Playbar on HTML project disappears when window is maximized

I have a simple HTML project. It starts in a new window  with everything working fine. When maximized, the playbar disappears.

Though the playbar disappears, the area where the playbar should be is still active. Click in the right place where the playbar buttons should be and the action still occurs- next, back, etc.

If you click and drag the corner of the initial window before maximizing, as the window increases in size, it reaches a point where the playbar disappears. Again, the area where the buttons should be is still still works.

This happens on multiple computers only in the Chrome browser. The playbar doesn’t disappear in IE11, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Any assistance will be appreciated. The Captivate playbars work fine for me in every other way and I don’t have a need to create custom play controls except this problem in Chrome.



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Scorm files created don’t work

I’ve generated scorm files out of Captivate and loaded them into the LMS, LearnDot. The content plays but when I close it I get an error. LearnDot tells me there’s a problem with the scorm file, but I seen no errors to indicate where to begin. I’ve tested on ScormCloud and I don’t see any errors there, either. How do I open the black box?

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Green Check Marks with VR Hotspots

Using Windows 10 and Adobe Captivate 2019

While creating a virtual reality slide if you place a hotspot and use the DISPLAY TEXT action, you get a green check mark once the hotspot is clicked.

If you change the action of the hotspot to JUMP TO SLIDE, you don’t get the green check mark once it has been clicked. I am trying to let the user know what they have and have not clicked.

How do I get check marks for jump to actions?


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Returning to last visited page


Never send return data: If the box is unchecked, it returns the user inside a started quiz, to solve this issue we check the box, so the user will start from the beginning.  But users should be able to return to where they last visited in the course itself, how can this be solved?




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Error when uploading zipped SCORM 1_2 to LMS


I’ve developed 9 separate modules for a course and prepared SCORM 1.2 versions for use by external clients.  When two of the courses are uploaded to the LMS (Knowledge Presenter v 11.00 and Saba), the following error displays “Server Error in Application “Default Web Site”, HTTP Error 404.11 – Not Found”.  Screen shot of full message below.  All courses prepared the same way and published with the same SCORM settings (Incomplete/Complete; User Access).  I’ve tried suggestions from previous posts on the same error found here but still encounter the same error.  Any further suggestions?

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SCORM and SuccessFactor LMS

My ID team and our LMS management team have gone back and forth on an issue involving the courses we are loading to the LMS. Users are experiencing scoring issues (at random- some have issues some don’t) when they finish a course receiving a 96% but the LMS reports a different percentage. We are also experiencing users being frozen in a quiz if they were to leave and return to the course. Our team has scoured our settings for inconsistencies and error and found nothing abnormal. We believe it is a connection or networking error on the part of the LMS and/or company network.

Our SuccessFactors team affirms it is a problem with the settings we have in our Captivate courses. Many of our courses require users to complete the quiz to receive credit. This team has also told us that SCORM 2004 is not compatible with SuccessFactors and thus we are to use Scorm 1.2 edition 3. Therefore we have enabled the following:

Status Representation: Incomplete —-> Passed/Failed

Slide Views and or quiz

Quiz is Passed (checked)

My Questions:
1. The SuccessFactors team is telling us to change our quiz to Optional rather than Pass Required. They attest that “even though Optional is selected that doesn’t mean it isn’t required”. I cannot take their word for it, seeing as they have zero experience with Captivate. Besides, the  statement seems to be a clear contradiction unless Captivate settings are just that convoluted. Can anyone provide evidence/explanation on this setting?

2. Why would a prominent LMS, like SuccessFactors, say SCORM 1.2 is the best setting over a more current 2004 version? Are we just that out of date or has no one addressed this problem since 2004. I mean you would think after 15 years we would have worked out all the bugs of SCORM 2004 so it can be the best option. Instead my LMS team is making statements like this “We agree SCORM 1.2 is the best standard”. One would think the 2004 version was more up to date than the 2001 version (1.2).

3. Does anyone have an idea or solution to help with our scoring issues? The Captivate records a score of “X” but when you return to the LMS it records a score of “Y”. The only things scoring in all of our courses are the quiz slides. They think the problem is in Captivate, but changing our settings doesn’t sound like a solution when we have them set so that we get the results we want. The problem appears that Captivate settings are not being received as they should by the LMS. Do I have this wrong?

My next step is to report my concerns to the SuccessFactors Developers, but I wanted to compile some information from Captivate Users through this forum. Everyone in this community has always been so helpful, I pray ya’ll are able to help me clarify these issues so that my team and I can press forward to a resolution.

Thank you

Captivate Version: 2019

LMS Used: SuccessFactors

SCORM version: 1.2 ed.3

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Issues uploading a Captivate file to my LMS

Good afternoon,

I am having issues uploading Captivate files to my LMS. My LMS support has looked into this and discovered when they opened the zipped file, in the Assets folder, there is a sub folder, Playbar. In this folder their is a file called playbarStyle.css that is empty. It has Zero Bytes. The LMS is unable to read this file and move forward.

Does anyone know what this file is and why it is empty?

Thank you in advance for your help!


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One Question Quiz used for Acceptance Page

I want to use a 1 question quiz to create an acceptance page.  The user watches the content, then Accepts the content.  A statement something like:  By Clicking “Agree” I declare that I have viewed the content and/or have saved the content for further review.  Then they simply answer the one question test which the answer is “Agree”.  Then I end up with a document that supports their acceptance… ETC.  There must be a simple solution for this.  My bet is I am making this too hard….

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