Captivate Video Capabilities

Is Captivate able to produce a slide where video is playing in the foreground and slide information is playing behind or to the side of the video?

What we are thinking is to green screen a speaker talking in the video with information coming on and off the screen in the background.

Thank you for your guidance.

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6 Amazing Examples of Using Micro Learning Videos in Corporate Training

Learning strategies have been developed for the past few years to adapt to the changing learner dynamics. Organizations are increasingly making use of eLearning videos in their corporate trainings to create a better impact on learners. Specifically, using Microlearning techniques in combination with eLearning videos amplifies the impact to a whole new level.

Microlearning Videos are short and focused and can be used as a standalone nugget that offers a specific learning takeaway; it can also be utilized as part of a longer learning path. Learners favor visual formats, such as videos, over plain text. When paralleled with other media, videos are known to create more engaging and sticky learning experiences for learners. Videos can create narratives that can be easily related to by learners, and the usage of Video Based Learning is shown to generate higher recall and retention. Microlearning can be combined with videos to offer learners a just-in-time learning format and can also be a part of a bigger learning path that can be consumed in shorter nuggets. Additionally, Microlearning Videos can be used to offer learning aids that help learners exactly at the moment of their need.

Here are 6 amazing Microlearning Video examples that organizations can implement in their training strategies.

Investing in Microlearning Videos can have multiple positive results for both the organization as well as the learner. Microlearning Videos help L&D teams with agile training development and deployment. Organizations can pick from a wide array of tools that enable quick development. They can also  quickly update and re-deploy these microlearning videos with frequent information changes/updates. The Videos achieve a specific learning outcome in a fraction of time, offer higher recall and retention, are less expensive to develop, and hence result in better ROI.

From the learners’ perspective, Microlearning Videos offer an engaging and immersive learning experience. They can be taken on the go, and short but focused bites ensure faster assimilation. They offer the required support exactly at the moment of the learners’ need, and they can learn in accordance with their varied learning needs including learning something new, diving deeper into a given aspect, solving a specific problem, practicing to gain proficiency, and applying the acquired learning.


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Trends in Training & Learning Management (Includes Webinar Recording & Slides)

On November 21, I facilitated a discussion of major trends in learning and development.  Fun and data was had by all, thanks to our awesome audience from around the world!

If you would like to check out the full session recording, click here.  The description is below.  And here are the slides:

Join Adobe’s Senior Learning Evangelist Katrina Marie Baker for this lively conversation about the latest trends in training & development. Based on recent studies and research, the session will explore what people are doing in organizations around the world, and how organizations can achieve great results with modern learning programs.

Katrina will discuss the:

  • Impetus behind creating and developing virtual universities
  • Growing demand to encourage learner immersion and ongoing engagement
  • Rise of mobile learning
  • Role of skill-based learning in business training
  • Use of gamification for learner engagement and motivation
  • Ongoing expectations of learners for video
  • Proving the value of your learning program through more relevant reporting

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Interactive Video Tool does not load a Youtube video


I am trying to load a YouTube video using the Interactive video tool. The loading shows the upload until 50%,  stops there and never finishes. when it is manually stopped, it shows the following msg: “Video encountered an internal error”.

If I use the YouTube Learning Interaction it works. I am not sure what could be happening.

Please I appreciate if there is any idea.

Version Captivate 2019 Release – 11.0

Windows 7

attached is the screenshot

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Disable fast forward and skip options


I am very new to Captivate and looking for some help. I have created training using seminar recordings (mp4) files. I created an intro (text only) slide and then inserted the video in the next. The last slide is a simple 1 question quiz so I can record employees watched the whole video.

The issue: I am not sure how to set the video up so employees can’t fast-forward or skip to the quiz slide. I am very new to Captivate so the more step by step your answer is, the better!

Please help, and thanks!

PS: did I mention I haven’t launched the site yet and the day is approaching? I may have to re-design the content and upload it again.. ugh.

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YouTube Learning: Investing in educational creators, resources, and tools for EduTubers

YouTube gibt bekannt, dass es 20 Millionen Dollar in Bildung und Lernen investieren will, genauer, in YouTube Learning, „an initiative to support education focused creators and expert organizations that create and curate high quality learning content on YouTube“. Weitere Details finden sich in diesem Artikel. Dabei denke ich gerade daran, das YouTube & Lernen ja ein schönes Thema für einen Artikel wäre: über Lernvideo-Entwickler und Lernende, über Lernvideo-Formate, Lernvideos für Schüler, Studierende, Sportler usw., Edu-Channel, Bildungsanbieter auf YouTube, Geschäftsmodelle, usw. Es könnte natürlich immer nur eine Momentaufnahme sein …
Malik Ducard, YouTube Blog, 22. Oktober 2018

Bildquelle: Christian Wiediger (Unsplash)

Ich habe die ARD/ZDF-Onlinestudie 2018 gelesen, damit ihr es nicht müsst

Eine sympathische Überschrift! Gelesen hat die Studie, eines der jährlichen Standardwerke zur Internetnutzung, Dennis Horn, ARD-Experte für Digitalthemen. Seine Stichpunkte:

„Erstens: 90 Prozent der Deutschen sind online. …
Zweitens: Die Internetnutzung pro Tag ist extrem stark gestiegen. …
Drittens: Video schlägt Text schlägt Audio. …
Viertens: Die Videostrategie von Facebook und Instagram geht auf. …
Fünftens: Die Konkurrenz für Fernseh- und Radiosender wächst. …“

Dennis Horn,, 10. Oktober 2018