What is the difference between Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter Video Express?

Adobe Captivate helps you create various types of eLearning and mobile learning content without programming. Adobe Presenter Video Express is a simple tool that lets you create interactive videos for training and education in a few clicks, right from your desktop.

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4 reasons why you need to be at the Adobe Learning Summit 2017


Having the opportunity to attend my first conference not too long ago had a huge impact on my outlook towards community based learning. We’ll be following up with more posts specifically around what to expect at ALS 2017, session tracks, speakers,sneak peeks on new tech.

For now, we’ll give you 4 reasons why you should attend ALS 2017 in October at The Mirage in Las Vegas.


“They have webinars”, “You would be losing a lot of time”, “It’s an expensive investment”,”There are conferences for learning?”

If you’re already hearing these comments on bringing up the subject of conferences you may already be heading into a spiral to and fro of perceptive reasoning and you may walk away with an extended lunch break and not an airline ticket and a full event pass.


I wanted to share my experience on why conferences are and will always be important for the workforce that make things tick around the brick and mortar.


The first time I heard about a conference natural human tendency set in “It’s probably an educational way to get some time off in an exotic location”, could not be farther from the truth. When I walked into the main hall where everyone had their stages set up and you could see the software’s on display projecting their prowess, the scent of innovation and the drive to solve real problems was addictive and I was hooked.


Meet the one in the video : All influencers and community professionals contribute heavily to our ecosystem through videos and online writings, they conceptualize and create and offer their expertise through these and the chance to meet them in person is invaluable, you get to know how and more importantly why they did it. There is nothing more invaluable meeting someone in person, social media keeps you connected over distances, reading and viewing online still does not fill the gap as much as having a sit down and exchanging ideas that work.


Your network is your networth: Meet, mingle, dinner, coffee. The way to someone’s heart could very well be through their stomach J. The opportunity to strengthen existing relationships and form new ones present themselves at these conferences, at a track or a session you could run into your next client or meet a customer who you could listen to and understand what they need and are aspiring. Customers forge loyalty with brands that are represented with full force in flesh and blood, they relate and most barriers and layers of are broken in that moment.


DIOG-Doing it on ground: The expo floor is like a hangar for awesome products, something that makes a process faster, saves cost or just looks infinitely better. Visual interest is followed by the urge to DIY, having an expert demonstrate and applying your idea real time is an experience you would only appreciate at the conference. Yes you can experience them on their websites and read all about them, this is different, you can solve business problems that you forsee upcoming and think through other roadbloacks, 2 heads are always better than one (the power of community and inclusion).


Inspiration comes from everywhere: That chair and table at work has invisible chains which have magnets which bring you back to the same cubicle like clockwork, a fresh outlook and perspective can churn your thought process and an innovation and educational enabled conference can do just that.


It’s one of the most powerful learning environments being in the same room with like minded people who are out there with you trying to better themselves, learning new techniques and strengthening hard wired practices.


It’s about investing in yourself, calling out that I am still learning, not only for myself, my company but for everyone who would meet me professionally and personally. Learning something new which assists in accomplishing a task or solving a problem is like a breath of fresh air and leads to change for the better.


If you’re the boss reading this, have faith in the ability of your team, believe that this is an invaluable investment towards their growth an accelerator for their motivation and an opportunity for them to bring back ideas and methods which have been vetted or would have been discovered with them at the helm!


The 10th Annual Adobe Learning Summit is on the horizon, the bold future of learning and its related technologies have arrived for us to explore and utilise. Smart is Now, Smart is You.


Looking forward to meeting all of you at the conference.Please do share your own thoughts and experiences from past conferences and what you look forward to this year.

Thanks for your time


“Think lightly of yourself, and deeply of the world-Myamoto Mushashi”


Adobe Presenter Video Express, A Cool Quick Video Tool

For major video projects, or when I need to edit videos beyond  just trimming I use Adobe Primer; however, when I needed to do just short Web cam videos or screen captures I would used other tools, mainly Techsmith’s Camtasia Studios. But the other day I downloaded Adobe Presenter Express and I was very impressed. Adobe Presenter Express is a top notch capture program, and it is fast! Creating tutorials using screen capture was easy and intuitive and the  “Change Your Web Cam Background” feature is awesome.

The editing feature are still pretty basic, but if you are creative and think outside the box you can do some pretty cool stuff. I use a Sony EVI-D70C pan/tilt/zoom camera and Dazzle video capture device instead of a Web camera, and using the change background feature I can make talking head videos without using the green screen. I save time because now I can use Adobe Presenter Video Express to record my videos and change the background on the fly instead of recording in front of the green screen and then using Primer to ultra key the video and then produce it. Creating tutorials using screen capture, and producing small Web cam videos was easy and fast using Adobe Presenter Video Express. If you are looking for a good capture tool and you are already using other Adobe Creative Suite tools, then using Adobe Presenter Video Express is a no brainier.



#eLearning #LIVESTREAM – AMA July 10, 2017, 14:00 EDT

In this week’s eLearning LIVE STREAM, I will be taking questions from you on any topic related to eLearning, Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter Video Express, Adobe eLearning…whatever, ask me anything. I want everyone to participate in this discussion. I really want to hear from you.

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Visual Marketing

Video Marketing has been traditionally thought to be conjoined with products, services or informing consumers about upcoming releases in connection to the first 2. Half a decade ago video took center stage in education and learning with the concept of flipped classrooms, distance learning and MOOC’s become relevant with numerous providers offering their expertise to “convert” to your legacy content to a fluid video format with distribution including via portals or LMS systems.

Modern day consumers align their thoughts and actions to relatable media which they view on the web, modern day marketers swear by visual snippets which have an engaging personality and rich verbal content to capture consumers attention. The same principle holds true internally in organizations who look to promote innovative ideas or knowledge snippets for their internal audience, the ability to create, edit and distribute video content and track it with a single tool is a blessing in disguise.

Its all about making a solid start with a concept and backing it with content which is lapped up by your users, challenges of showing ROI and business impact will remain if one does not begin the exercise of creating video content and ensuring that learners are watching them and benefitting for them.


Every learning and development executive needs to have various tools at their disposal to create the right format of content to serve a specific kind of audience. Many teams may not have the time or resources to do a full fledged audience analysis to gather data on what medium would be most effective to transmit the learning information.This should not deter you from exploring education video as a viable option for the fast paced organization you proctor as an educator and trainer.

The ability to create videos in an engaging way is a boon in the modern day multi screen world. We have been hearing talk about intrinsic motivators for learners and the biggest push for content is the freedom of the learner to consume it on the go with minimal interaction with the content.

If you are starting out using video as an extension of your program and learning plans, Presenter Video Express is an excellent place to start.