Employee motivation and engagement is a critical component of employee relations in any organization today. When you add training requirements to everyday work tasks, it can be perceived as extra work that needs more time and energy than a person already spends at the workplace. It becomes imperative that employees feel propelled by something more than just managerial directives to take on and complete training. Additionally, L&D invests a lot in developing, procuring, and tailoring content for organizational training initiatives.

Click below to see how Adobe Captivate Prime can help you make training fun at work, and keep learners / employees engaged and motivated.

Make Training Fun – A 2021 customer guide

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Did you know that integrating a few Adobe products could result in a rather holistic learning platform?

I’m specifically referring to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Sites, Adobe Captivate Prime and Marketo Engage.

Attached here is a 2020 white paper by Adobe Captivate Prime Product Management that discusses precisely this. There are a whole lot of advantages of course when you integrate one Adobe product with another, simply because they work well together. Having said that, it does not necessarily mean you cannot use each of these exclusively/ in combination with a non-Adobe product just as well.

This paper looks at 7 ways to drive customer education using the combination mentioned above. Of course, this is a Captivate Prime centric document and the focus is on the learning platform as always. This year has seen some great strides forward for Prime, especially keeping in mind the user experience. We have a whole new learner homepage and the UI lends itself so easily to customization.

On the whole, taking a personal approach is extremely important in our holistic view to creating a learning platform. Do read this document to learn more about our approach to your customer education.

7 WAYS TO DRIVE CUSTOMER EDUCATION with AEM Sites, Captivate Prime and Marketo Engage – White Paper 2020

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Deliver Customized Reports and Meet ROI Objectives

The August 2020 release of Adobe Captivate Prime features a fully revamped Reports feature, showcasing the new Admin Dashboard, a powerful engine that tracks all the many components of Training, helping you maximize returns on your company’s ROI.

At a high level the Admin Dashboard helps you to:

  1. Track Usage,
  2. Track effectiveness of Trainings, and
  3. Drive Training Strategy

This document will take you through the Dashboard’s features that support the fulfillment of these requirements:

Deliver Customized Reports and Meet ROI Objectives – Customer Guide. Feel free to download and peruse at your convenience

Compared to the older functionality of reporting in Prime, the Admin Dashboard provides you a lot more information at a glance, where previously you might have had to export separate Learner Transcripts or Training reports and then perform various analytics to retrieve the information you want. We have tried to better anticipate your Admin requirements with the introduction of the Admin Dashboard. We hope we’ve succeeded!

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Webinar: Your All-Inclusive Power Centre For Corporate Training | Adobe Captivate Prime LMS

Your All-Inclusive Power Centre For Corporate Training | Adobe Captivate Prime LMS
Tuesday 28 February 2017, 08:30 AM – 09:30 AM

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Looking for an all-in-one LMS that can help you deploy and track your organizational learning in a jiffy? Adobe Captivate Prime LMS may be the perfect fit for your organization. In this webinar, we’ll delve into the many ways Adobe Captivate Prime LMS gives you the power to deliver amazing eLearning experiences that boost performance and target skill development. This webinar is ideal for – Chief Learning Officers and Directors of Learning – Corporate Learners in Government and Corporate organizations – Teacher development including K-12 and Higher Education – Instructional and Educational Designers – Human Resource Management – Learning professionals


1000 – 1100hrs | Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam

1100 – 1200hrs | China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore & Philippines

1200 – 1300hrs | South Korea

1400 – 1500hrs | Australia




This event will be recorded for those who are unable to attend in person.

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Webinar on the the 14th of Feb 2017 for early adopters of eLearning.

Learn to LOVE delivering eLearning

We are doing a webinar for early adopters of eLearning to give them a sense and feel of what it is like analyzing, creating and publishing your own course. We will talk about identifying your audience and what different kinds of content types and delivery mechanism can help you reach your desired learning out come. There will also be a focus on learner engagement and tracking using a learning management system (LMS) and how early adoption of simple workflows and robust systems will go a long way in the creation process of mobile and engaging courses.
“Is your organization transitioning to eLearning or virtual training in place of traditional brick and mortar training? Has the move to virtual been challenging and at times frustrating for your HR department?
Join our complimentary webinar for tips on how to love delivering virtual training, from new hire onboarding to regular compliance training, and leave traditional in-person training in the past.”
Looking forward to seeing you there. Do feel free to post your questions in the comment section.