Need to turn off ‘automatically reduce slide duration’ checkbox

Anyone out there know how to do this, I cannot find any global setting to turn this off. This item is part of the multi-side editor, as its name implies once you save your changes in the multi-slide editor it will force all your slides to reduce in length to the video segment of each slide. This is very handy, except in cases where it isn’t. In my project I use a multistate object as a next slide button placed at the end of the video segment. If I don’t remember to untick this reduce slide duration feature, it forces all my carefully placed buttons to the beginning of all slides with multistate video. So, is there a preferences setting anywhere that sets the default for this feature to unchecked, that is turned off unless I tell it otherwise, not the other  way around? Thanks for any advice!!

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Swapping buttons loses hand cursor

I’ve tried both Smart Shapes and Buttons with the same result. I have two buttons (play and pause) and the same Shared Action is attached to them. When the play button is pressed it hides and shows the pause button, the same Shared Action performs the action in reverse to the pause button. Hand cursor is checked for both buttons.

The play/pause function works on the side but after one or two clicks, the hand cursor no longer appears over the buttons. I’m testing in HTML5. Captivate 2019, latest version.


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Captivate 2019: Button Action not working correctly – Accepts ‘Enter’ when ‘None’ shortcut is selected

Is this a bug? I’m using Captivate 2019 in Windows 10. I only want the user to click on a button using the mouse, not using any keyboard shortcut, hence the keyboard short cut for the button in question is set to ‘None’ on the buttons ‘Properties’ under the section ‘On Success:>’Shortcut’>’None’ radio button,  yet when previewed as ‘HTML in Browser’ the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard causes the button action to occur. This should not happen. Any suggestions as to why this is the case?

Thanks in advance.

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Creating repositionable custom nav buttons?

Hi all!

I’m working on a software simulation project in Captivate 2019 (latest release) and I have a floating menu that sits on top of the sim to provide instructions as well as forward/back/exit buttons. My challenge is that I have a sim where there’s no good place for the group of objects to sit for the whole simulation. Is there a way to use JavaScript/HTML5 to make this something the user can move around the screen, or am I stuck duplicating the object/hiding the old one/etc?

I can find examples on how to set it up in HTML5 ( but I’m just not Captivate-savvy enough to figure it out how to access the CSS/JavaScript. =)

It’s not a showstopper but it would be nice to be able to do it…

Thank you!

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Play/Pause button reverse functionality

I am using a custom Play/Pause button but in reverse. I start with the slide paused and the user can select the play button basically to play/pause the slide audio. The problem is at the end of the timeline. I DO NOT want the play/pause button to advance to the next slide if it is selected at the end of the slide – I have a Next button for that.


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