Timing Out Issue


I’m creating files and publishing them as HTML5 -SCORM using Captivate 2017. I upload the files (or we refer to them as lessons) into Moodle. I’m finding that a timing out issue is preventing a grade to ever make it to the online gradebook. A user accesses a file or lesson, he or she clicks through a couple of the menu items (slides), and then steps away from the computer. The user doesn’t close out of the lesson even though warning signs are posted in the instructions. Moodle has the session set for a maximum of 2 hours. When the user comes back to the lesson after 2 hours; he or she is able complete the lesson since the  lesson doesn’t time out, sleep or refresh itself. After being away, the user sits down at the computer, and completes the lesson, but… he or she doesn’t receive a grade. It doesn’t matter if the user closes out and logs back in and retakes the lesson, they will never receive a grade. Moodle reports show that the lesson is not complete, but then includes a completion date of 12/31/1969.

The Captivate published files are set to accept unlimited attempts, and as long as the user goes through each of the slides, he or she receives a grade. For example, if the lesson is made up of 26 slides, the user will get a grade of 0 if they watch all 26 slides. The user has unlimited attempts to complete the lesson. The user is able to close out of the lesson and pick up where they left off when they come back again.

My question is: Does anyone know if Captivate has any sort of setting that automatically resets a lesson after it times out. Or, is there a way to close a lesson after so many minutes of inactivity. I can’t find any setting in Moodle that will help me fix this problem. And, I’ve exhausted what I believe to be my only options in Captivate. I’m okay with changing the criteria such as limiting the number of attempts. Thanks.


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Setting SCORM 1.2

Hello I have a question. It produces a course which consists of slides and 10 questions at the end of the course. The training will be in SCORM 1.2. What the best settings will be for the participant after the unsuccessful Quiz to join him once again immediately when he sees the result and when he finishes the training with a negative result, when he starts again, he will appear on the 1st training slide.

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SCORM Files created in Mojave not working

Hi folks,

I am using Adobe Captivate 2017 and a Moodle-Based LMS. My computers are Macs, 2 running High Sierra and 1 running Mojave 10.14.3. When I create a SCORM file on the Mojave machine it will not run on my computer nor in the LMS. The LMS uses Moodle and SCORM 1.2. All I see is the circle whirling forever both on the Mac and in the LMS.

With the other two machines not using Mojave I have no problem whatsoever with the SCORM files. I would greatly appreciate any help at all.



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I’m working in CP2019 and created a 10 question quiz. I uploaded it into my LMS (The LMS is called Tra-Corp if anyone is familiar with it) and the report only shows responses to the first 3 of the 10 questions. 7 people took my test and only 4 of those people show up in my report.

I’ve not ruled out my LMS, but I used the “Preview in SCORM Cloud” feature in CP and it would appear that something stopped reporting after question #3. Any ideas? Thanks.

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SCORM course very slow

I created and published a SCORM using Captivate and uploaded it on our LMS. I have received some concerns that few colleagues are either not able to access the course or some of its contents or the course is exponentially slow to load for them. This is fixed when they access the course using VPN.

It sounds like there is a network issue here but are there any other insights you can give me? I can also post my Captivate publish settings here if you would like to have a look at these/think these might be relevant.

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Event Video and Slide Video fails in SCORM CLoud

If anyone can help I can keep getting a failure in SCORM Cloud after placing a video in either Event Video or Slide Video. It even fails when trying to upload it to Corner Stone LMS. I keep getting a manifest error and that it cannot see those videos but they ar e present in the zipped packaged.

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Adobe Captivate, SCORM and a Learning Management System (LMS)

A practical demonstration of SCORM at work, from the authoring tool (Adobe Captivate) to the Learning Management System (LMS). We have used Moodle (https://moodlecloud.com) as the LMS for this demonstration.

What we show you first is the end result that a student will experience as a user of a learning management system and going through the course.

You’ll see the learning module that we’re going to create as the end user experiences it.

We’ll then take you into the same learning management system as an administrator

We will see the reports that are generated from the learning management system based on a couple of interactive activities.

We will then go back to the beginning and show you how we quickly put the course together. It’s very quick Captivate file but the most important thing is to show the settings within the authoring tool that turn SCORM on.

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