? You may have the world’s best training program, but that doesn’t mean much if your learners don’t show up for class! Join Katrina Marie Baker for fun, simple ideas that ensure learners are as excited as we are about learning and development.

This 60 minute webinar provides fifteen tips that will help you:

• Reach learners who are geographically dispersed, incredibly busy, or in need of individualized coaching

• Introduce new learning technology, such as a learning management system, in a way that is engaging and beneficial to your overall training program

• Creatively promote learning and development within your organization

• Use cases, best practices, and humor included free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you!

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How can I motivate my learners?

A friend, Thomas, wrote me this morning asking this question – how can I motivate my learners? It’s an incredibly universal question. One that I have thought about quite a bit. I thought others might enjoy reading my reply – and it might make for an excellent conversation starter. It’s worth noting that we were talking about motivation in the specific context of learners using Adobe’s LMS (Adobe Captivate Prime.)  Below you’ll find my response:

1. Communicate relevance: Use the announcement system to invite people to explore a bit of content that benefits them. For example – a course designed to boost sales, or a common tech problem explained, perhaps some particularly video heavy or short form piece to start. You can also use alternative company channels to communicate the purpose / relevance of the training-  market your initiative based on it’s alignment to the company business objectives. Don’t be shy about branding it, and explaining how the project can help the organization meet important goals.

2. Use their desire to demonstrate mastery to supervisor and colleagues.  For example- use the gamification solution to award points for first to access content (You’ll find it on the instance of a course under gamification options – admin mode.) You can use the announcement system to notify them of the opportunity.  Publicly recognize those individuals that are doing training. Push messages via newsletters and your company website about recognition for achievements – even consider announcing when people achieve / master a given skill. Perhaps even recognize it with awards.

3. Craft the messaging as opportunities to get ahead, and invitations – rather than requirements. This one is a little counter-intuitive. Use the skill requirement engine to assign job appropriate skills to employees – but not specific courses. Ensure you message them about how to search for skill aligned content that will help them master the skill(s) that they have been assigned. Message about the importance of the skills you assigned – to the overall business strategy for the current quarter. This added sense of autonomy should encourage them to self-enroll.

What do you think? What methods are you using to motivate your learners? Have you got any success stories? Failures? Hot tips? Pitfalls?